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Thats Dandy!

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William, the leader of a vampire clan, doesn't want Joe and Andy around...hmmm...

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Joe awoke inside a dark room that resembled a dungeon. He gasped as someone put their hand on his shoulder.
"Joe! Its me, Andy!" a voice said but he could see nothing in the pitch blackness.
"Oh thank God! Where the hell are we?" Joe said.
As if in response, a light came on that eluminated the entire room. Joe squinted in the sudden brightness.
"You, my friends, are under seige of me and my clan." A clear voice said. A man walked out of what looked to be the only shadow in the room. It was as if he had been standing in his own shadow. He wore a top hat and a suit. He sort of looked like, well, a dandy.
"Who the fuck are you?" Andy asked.
The man laughed menacingly and took Andy by the throat.
"Surely you've heard of us? Eh?" He said and released his grip. Andy gasped for breath.
"Really dude, whatever you're selling, we don't want any!" Joe joked. The dandy guy sighed.
"You're here not regarding what I am selling, which I am selling nothing so don't ask, but because of your comrade. What was his name again?"
"Patrick?" Joe suggested.
"No, no. Soemthing else..."
"Pete, then?" Joe said.
"Ah, yes! Dear Peter. My newest vampire. He should have joined my clan as well, but he is quite....different than the rest of us." The man said.
"And whats your deal with him? How d'you know him and why's he so 'different'? Joe asked.
"Peter is more human than any of us. His body fought off most of my venom, its quite astounding actually..." the man replied.
"What?! You're the motherfucking bastard that did that to Pete? You're lucky I don't change and rip your throat out right this second!"
Joe yelled.
The man laughed, "Yes. He had such a satisfying taste. His blood was quite delectable. Better than most mortals...."
Joe scowled viciously at the man.
"So getting on with why you two hooligans are in my presence, you are werewolves, I presume? Yes?" he asked.
"Yeah, whats it to you?" Andy snarled.
"I thought so. I presume you Peter recieved my note today...?" the man asked.
"He did." Joe said fervently, wanting to spit.
"Well that is exactly what I sent it for. It is very much agaisnt the rules to be living in the same household, let alone territory, of my clan and my vampires." the man replied.
"Why is that, asshole?" Joe asked.
"Please save your profanity. Just get out of our territory, join their pack, anything. Otherwise, I shall be forced to kill you."
"You think you can kill two werewolves?" Andy said.
"Preposterous. My mistake, I meant WE shall kill you." the man replied as twenty or so more Dandies filled in next to the man.
"So do I make myself clear?" the man asked.
"Of course. We will not leave your territory just because you say so, nor will we stop being friends with Pete. Oh and by the way, just because you have a bunch of gaywads in suits backing you up doesn't make us afraid. Do we make ourselves clear?" Joe said in a mockery tone.
The man sighed. He opened the cell that Joe and Andy were locked in and said, "I'll give you 48 hours to get yourselves out of our territory, otherwise you can kiss your lives goodbye."
Andy and Joe hurried out of the building accompanied by two large muscular Dandies.
They made their way down the street and headed home. They weren't sure which way to go, or how far from home they were, but it was still dark outside and there weren't many street lights.
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