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Another Confrontation Gone Wrong...

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Pete faces William. What could happen next?

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Pete rolled out of bed at 5 AM, which was pretty early for him. He made coffee and watched television until Patrick got up about 2 hours later.
"Joe and Andy aren't in their beds. Did you see them leave?" Patrick asked.
"Naw. I haven't been up that long. I'm sure they just went out or something." Pete said, oblivious to the fact that Joe and Andy had left, just not of their own accord.
"Okay." Patrick replied and made toast.

At about 7:30, an hour later, Andy and Joe stumbled through the door looking sleep deprived and dirty.
"Where were you guys? You look bloody horrible..." Pete said as he blended some of his home-made elixor.
"You won't believe it, Pete! We spent half the night locked up for questioning by a fucking vampire Dandy gaywad!" Joe exclaimed.
Pete, looking astonished and confused, questioned their sobriety, "Were you guys drinking or something?" he asked.
"No! I was literally snatched from my bed and ordered to leave town!" Andy exclaimed. Pete and Patrick exchanged confused and amazed glances.
"You think we're crazy, but I swear on my grave that last night, around 4 AM, some lunatic kidnapped us and locked us up in a cell. Then he got all his vampire buddies who were dressed like dandies and told us that it was against the rules to live in their territory let alone with another vampire. Apparently he's the leader of some, vampire clan, or something..." They explained.
Pete knew then that this was what they must being doing wrong.
"Patrick do you think there is a wolf clan, too. Just like there is a vampire one?" Pete said turning to Patrick.
"I dunno but I have a pretty good hunch. I say we confront these wolves and see what they think about this..." Patrick said.
"Oh and its called a PACK, not a clan. Clans are for vampires..." Andy said with a fake pouty face. Joe grinned.

The next day, Joe drove the rest of the guys to the place that he had been interrogated the night before. It was run down, they noticed, in the daylight. It looked like the perfect hideout for someone, or somethings that didn't want to be bothered.
Pete was the only one who got out and he kissed Patrick goodbye first. After all, who knows whether things would get ugly in there?
"Hey, careful dude..." Joe said.
"Don't worry, I will." he replied and went inside the building. It was the kind of building that looked as if it would crumble the next time the wind blew.
Pete went up two flights of stairs until someone spotted him. He was tackled to the ground and dragged down into the 'dungeons'. So far the plan had succeeded. His plan was after all, to get caught and then be taken straight to the leader and confront him. He was thrown not-so-carefully into a cell and left there. Within ten minutes a man walked in. He looked vaguely familiar, but Pete just couldn't place him in his mind.
"Hello, my name is William. Ah yes! Tis Peter! How wonderful to see you again!" He said sarcastically.
"Yeah whatever. I have a question to ask you." Pete said.
"Of course, of course! Yes, I do remember the day, or night rather, I met you! You had quite fair tasting blood...." he said licking his lips which suddenly made him look ravenous and vicious and very unprofessional. Pete shivered at the sight of his fangs. Pete's tongue played against his own fangs. William's fangs were twice, if not three times the size of Pete's.
"W-well, I just wanted to know where I would find the pack of werewolves nearest here?" Pete asked.
"Ah yes! For your friends I hope! I knew they'd warm up to my idea! Yes, there is one out on Jinxery Hill, deep in the woods on the far side of town. You'll will find Harley and Felix there. They run a fairly average size pack in this area. The only one, in fact. Tsk tsk. What a shame don't you agree, Peter?"
"Well, sure. Its also a shame there are so many of you vampires, but nothing can really change that, now can it?" Pete mocked.
William laughed, "Oh Peter. What a shame it would be to have to kill your friends." he said as he released Pete from the cell.
"I do hope you find the werewolf pack, as it would be a shame to see so much blood wasted...." William said darkly. He grabbed Pete's hand and took in Pete's scent as much as possible. William opened his mouth and snarled at Pete. Pete took off down the stairs and hopped in the car. Luckily the engine was running, and Joe sped off.
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