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Chapter 3

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Crash and Burn says it all

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Chapter 3: A Broken Promise

"What is my problem?" Ron asked himself as he laid on the large queen sized bed in his and Kim's hotel room in downtown Paris. He took a shuttering breath to try to calm his wrecked nerves. "Not like this is the first time we've shared a room ... or a bed ..." he whispered to himself as he rubbed his arms that wasn't covered by his white tee-shirt. "Oh heck, who am I kidding?" He sighed, gulping when he heard the shower cut off in the bathroom. "How the heck am I going to get any sleep tonight?"

"Iunno," Rufus chimed from his makeshift bed in the night table's drawer.

"That was a rhetorical question, bud ..." Ron laid back throwing his arm over his eyes.

Inside the bathroom Kim was having the same difficulties Ron was. She sat on the toilet in a bath robe holding a small red one piece thong-bottom teddy mentally debating if it would be moving to fast to go out there in that. On the pro side it would be fun to see his reaction to seeing her in something like this, and her mom did make sure they were properly prepared in case ... just thinking about that caused Kim to turn bright red. That was a down side. Kim wasn't all that sure how sexy she'd look even with this thing if her skin was bright red almost purple.

Kim finally stuffed the very small piece of clothing back into her duffle bag and sat back against the toilet. "It's not like we just met ..." She softly complained to herself, before glancing down at Ron's discarded tee shirt and pants next to her bag. "When we get back I'm going to teach him how to pack ..." She sighed before a small smile played on her lips. "Those do look more comfortable then that string up my butt ..." She said giving one last glance to the teddy before making up her mind.

The door to the bathroom finally swung open and Ron turned to greet Kim but all he could do was let his jaw drop to the floor. Kim was standing in the door of the bathroom in her panties and Ron's favorite dark red jersey which was very oversized on Kim and hanging down off one shoulder. "This looked more sleepable then what I brought I hope you don't mind."

"I'm good," Ron squeaked, before shaking his head and cleared his throat, "I mean, that's fine, KP."

"Good, now move over," Kim said as she climbed into bed beside him.

"So ... what's the game plan tomorrow?" Ron asked, gulping when Kim cuddled up against him.

"The art's due to arrive at the airport in the morning and we meet it there and ride with the escort, then we just sit and watch the stuff until either it's full locked down or Monkey Fist shows up." Kim stated, drawing imaginary circles on Ron's chest through. "We don't have to get up early so there's no reason at all for us to go to bed early either ..." she said in a flirty tone that made Ron blush.

Ron gulped and forced down the blush as best he could. "Maybe we should talk about ... that."

"Talk about what?" Kim asked, her own cheeks turning a shade of purple.

"Yeah, I know I can be a bit off the wall sometimes ..." Ron said, chuckling slightly at the look Kim gave him. "Ok ... most of the time but ... I'm not so painfully oblivious to the fact that I'm a guy and you're a girl and with us being together to not know sooner or later we're gonna ... do it."

Kim blushed, "You sound like Mom; only you didn't have a package of helpful ... crap." Kim mumbled, suddenly looking like she wanted to crawl under the bed.

"What did your mom send?" Ron glanced at his girlfriend in confusion.

"Nothing!" Kim squeaked a little too quickly.

"Is it in your bag?" Ron smirked at the now pale faced, horrified redhead.

"No, of course not, there's nothing in there but my stuff," Kim said in a speedy voice.

Ron dove to the side of the bed grabbing Kim's backpack, and pulled out the bag Ron recognized as Mrs. Possible makeup bag. "Oh, KP, what are you doing with your mom's make up bag?"

"Put it back, Ron," Kim crawled toward him frantically. "It's just my make up and stuff, you know ..."

"No it's not, your make up and stuff's right there in YOUR make up bag, so what's in this one hmm?" Ron grinned at his girlfriend as he played keep away with the bag.

Kim grabbed the bag finally and a tug-a-war began. "Ron, stop it, put it back!" Kim whined, had it not been for the contents of the bag, she'd have been marveling at the fact he was actually a bit stronger then her. "Ron! Give! It! Back!" Kim grunted finally ripping the zipper open sending the contents falling to the bed between them. Both stared at the items in shock.

Ron scanned the items. Two boxes labeled Trojans, one saying 'Her Pleasure' and another called 'Warm Sensations'. Then there were two squeeze bottles, one called 'Intimate Lube' and another was simply a tube of Icy Hot, as well as a bottle of birth control pills. "Great googly moogly ..." Ron muttered, still staring at the items.

"Uh ... KP ... um ... if this is what she sent you ... you're mom really threw out the stops didn't she?" Ron laughed awkwardly, glancing up to see the death glare focused on him. Ron gulped loudly before turning his attention back to the items, picking up the 'Intimate Lube'. "Now this ... made someone a fortune coming up with this, ya know. I mean who'd a thought of something like this huh?" Ron ended with another deep gulp as the death glare never let up.

"RUFUS!" Ron yelled desperately turning toward the night table.

"Uh-uh! All you!" the Naked Mole Rat chimed from the open drawer, before ducking in and closing it for cover.

"So, KP, what'll it be for our first time? Her Pleasure or Warm Sensations? Or do you have another in mind?" Ron asked holding up the two boxes before her, finally getting her to duck with the deep blush. "You know, ya gotta wonder how they came up with these. What did a guy go to bed with his girlfriend and say 'Hey? Let's try it with a surgical glove over my lil' buddy'?" Ron breathed a sigh of relief when Kim started to giggle slightly at his silliness. 'Thank you, God' he prayed before dropping the two boxes back to the mattress.

"You know, I never thought I'd see the day you'd make a sex joke, Ron," Kim shook her head, but keeping her blushing features hidden by her long hair.

"First time for everything, huh, KP?" Ron chuckled awkwardly.

"Maybe you're right," Kim took a trembling breath, wishing to rather face a horde of monkeys then to have this conversation. Yet she knew if they were going to let their relationship go any farther communication was going to have to be made. "Lets get this stuff put back up and then we talk."

The couple carefully returned the items to Kim's overnight bag and returned it to her pack then... they sat there in awkward silence.

"You know, I was just goofing around, messing with my parents this morning, right Ron?" Kim asked in a small voice, "Um, not that I didn't like sitting in your lap and feeding you like that. It's just ... I don't ... you know?"

"I think I know," Ron nodded, and the awkward silence returned.

Kim muttered something under her breath and turned a bright crimson and stared down at her lap.

"What was that KP?" Ron gulped, feeling the awkward weight pressing on him.

"I said ... I said I've never ... I've not had... I'm a virgin ok?" Kim said looking at everything but Ron or anything in his direction.

"Really, I mean," Ron scratched the back of his neck. "I mean, you and Josh went out for a long time and ... I always figured and ... um ..."

"We didn't really get that far, Ron," Kim blushed again, still avoiding eye contact.

"Erik?" Ron asked again.

"Eww! I told you, we didn't even kiss," Kim said a bit flustered, "Besides, how sick and wrong would that be? I mean ... was he even capable of that?"

"How ... never mind ..." Kim blushed and looked away.

"What is it, Kim?" Ron asked with a soft serious tone of voice, taking her hand in his.

"How about you, have you ... you know?" the words fumbled out of Kim's mouth.

"Nope," Ron said with a solid shake of the head.

"Really?" Kim eyed him in surprise. "Not even /Yori-chan/?" Kim asked, Ron noting a bit of bite added to his Japanese friend's name.

"Kim, I didn't even know she LIKED me till you spelled it out to me a month or so ago," Ron gave a shy smile.

"How about Zita, you two dated for like a few months," Kim blushed even harder, "I mean, she was really into you then."

"Na, she just handled the joystick for a while," Ron said laying back, enjoying the sudden super-flustered expression crossing his girlfriend's features. "On my video games, that is," Ron added with a grin.

"Oh you little dweeb," Kim slapped him on the chest before jumping on him and beginning a tickle attack on his ribs. Ron laughed hard from the tickles before to Kim's surprise lifted her from under her arms and threw her on her back before counter pouncing.

"OK! OK! I give!" Kim laughed, and then blinked in surprise when she felt 'something'. She looked up at Ron and realized most of his weight was on her and his face was barely an inch from her own. It a fraction of a second she realized she was half naked, Ron was half naked, and he was on top of her. Her mind failed to process a problem with that.

They stared for minutes that felt like hours into each other eyes before their lips came together like magnets in as heated of a kiss as the one they had given one another at the prom.

Hands roamed and tongues wrestled as they enjoyed the moment of physical contact, when Kim finally gently pushed Ron off. "Wait, wait, I'm ... we ... I ... we don't need to rush things, we've only just decided to try to be a couple, we need to slow down a little ... ok?" she panted, not sure if she was asking Ron or herself.

She could see the faint signs of disappointment in Ron's eyes but he nodded. "It'll be worth it," He smiled before moving in to give her one last, more controlled kiss before rolling back to his side of the bed.

"You could hold me while I sleep though," Kim asked, throwing out a puppy dog pout for good measure.

"Please and thank you," Ron said, opening his arms and Kim rolled to him, and laid her head on his shoulder as his arms encircled her.


"See anything yet Ron?" Kim asked over a walky-talky.

"Nothing but a bunch of stuff that looks like Rufus walked on." Ron replied looking over the museum floor from his hiding place on the second floor. "Wait, I see something..."

"What? Where?" Kim asked looking around on the first floor of the museum.

"I can see down the top of the hottest redhead I have ever seen." Ron said with a smug tone, and laughed when Kim pressed crossed her arms over her chest and let her sunglasses slide down her nose to glare up at Ron.

"You better be talking about me, handsome." Kim smirked up at him before leaning a little over and winking toward him.

"Is there any other redheads that could qualify as the hottest? Nope never ... wait KP, Three O'clock I see some furry demon spawns."



"Oh. OH!" Kim instantly dropped into mission mode, and looked in the direction Ron said. Sure enough she did spot a ninja garbed monkey peak around from the back of a pillar before jumping back into its hiding place.

"Time to go to work, Ron!" Kim said dropping her trench coat and pulling off her sunglasses.

"I'm already on top of it, KP!" Ron said as he ran in the direction of where the monkeys were hiding but stopped when he saw someone approaching his girlfriend from behind. "KIM BEHIND YOU!"

Kim spun around just in time to block a strike from Monkey Fist. "You are just so predictable, Ms. Possible," Monkey Fist laughed before throwing a few more half-hearted strikes.

"You're getting sloppy," Kim said as she easily deflected and countered the ninja's attack.

"Am I now, Kimberly?" Monkey Fist grinned evilly. "Or maybe ... I'm just taking a play from your new lover's playbook, /KP/."

Kim narrowed her eyes, and then paled in terror. "RON!" She yelped spinning around to find Gill and Monkey Fist's Ninjas hanging Ron by a strand of slime over the artistic centerpiece, which was basically a giant dagger pointed upwards.

"I can handle this, KP, stop um!" Ron barked before the ninjas threw throwing stars at the single strand of ooze holding him above the razor sharp blade, weakening Ron's lifeline.

"What will it be, Kim Possible?" Monkey Fist asked, holding a painting under both arms. "My hands are full. Easy catch. I would be no trouble for you if you can catch me before I reach my jet outside. But to do that, you must take the risk of leaving your love to fall to his death. Decisions, decisions Kimberly, what will it be. Catch the bad guy or catch your lover from falling to his untimely and painful death?"

Kim didn't hesitate as she pulled her grapple gun hairdryer and fired just beyond where Ron was hanging. She took a running swing and caught him just as the string of slime gave way and landed on the opposite side of the museum studio. She turned just to see the far door slam.

"Dang it, Kim, you had him!" Ron complained as Kim cut him free with her laser lipstick.

"Amp down, Ron, it'll work out." Kim tried to sooth but Ron would not be detoured.

"Kim, do you have that little faith that I couldn't get out of that?" Ron asked, his face coloring slightly in exasperation. "A little swing and I would have hit the floor. I'd have got a pretty good bruise, but I'd be fine. You always do this, that artwork was probably priceless, and you let him go just to ... Kim, you know better!"

Ron ... I ..." Kim was taken back by how he was taking this.

"Kim, today was just paintings, but what if it was a doomsday device?" Ron placed his hands on Kim's shoulders giving her a gentle shake. "I'm not important, Kim, I can take care of myself, don't worry about me. You worry about stopping the bad guys and let me deal with myself and keeping the minions off your back."

"Never ... ever say that again." Kim stated her eyes flashing. "You are important; you are to me. So never say you're not important again. If it comes down to the wire I do trust you to take care of yourself ... but I can't help but worry about you." She said pulling him to her and rested her head on his shoulder.

"I'm cool with that," Ron said softly, wrapping his arms around her. "Just, let's concentrate on catching the baddies from now on, ok?"

"Ok," Kim nodded, before pecking his cheek quickly as she pulled her Kimmunicator. "Wade, they got away. See what you can find out where they went and what they're up to next. Also how about a ride home?"

"On it and on it, Kim" Wade replied typing into his computer, "helicopter will be on your hotel roof by the time you get back and packed up."

"Let's go. Tomorrow we face a threat far worse then Monkey Fist or Gill," Kim said as she linked her fingers with Ron.

"Oh?" Ron asked glancing to his girlfriend.

"Tomorrow we have to face the backlash at school from what happened Friday night." Kim nodded with a wistful smile.

"Yeah, Bueno Nacho getting slammed for those Diablo attacks probably will have everyone down in the dumps." Ron nodded with a slight sniffle.

"Ronald ..." Kim growled warningly.

"I'm kidding, KP," Ron laughed, giving her hand a gentle squeeze. "And it'll be fine, I'll be right there holding your hand while we get slammed by questions and puppy dog stares from everyone."

"Just don't leave me, ok?" She asked, half jokingly.

"Never gonna happen, KP. I promise." Ron said leaning over and kissing her on the corner of her mouth.


Several hours later the exhausted Kim and Ron climbed up the stairs to her bedroom.

"Home sweet home ..." Kim moaned as she sat down in her computer chair as Ron fell face first on her bed. "You know daddy may send you into a black hole if he finds you on my bed?"

"He didn't send me for you sitting in my lap and feeding me breakfast yesterday," Ron said with a muffled voice through the pillow. "He probably won't for this."

"You have a point," Kim giggled, before standing up and stretching. "I'm going to the bathroom, be back in a sec babe, don't leave before I get back."

"Wouldn't dream of it," Ron said not looking up from the pillow, letting his arm fall off from the side of the bed.

"What's this?" Ron asked as he felt a pair of boxers under the upper corner of the bed. He pulled himself to a setting position and looked down. At first he thought it was possible she was using a pair of his boxers as pajama pants, but then at closer look they weren't his, and were far too big to be Kim's sleep shorts.

Then he saw something under the pair of boxers and when he recognized the polo shirt he started to tremble slightly. 'What's Kim doing with Erik's cloths?' Ron thought to himself as he picked up the shirt and boxers, and as they rose from the floor something fell to the floor at his feet.

Ron felt like everything he had eaten all weekend was going to rise up his throat when he recognized the dried out, used latex covering laying at his feet. "Oh God ..."

"I didn't kiss him."

"Oh that's good..."

"I wanted to though ..."

"... Too much information, KP ..."

"Kim ..." Ron shook his head but unable to look up from the item on the floor.

Kim muttered something under her breath and turned a bright crimson and stared down at her lap.

"What was that KP?" Ron gulped, feeling the awkward weight pressing on him.

"I said ... I said I've never ... I've not had... I'm a virgin ok?" Kim said looking at everything but Ron or anything in his direction.

"Really, I mean," Ron scratched the back of his neck. "I mean, you and Josh went out for a long time and ... I always figured and ... um ..."

"We didn't really get that far, Ron," Kim blushed again, still avoiding eye contact.

"Erik?" Ron asked again.

"Eww!/ I told you, we didn't even kiss," Kim said a bit flustered, "Besides, how sick and wrong would that be? I mean ... was he even capable of that?"/

"She ... she lied to me ..." Ron whispered. He gripped the shirt and boxers in violently shaking hands as tears sprang to his eyes as he stared at the used condom at his feet.

Kim claimed she didn't know if Erik was 'made for that' but Ron knew. He had gym class with Erik while he was there. Group showers told Ron just how much detail Drakken went to make Erik the ultimate guy for any girl. "Of course ..." Ron said out loud, "How could she say no to that ..."

"I feel a lot lighter now," Kim laughed as she returned to the bedroom, but the laughter died when she saw Ron shaking almost violently and tears flowing like rivers from his heartbroken chocolate brown eyes. "Ron what's wrong?"

"I would have been able to get over it, Kim," Ron said in a strange tone. "Sure I would have been upset ... but how are we going to be in a relationship if you won't tell me the truth on something as important as this ..."

"I don't understand ..." Kim tilted her head as her eyes flooded with concern.

"I don't want anymore lies ..." Ron said tossing her Erik's cloths. "How did these get here?"

"What's going on Ron? I don't know where these came from, where'd you find them?" Kim asked, making his shaking intensify.

"I SAID NO MORE LIES, KIM!" Ron screamed, turning his face toward her, his heartbroken eyes turning into rays of anger. "WHEN DID YOU HAVE SEX WITH ERIK? THAT'S ALL I WANT TO KNOW!"

"What?" Kim back paddled, never in her memory has she ever seen Ron this angry, nor has she ever heard him yell at her like this. "I never have, I told you Ron, I've never done that."

"Ok, then maybe you can better explain WHAT THIS IS!" Ron said picking up the condom and holding it right in front of her face. "This thing's been used, Kimberly, that means it's been inside somebody and on somebody else, and I'm going to take a WILD GUESS and say that it's spent some time inside YOU."

"Ron ... there has to be a rational ..." Kim tried in a soothing voice but Ron blew his top yet again.

"OH YES! I do know a very r-rational explanation," Ron said his voice starting to shake, as he stared into her frightened wide eyes. "You had sex with a guy you barely knew for a week ... And after that you were so desperate to have someone to hold on to when he turned out to be phony that you decided to settle for your loser best friend. Hey, Ron can't get a date if his life depends on it, he'll make me feel better for sleeping with a Synthodrone!"

"Ron, stop it ..." Kim shook her head, backing away a step. Anyone else saying this she would have already sent them on a one way ticket to the floor, but for some reason every angry word seemed to jerk at her very soul.

"Why, do you have a better explanation?" Ron asked tears staining his cheek. "How ... how can I trust you, Kim? How can I trust you when you won't tell me the truth on important stuff like this ... how?"

"I'm telling you the truth!" Kim responded, her own tears starting to flow. "I swear, I swear to you and our friendship ... on our new relationship, I have never slept with anyone else ... I have no idea how those got in here. Please, you have to believe me!"

"I ... I ..." Ron's voice broke into a sob before he stepped toward the door. "I want to believe you but ... I can't ..." He shook his head. "I can't do this Kim. I can't be with you if I can't trust if you're telling me the truth ... It's over Kim ... I don't think we should see each other for a while ... maybe ever again ..."

"What ..." Kim's blood ran cold. "Ron, don't ... there's gotta be a reason, therehastobedontdothispleasedontgo" She said in one breath as she reached for him but he pulled away before her finger tips could touch him.

"I can't believe Bonnie was right ..." Ron said in a soft voice as he opened the door. "Later ... KP ..." Ron said before walking past the stunned Mrs. P, Jim and Tim who were standing at the hallway just outside the door.

No sound was made by the four Possible as Ron walked down the stairs or when they heard the kitchen door slam on the first floor. Anne Possible watched with her hand over her mouth, before turning to see her daughter collapse to her knees with a look of sheer terror on her features. "But ... but ... you promised ..." She whispered as her eyes lost focus.

"Jim, Tim, go to your room." Anne shaky voice ordered.

"But mom ..." they said in unison.

"I SAID NOW!" Anne ordered, but for the first time they disobeyed their mother. They all ran to the eldest child of the family as a heartbreaking wail echoed through the walls of the home.

To Be Continued ...
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