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Werewolves and Rydon

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FOB meet up with Felix and Harley, and make a new friend. Ryan Ross just so happens to be a werewolf. I had to put him into the story...who doesn't love a little Rydon (Alisia ;D)

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"William said there's a pack that lives in the woods in a spot called Jinxery Hill. He also said its pretty far in." Pete said as they drove across town.
"So who and what should we look for?" Patrick asked.
"He said we will meet Harley I can't remember I think thats the names. I presume they'll be standing guard or somthing. Maybe they have like a camp." Pete said.
Patrick nodded and they pulled over and all got out. Patrick stared into the woods.
"So I guess we have to just hike there?" he said.
"Yah...I guess thats right." Pete answered.
They all walked up the hill and into the woods. They trekked across streams and jumped over logs and even picked their way through thorm bushed. Surprisingly, it was Andy who found it easiest to hike through the densities of the woods.
"C'mon guys! This is so easy, I haven't even lost my breath yet!" he said.
Pete and Joe groaned, the rest of the guys were exhausted.
"Andy, can't we take a rest....please?" Joe asked.
"Awww....come on cry babies!" he said. Patrick sat down and drank the last of the water from his water bottle. Pete sat next to him, and Joe next to Pete. Andy didn't sit, he stood, begging to continue on.
"This is so FUN! We should so do this more often!" Andy exclaimed. Joe moaned in agony. Pete complained, and Patrick sighed.
After ten minutes of rest time, and after they couldn't stand Andy's constant nagging any longer, they all got up and continued on.
An hour after walking, they came to a huge pine tree that had fallen across the path.
"Oh great, what now!" Pete said angrily. Andy sighed and Patrick looked frustrated. Then Patrick said, "Joe go over to the tree and lift it."
Pete and Joe shot him looks like "What the fuck?" and "Uhm Why?".
"Just do it." Patrick said.
Joe walked up to the tree and lifted it straight off of the ground. He looked proud of himself as he picked it up and threw it to the side.
Pete and Andy's mouths hung open and Patrick beamed, "Told ya." He said.
"Dude, how'd you know?" Joe asked. "I didn't even know I had SUPER POWERS!!!!"
"Simple logic. You and Andy are both werewolves. You both have special abilities due to that. Andy is a navigational freak now and you have super strength." Patrick replied. Pete looked genuinly awed.
Then Pete said, "And all I'm supposed to do is suck people's blood...hmph..." He said glumly and sarcastically.
Patrick gave him 'the face' and said, "I'm sure you have special abilities too, you just need to find them."
Pete tried lifting a tree. I fell on his butt. Patrick laughed. Then Pete got frustrated that he couldnt do it. Then he tried something else.
Pete went over to a tall tree and scaled it at the speed of light. He waved from the top branch. He jumped off and Patrick gasped. He landed flat on his feet in front of everyone. Pete grinned.
"I'm like Spider-Man!" he said.
Patrick laughed, "Apparently you are able to scale things with great agility and you have super speed. Thats sick dude!"
Pete smiled and Joe pouted in jealousy.
"Hey! Be happy you people have super powers! God, what can I do! NOTHING!" Patrick said glumly. Pete patted him on the back.
Then Pete laughed and said, "Well, you're super cute!"
Patrick smiled and kissed Pete's nose.
"Yuck! I hate romance..." Andy said. Joe laughed and they continued on once again.

After they had walked at least 7 miles, a flash of color flew across their path. All at once they were blown to the ground by and unseen force. Then there in front of them were two huge men. One had chocolate brown hair tied back into a pony tail and the other had long black hair. The brown haired one was shorter and much younger looking than the black-haired man.
"What are you doing on OUR territory?" The bigger one asked.
"Are you Harley and Felix?" Pete asked.
The smaller one sniffed the air.
"Vampire scent. What do you want with us, scum?" The smaller man asked.
"Are you Felix or Harley, I said!" Pete exclaimed.
"No. Harley is back at camp. I am Felix." the larger man said. "This is Aberox." He said pointing to the borwn haired man.
"Oh. Well, we'd like to speak to Harley, please. And you Felix. But in private." Pete said.
"Why?" Felix asked.
"That is confdential." Andy said.
"Allow me to introduce my colleagues. This is Patrick." Pete said gesturing to Patrick.
"This is Joseph." Pete said and Joe nodded.
"And this is Andrew. " Pete said at last pointing to Andy.
"Come. I shall take you to my pack. Harley will decide your fates." Felix said and Aberox sniggered. Pete gulped and glanced at Joe. The four guys followed Felix and Aberox to the camp which seemed to be another mile away.
Pete, Patrick, Andy, Joe and Felix and Aberox finally walked into a green clearing. There was a bustle of activity going on. It was like a whole other city.
Felix led them into a darkened cave. Pete broke out in a cold sweat. This didn't look promising...
"Harley? Brother, we have visitors...." Felix said. A huge man, who seemed to be Harley, walked out of the shadows into the light.
Pete's eyes widened as Harley snarled menacingly at him and growled.
"Why is there a filthy vampire on my territory, Felix?" Harley asked angrily.
"We caught em' trespassing, figured we'd bring em' here for you to decide what to do with em'!" Felix replied.
Pete saw Patrick trembling out of the corner of his eye, but Pete didn't dare move. Harley strolled up to Pete. Pete had to look up to see his face. Harley had a long, darkened, scar across the whole left side of his face. He was sure menacing, Pete had thought.
"So...what have you come here for?" Harley asked, mostly adressing Pete. Apparently this guy had something major against vampires....
"We just want to have a private chat with you and Felix." Pete said with great social grace.
"Your sophistication does not fool me, scum!" Harley spat into Pete's face.
"Aberox, OUT!" He said evidently getting irritated.
Aberox hurriedly left.
"So what is with this whole 'two teritories' thing? What do YOU have against William and his gang?" Pete asked.
Harley's face grew dark, "You are not one of them. I can smell it on you. But William is a cruel, harsh, and foolish being."
Pete nodded and Harley continued, "My pack and the vampires have been sworn enemies since barely after the beginning of time. William's great grandfather and mine disagreed that we should share land. William's grandfather thought he could have the whole city. My grandfather wouldn't let that happen. So he made this camp, and when the vampires failed to take over the entire city, they loathed us for not going through with helping them, and you see, we protect our territories like diamonds and rubies."
"Ah. And what are the territory limits?" Pete asked.
"Well, we occupy the west side and they oversee the east. Thats how its always been. And now they keep complaining that one of our kind has been entering their territory and that there are a group of werewolves living with a vampire!" Harley said. Joe and Andy exchanges worried glances.
"Thats us." Pete said.
"NO! That is one of the most horrible things that you can ever do!" Harley yelled. Patrick flinched, and then held his temples.

Patrick saw a young looking werewolf howling at a full moon. A vampire was being dragged away from him by a werewolf and thrown to the ground fiercly.

Patrick looked up, a tear coming from the corner of his eye. Pete shot him a glance of sypathy.
"Is your comrade quite alright?" Harley asked. Felix rolled his eyes.
"Yeah. He's fine. Happens all the time." Pete said.
"Well, who're the werewolves of this bunch?" Felix asked fervently.
"Joseph and Andrew, sitting on either side of me are both the werewolves." Pete said gesturing to them. They nervously waved. Harely nodded and said, "I am not sure which of my pack has turned you, but welcome to the wolf style of life. Will you be staying here with the pack, I hope?" Harley asked.
" We actually would like to keep living with Pete, if there's someway for that to happen...." Joe said reluctantly.
"Are you in Dandy territory?" Felix asked.
"Well, I think so. But-"
"There is nothing we can do for you. You'll have to take it up with the Dandies..." Felix said stubbornly.
"Now Felix, I will send a message to the Dandies. I will ask their permission for this deed. I have taken a liking to these boys and I think I want to help them." Harley said with a wise old smile.
"Oh thank you sir!" Pete said.
"Its no problem. Felix, would you get Ryan and tell him I have a question for him?" Harley replied. Felix rushed off to fetch him.
They all sat in silence until Felix was back with Ryan.
Ryan waved to Pete and the rest before turning to Harley.
"Ryan, would you show these boys the way out of the woods and then make a trip to the Dandies for me?"
"Yes. Of course Harley. What should I tell William?" Ryan asked curiously.
"Ask him about these boys being able to stay together and live together. Remember also to tell him the name Pete. Got it?"
"Yes sir!" Ryan said happily and bounded out of the cave. Pete and Patrick plus Andy and Joe followed.
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