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When You Use Your Lips, They Better Be On Me

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Pete reveals the truth of how he truly feels about Patrick.

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Later that day, Joe and Andy decided it would be best for all of the boys if they just moved in. Pete also left to bring his stuff over.

Patrick popped his Whisper War CD into his radio and undressed. He stepped into the shower and turned the water on. As the room filled with steam, he sang along to Bounce and poured conditioner into his palm. Just then, the door opened and some steam seeped out. Patrick's forehead crinkled with confusion and nervousness.
"Hey, Trick?" Pete called as he entered the bathroom.
"You scared me for a second there, Pete!" Patrick admitted.
"Sorry, but can we talk?" Pete asked.
"While I'm in the shower? Can't this wait?" Patrick asked scrubbing his scalp with the conditioner.
"Not really." Pete said sitting down in the middle of the floor.
"Okay fine. Shoot." Patrick replied.
"Well....Patrick, you know how we've been best friends like forever? Well, I never told you this, because I've been afraid, but now that I'm a vampire, I realized that there is nothing in this world to truly fear. So, here goes, don't kill me or anything: Patrick, I love you. I love you so much, I'd tear my heart and soul out for you. And I have loved you since the day I met you." Pete said.
Patrick shut the water off.
"Really Pete?" he asked quietly now.
"Really Trick. I love you more than anything in this entire world. I'd die for you." Pete replied.
Tears trickled down Patrick's already wet face as he stood in the shower. Patrick's heart warmed up his entire body as it beat faster by the second.
He loved Pete back.
Pete handed Patrick a towel. Patrick wrapped it around himself and stepped out of the shower. He gave Pete a grateful, loving, meaningful glance and went into his bedroom to get dried and dressed. Patrick thought about Pete and everything he had said as he dressed. It really touched him and Patrick felt the same exact way about Pete. All of these years, spent, knowing Pete had never loved him, when he really was amazing....
When Patrick opened his bedroom door, the door clunked something hard. Patrick peeked around the door and saw Pete.
He was kneeling in front of the door rubbing his forehead.
"Ouch!" Pete complained.
"Were you watching me dress?" Patrick asked raising his eyebrows sounding quite amused.
"Yes. I thought maybe until I can see you UN-dress, I'll just watch you get dressed. By the way, its funny how you put your shirt on before your underwear, hehe...." Pete admitted looking up at Patrick. Patrick laughed and shook it off as he took Pete's hand to help him up. Patrick opened his mouth to say something else, but he noticed how Pete's glance fell to Patrick's lips. He leaned in and kissed Pete on the lips. Pete nestled his hand behind Patrick's head and their tongues danced in each others mouths. Patrick's tongue played against Pete's long fangs which had just retracted.
Just then, Joe walked into the hall with Andy right behind him.
"Oops! Sorry, we're interrupting something!" Joe exclaimed and pushed Andy back down the hall as Pete backed Patrick into the wall and kissed him harder. Pete had already been hard, and Patrick moaned as Pete ground into Patrick's own erection. Pete's hand fell to Patrick's butt as he pushed him backwards onto the bed.
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