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Leaving Andy and Joe Alone. UH OH.

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Patrick leaves Andy and Joe alone....what could happen....right?

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Patrick paced nervously across the room.
"Pete is acting so weird! What should I do? He said he'd check in...." Patrick asked Joe.
Joe stuck his hand back into the bag of Cheetos and got an overflowing handful, and then shoved them into his mouth.
He tried to say something, but had to finish chewing first.
He swallowed and said, "Patrick, if Pete got home, I'm sure he's just fine!" Joe said with his fingers flying across the Playstation 2 controller.
"YESSS!!! I am the jedi master!!! In your face, Andy!!!! Ha ha haaaa!!!!!" he shouted jumping up and down. Patrick rolled his eyes and got his jean jacket.
"Where you goin'?" Andy asked.
"I am going to see what Pete is up to! What if he's hurt?!" Patrick told him and then went out the door.
As Patrick shut the door behind him, he felt a weird tingly feeling in his head then he blacked out and fell to his knees.

Pete was grabbing weird ingrediants off of the grocery store shelves and then checking out at the register. He flashed his white, sharp fangs and Patrick's eyes flew open.
Patrick gasped aloud and almost fell over completely. He rubbed his head and Andy and Joe helped him stand up.
"Woah...what just happened?! We thought you got shot the way you dropped to your knees like that....jeez!" Joe exclaimed.
"Dude...not cool! Why'd you do that?" Andy asked still clutching Patrick's arm.
"I-I I saw Pete, and he was in the store with the onions, and water, and h-he..." Patrick stuttered.
"Dude, did you like, just have a flashback?" Joe asked.
More like a flash forward....
Patrick thought. That definatly hadn't happened yet...
"Guys, I'm going to Pete's house. I'll be back later....just don't get into too much trouble, okay?" Patrick said anxiously.
"And don't take out any more walls, okay?" Patrick shot back at them.
"Aye, aye, Cap'n!" Joe said. And Patrick hopped into his car and sped down the road.
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