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Change Your Soul For Me....

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Finally FOB gets home.

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Patrick was so happy to be home again. He had been very afraid in the cave with the werewolves. But he was grateful to have made another good friend, Ryan.
Pete sighed when they walked into the house. They all said goodbye to Ryan as he left for the Dandies' hideout.
"I hope William agrees to let us stay..." Pete said. Patrick looked at the clock. 7:03. Wow time had flown! It was only 3 PM when they were at the cave with Harley.
"Guys I am so stressed. I have to get some sleep." Patrick said. Pete agreed and followed Patrick into their bedroom
Patrick and Pete giggled as they listened to Andy and Joe playing video games and fighting over silly things. Such as who was the "Super Cool Jedi Master". Patrick cuddled up to Pete and rubbed his cheek against Pete's. Pete kissed Patrick's forehad and then lips. Patrick looked at Pete's sharp fangs in amusement.
"Why don't you bite me Pete? I want to live like you do too. I feel so alone...." Patrick said with a sly smile.
"Patrick no. You don't want to live live this! Its horrible!" Pete said growing serious.
"Why baby? Of course I do! I want to be just like you Petey..." Patrick said cocking his head to the right and exposing his neck.
"Patrick....don't..." Pete said grimly.
But Patrick didn't listen he pulled Pete closer to him and strained his neck to the side seductivly. Pete stared wide-eyed at the pure, delicious looking blood flowing through Patrick's veins. Pete softly ran his fingers on Patrick's neck.
"Do it Pete. I don't want you to be alone." Patrick said. Pete's mouth trembled and he felt his fangs extend. By now Pete's eyes were as black as the night sky and it actually hurt how much he was holding back.
"Pete..." Patrick moaned.
"Patrick if I-....if I-I bite you...I might....kill you...." Pete rasped.
"I don't care Pete!!!" Patrick said breathing heavily as Pete's body was pressed against his, Pete on top of him, staring at his neck.
Pete knew he'd truly regret what he was about to do, but he couldn't resist temptation any longer. Pete bared his fangs and plunged his fangs into Patrick's awaitng and exposed neck. Patrick moaned in pleasure of Pete's teeth at first and then in agony of pain. Pete couldn't deny he was now drinking Patrick's blood. He knew he had to stop. But Patrick was delicious, sweet, what Pete always had wanted, somehow. Patrick's blood was heaven on Pete's tongue, a delicasy. But Pete pulled off of Patrick's neck finally.
He was surprised he had had the strength in himself to stop. Pete gasped for air. Patrick's eyes were closed. Pete stared blankly at the two puncture wounds in Patrick's lovely neck. A small amount of blood seeped from Patrick's neck, and Patrick's body convused slightly as his body changed---the venom taking effect.
"What have I done to you Tricky?" Pete whispered.
He put his head on Patrick's heaving chest and tears came.
"Pete?" Patrick said finally.
Pete looked up. Patrick smiled and wiped Pete's tears.
"How do you feel?" Pete whispered.
"Like I love you more than ever before. And just fine." Patrick said. Patrick touched his fangs with a grin.
"It was meant to be this way, Pete." Patrick said happily staring into Pete's dark brown satisfyed color eyes.
"Can I feel your fangs Trick?" Pete asked eagerly.
"Sure!" Patrick said opening his mouth wide.
Pete grinned and french kissed Patrick. Patrick was smiling through the kiss and Pete's tongue played against Patrick's newly formed fangs. Patrick pulled away and hugged Pete tight all through the rest of the night.
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