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At the Full Moon We Fight

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Harley and Felix deliver the news from William to FOB...

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The next day, Patrick flaunted his new fnags in front of Joe and Andy.
"So now we have tw vampires and two werewolves...what kind of fucked up family is this?" Joe mused. Andy and Pete laughed.

At around 3 o'clock, Joe spotted Harley, Felix and Ryan walking down the hill in the backyard. They knocked on the sliding glass door. Joe opened it and they entered the living room.
"We have extreme news, Joseph. Call to your comrades, if you will. They must know."
All at once, Pete, Andy and Patrick all rushed into the room and sat down.
"Ryan has delivered the message pleading for you to stay togther on this territory." Harley said.
"And?" Pete asked.
There was an intense moment of silence.
"Not only does William strongly disapprve of this, he has said that your 48 hours is up, and he has declared a war between West and East." Harley replied.
"This is horrible! What the hell do we do now!" Pete said.
"We fight. We fight for your freedom and for their territory. My pack is willing to drove away the vampires for both of our gains." Harley said.
They all exchanged looks of excited ment except for Ryan, who stared at the floor.
Oh no. Patrick thought. Ryan is going to have to fight against his lover....
"On the night of the full moon, we battle." Harley said darkly.
"But today is Wednesday!!! The next full moon is this Friday!" Andy exclaimed.
"Precisely. Be ready. Be armed. We meet in the second alley off of Gangers ave." Harlet said and gathered his companions before leaving.
They were all silent. How would they EVER be ready for this? How was this real?
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