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Marked Men

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This chapter comes AFTER When you Use You Lips They Better Be on Me. Ficwad is being retarded....AGAIN!

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Patrick awoke with ruffled and still damp hair. Then he remembered where he was. Pete's head was lying on his chest, and his arms were around Patrick's waist. Patrick pressed his lips to the top of Pete's delicate, innocent head. He admired Pete's thick, dark, hair that tickled his lips. Patrick wrapped an arm around Pete for another hour before Pete yawned and awoke, too.
"Mmm.....Patrick...." Pete said.
"Yes, Peter?" he replied.
"I love you so much." Pete said.
"Me too, Petey." Patrick replied squeezing Pete's hand.
Pete squeezed Patrick to hug him and then sat up. Patrick sat up too and Pete put his boxers on. Patrick did the same and he followed Pete to the kitchen. Joe and Andy were already sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast as Andy read the newspaper.
"What's up? The lovebirds are awake, Andy!" Joe shouted.
Pete smiled a satisfying, yet somehow, dark, grin and Patrick giggled. Then he put on some coffee and Patrick poured himself Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
Soon they were all sitting around the kitchen table and Joe said,
"We sould have an interesting day today! You and Pete need to go and pick out more furniture, since the living room is completely demolished, and me and Andy need to finish unpacking."
Pete nodded that this was a good idea and soon him and Patrick were getting dressed to go to the furniture store. Pete thought Patrick looked extra cute today in his green and white trucker hat and 504 Plan t-shirt. They took Pete's old car into town and went to the nearest furniture store. They ended up buying a couch, two recliners, and a table for the living room. Each boy had contributed to the furniture fund, giving them $500 to have spent on furniture. The stuff at this store was used and therefore relatively cheap. Pete and Patrick walked out to the car and spotted a small piece of paper taped to the widshield. Pete looked confused and picked up the note to read it aloud:

What you are doing is wrong.
You are breaking the rules and we WILL find you.
We are watching you, and we know they are too.
You know who you are.

Pete read and there was no signature.
"What the hell is this?" Pete asked Patrick.
"I dunno....I wonder who its from and what exactly we could be doing WRONG..." he replied.
"More importantly, what rules exactly are we breaking?" Pete asked.
Patrick and Pete exchanged worried glances and got into the car with the note. Patrick read the dismaying note over and over again.
What could this mean? Patrick thought.


Pete and Patrick showed the note to Joe and Andy as soon as they got home. It really got them worked up, as they had recieved a note too. Only their's was different, it said:

You cannot keep living as you are.
Get out or we will hunt down your companions and kill them.
This is against every rule in the guidelines which you have refused to abide by.
We will be watching your every move.

Their note was neither signed nor signatured just as their's had been. Pete was particularly frustrated by this and irked that he could not figure out the possible thing they were doign wrong to anger ANYONE.

That night as Joe was lying in bed, he thought about the possibilty that someone didn't want Patrick and Pete together. After all, it was just today that they became official and only hours later did we get the threatening notes. Joe tried to push the disturbing thought from his mind to get some sleep, but it wouldn't go. He turned to face the wall of the guest bedroom. A cold breeze blew through the window and he got up to shut it. He slid the window closed and turned to get back into bed, but he heard a board outside the door creak. His heartbeat quickened and he went to the door. Slowly, he opened t and peered out.
There was nothing.
He breathed a long sigh of relief and spun around to get back onto his bed. He gasped and was shoved to the floor. The blow knocked the air right out of him and before he could stand back up, another punch was thrown at him and he was out cold against the wall.
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