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Chapter 2: Rebound?

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Kim and Ron prepare for their first post Prom mission while Bonnie begins the first stages of her plan

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Special thanks go to Jareth Leonine for helping me come up
with the concept of this fanfiction

Chapter 2: Rebound?

Ron laughed and waved goodbye to a couple younger kids as he
walked out of the Synagogue he had attended even longer then he had known
KP. "Ronald, wait up a second," Rabbi
Katz called after him as he walked quickly behind the teenager.

"What's the sitch, Rabbi K?" Ron asked turning to meet the

"I must say I'm a bit
disappointed, Ronald," Katz said with an over-played frown. "I was watching the
news late last night and I heard a certain heroic duo finally gave into the
inevitable. So ... I wonder why you didn't bring your new girlfriend with you to Temple.
I have many stories I have not shared with Kimberly of your younger days before
you met I've been saving for this very occasion."

"Number one," Ron held up a finger, "I didn't know how you
and the others would take it, I mean ... you know Kim's a gentile ... numbers two
..." Ron held up another finger, "I KNOW you have stories,
that's another reason KP's not here. And finally number three ..." he held
up a third finger, "We made the evening news?!?"

"You two are practically celebrities, Ronald," Katz patted
his shoulder, "I'm surprised it wasn't in the morning paper personally."

"Yeah ... I noticed that too, Mr. P was reading the paper and
wasn't ready at all when I came over for breakfast..." Ron finished with a small

"I want you to know up front, Ronald," Rabbi Katz said
growing serious as his parents joined them, "Jewish and Gentiles having
relationships is often frowned upon and are among some of the hardest
relationships to keep flowing, son. Especially if it's a relationship between a
Christian and a Jew." The Rabbi stated, giving a small
smile as Ron's frown grew with each word. "But if God has allowed any two
people to walk on this earth that can make a relationship work despite that
difference, Ronald ... it's you and Kimberly."

"Thank you, Rabbi," Ron ducked his head slightly as a pink
shade crossed his freckled cheeks.

"I don't think I've ever seen you blush before, son," Mrs.
Stoppable grinned, pushing her glasses up on her nose. "My future
daughter-in-law must be doing a good job of humbling you." She said, making Ron
blush harder.

"Don't you have a lady waiting for you, son?" Mr. Stoppable

"Um ... yeah, bye guys!" Ron waved
before running toward his motor scooter.

"Young love, he'd bend over backwards for her," Mrs.
Stoppable sighed, before glaring at her husband. "Like you
USED to do for me."

"Hey!" Mr. Stoppable backed up placing a hand on his swollen
belly, "In cased you didn't notice, I don't think I can bend over forward for
anyone, let alone bend backwards!"

"Excuses ..." Mrs. Stoppable grumbled, crossing her arms across
her chest before moving toward their car.


Ron walked into the Possible home as he had done countless
times before, and as always made his way toward Kim's room. "Lucy, I'm home!"
Ron called out in a overly fake accent as he entered
her bedroom to find Kim at her computer.

Kim glanced back at him and gave him a wink and blew him a
kiss before going back to her work. "What you working on?" Ron asked as he
walked up behind her, and rested his chin on her shoulder.

"Wade sent some info by email," Kim explained typing away at
the keyboard, "These are Montgomery Fisk's financial info both legal and Swiss

"And ..." Ron studied the screen, "What's this?" he said
pointing to a big drop in the funds at nine am

"It looks like he pulled out a big bit of money for
something this morning," Kim said, "I also had Wade run a check on all
activities by Monkey Boy's aliases, and found something."

"Ronald Simos booked an international flight to Paris that
left about an hour ago," Kim read, "And Wade did some research and found out
the Jeu de Paume is having a exhibit on Gorilla and Mountainous Monkey Based

"Sounds like Monkey Fist's MO," Ron nodded, "So when do we

"The artwork arrives tomorrow afternoon at the museum, so
Wade used a favor to get us a flight over to Paris and a room at Hotel Bel Ami Saint Germain Des Pres for
tonight." Kim said, "We have to be at the airport at two so that gives us an
hour to hit the mall and get matching tourist clothing to blend in."

"Matching tourist
cloths check!" Ron nodded, before freezing "Wait, back up the truck, A room?"

"Mr. Stoppable, how
shameful ... Dating for less then a day and already taking me to a hotel room ..."
Kim teased before moving in to kiss his cheek, "I'm kidding, it's a two bed, so
unless you can't behave in close proximity ..."

Ron turned crimson
before Kim grabbed his hand, "C'mon we don't have all day!"

"R-Right," Ron
nodded, before being led out of the room.


Within thirty minutes
at the mall Kim and Ron had got what was needed for the overnighter mission and
were seated at the food court resting. "Ok, we've both got comfortable walking
shoes, and I have a new pair of shorts and you a new pair of kaki pants and we
both have matching button up tourist shirts ... I think we're set."

"Cool," Ron nodded,
"So what's the game plan?"

"A chopper's going
to come to pick us up at my place that'll take us to Upperton International,"
Kim explained, "From there we'll be taking the flight to Paris, it'll be late
getting there, but Wade's already got us checked in so we can go straight to
our room." She nodded before going to stand up, "Well, I'm going to the ladies
room, be right back, babe." She winked before walking away.

Ron smirked when he
noticed she was putting a slight bit more sway to her hips as she walked and
remembered the times she put on that act to other guys. 'My turn at last!' he
thought with a slight chuckle.

"Hi, Stoppable,"
Bonnie said in her usual tone as she approached him at his and Kim's table.

... Hi Bonnie?" Ron asked
surprised not only by her presence but that she was engaging a conversation
with him.

"I just wanted to
apologize for how I acted at the prom last night," Bonnie said sounding
actually sorry. "I was just surprised and thought maybe you two were doing a
joke or something, I wasn't expecting this till you two were at least half way
through college ... especially with K's emotion swings..."

Ron narrowed his eyes suspiciously. "I know I've never really
treated you worth a crap, but after me and K were stuck together we've kind of
understood each other better, you know?" Bonnie then placed an arm on Ron's
shoulder, "I guess Kim just saw in you what I never could, but if you can make
her happy, go for it! That is ... if it's not a rebound thing or anything ..."
Bonnie sighed, looking away.

"Rebound?" Ron cocked his head to
the side curiously. "Let's pretend I've never heard of that ..."

"Ron ..." Bonnie massaged his shoulder, "I'm sure you and Kim
care about each other a lot, but you have to understand she was just with Erik
... and ... well ... I'm not sure how to tell you this but ... earlier this week, Kim
told me and the girls about how one night when the folks were away Erik came
over and ... well ... girls don't just up and forget that first time overnight. And
... you care about her, you care about her a lot, and with Erik turning out to be
one of those robot things of Dr. Drakken's ... she might just be using you as a
crutch until she recovers from losing Erik."

"Huh ... What did Kim and Erik do
while the parents and tweebs were ..... OHHHHHHHHHHHH!"
Ron nodded, "But that didn't happen. Kim told me she wanted to but she never
even kissed him." He nodded firmly.

"Stoppable, if I had had sex with a syntho... whatsis I wouldn't
want to tell my best friend about it either ..." Bonnie shook her head, "Besides,
remember that Halloween a few years ago? I heard all about it, Kim lied to you, her parents, and her other friends with utter

"She made a mistake then," Ron shrugged off her arm, "And
unless you show me concrete proof of ... what you said happened, I trust Kim. And
that's that."

"Ok, I just wanted to warn you, Ron," Bonnie gave a small
smile, "I just don't want to see one of the strongest friendships in school go
down over a mistake ..." she said, and then walked off leaving Ron to ponder her

A moment later Kim returned and quickly noticed Ron's frown.
"What's wrong, Ron?" Kim asked with concern edged on her face.

"KP, you and Erik ... you never kissed or ... anything right?"
Ron asked, locking eyes with his best friend and girlfriend.

"No, we just held hands," Kim nodded, "I'm glad too ... I mean
... how disgusting would that be, kissing a Synthodrone?"

"Cool," Ron said grabbing her hand and giving it a loving
squeeze. "So we don't have much time left till the ride gets to your place,

"Right, we've got a
long day tomorrow probably," Kim smiled as she stood up still holding Ron's
hand as he joined her toward the parking lot where his upgraded scooter waited.


Kim's eyes widened as Ron's scooter pulled into the packed
driveway of her home. The driveway and yard was full of her fellow students'
cars, trucks and bikes. "What's going on?"

"Oh, just heard your house needed some fixin'," Monique said
as she walked with Brick who was carrying a large piece of two by four timber. "You
help us all the time, might as well help you guys for a change."

"Yeah, your mother has wanted to remodel for a long time,
Kimmie-Cub," Mr. Possible said walking up to pat Brick on the shoulder, "You've
got a lot of good friends." He said as Brick turned to face him swinging the
long timber and mistakenly popping Josh Mankey in the back of the skull.

Josh grabbed the back of his head, "Why you ..."

"Oh, Josh, sorry dude, I didn't know you were there!" Brick
said, turning toward Kim's ex too fast and swinging the beam again, this time
hitting him across the face, sending him spinning.

Monique and Kim flinched as Josh fell to the ground. "Mrs. Dr. Possible!" Monique called toward the opened front door, "Brick
took out another one!"

"Anyway," Monique said as Mrs. Possible came running out
with her first aid and concussion check kit and rolled the KO'ed Josh onto his
back. "Everyone's come out to help, Bonnie even showed up a few minutes before
you did."

"Bonnie?" Kim asked, eyes going even wider with surprise,
but shook it off when the chopper approached the house. "Oh we have to get our
stuff, Ron, ride's here!"

Mr. Possible came out a moment later with the two backpacks.
"You kids, be careful, ok?" He said, as Mrs. Possible stood up from the
unconscious teen.

"One second Kimmie, I have one more thing for you!" She said
before running into the house.

Kim nodded, and handing her backpack to her boyfriend. "Go
ahead and get on the chopper, Ron, I'll be right behind you."

Kim waited for her mom who came back out with a small
overnight pouch. "What's this?" she asked as her mother handed her the bag. She
unzipped it and peaked inside and instantly turned a darker shade of red then
her hair.

"Mom ..." Kim finally forced herself to breath, though the
pouch started to tremble ... or was it the arms that held it shaking? "We've just
... started dating ... I don't think I'll ... we'll need ... um ... these ..."

"I'd rather you have them and not need them, Kimmie," Mrs.
Possible said placing a hand on her daughter's shoulder, "Then for you need
them and not have them." She then gave a small smirk, "Just keep the pills away
from Ron. Your father once took mine by mistake and ... let's just say it was a
weird few days."

"Thanks ..." Kim said, her blush and trembling not lightening
up at all.

"You better hurry, you don't want to miss your flight," Mrs.
Possible said, ushering the still stunned teenager toward the chopper.

Kim climbed into the chopper and Ron stared at the small bag
Kim stuffed into her back pack. "What she give you, Kim?" Ron asked curiously.

"Just necessities that might come in handy ..." Kim said in a
slightly squeaky, nervous voice.

"Oh ok ..." Ron blinked, not satisfied with the answer but let
it drop anyway, distracted by Kim cuddling against him.

"You sure you're ok?" Kim asked, laying her head on his
shoulder. "You've been acting a little off since the mall."

"I'm fine, don't worry," Ron said as he brought his arm
around his girlfriend to pull her closer, "Just still trying to get the swing
of not being the 'just the buddy' anymore." He said as the chopper lifted off
the ground, neither noticing the slight movement in Kim's bedroom window.

To Be Continued ...

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