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A New Beginning

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Prom has come and gone, Drakken and Shego's latest plot has been averted and a romance has blossomed in Team Possible, but with the new teamup of Monkey Fist and Gill plus Bonnie's meddling Kim and...

Category: Kim Possible - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Humor, Romance - Characters: Bonnie, Gill, Kim, Monkey Fist, Ron - Warnings: [!!!] - Published: 2005-05-19 - Updated: 2005-05-19 - 2307 words

Disclaimer: As usual, I DON'T own Kim Possible.

WARNING: Contains spoilers for So The Drama ...


Chapter 1: A New Beginning

Global Justice Main Medical Science Facility

A strange looking humanoid sea creature that was once a human boy named Gill floated in a large sealed tank. Water bubbled from his mouth as he floated there with a board expression on his face. Suddenly his eyes lit up when he noticed movement in the dark closed lab. "What's this?" He asked as six monkeys dressed in ninja outfits moved through the shadows.

Two of the martial artist primates approached the tank and pulled out a large glass cutter. Slowly they cut a circle roughly the size of Gill's body, finally they pulled the cut glass away and the water rushed out to the floor.

Gill landed on all fours before standing up, "Ok, not to sound ungrateful but why'd you fur balls help me?" Gill asked as the monkeys' leader stepped out of the shadows.

"Greetings, my friend," the genetically mutated Montgomery Fiske walked out in his black gi and a small smile on his face, "I just assumed you would like to aid me on a task?"

"Why would I help you?" Gill snorted a laugh.

"Does the name Ronald Dean Stoppable mean anything to you?" Fiske asked, with a smile.

"The squweeb? What's this gotta do with that freak?" Gill growled.

"Freak? One to talk, we are ..." Fisk sighed, looking at his own monkey-like hand. "Anyway, how would you like to aid me in destroying him?"

"I'm listening ..." The fish-boy smiled, as Monkey Fist draped an arm around his scaly shoulder and lead him away.

"My friend, this is the beginning of a beautiful partnership."


Chapter 1: A New Beginning

Kim Possible's eyes snapped open and cut to the digital clock on her night table. She's gotten maybe thirty minutes of sleep the night before but she was still full of energy. She kicked her legs excitedly before flipping, literally flipping off the bed. It was the Saturday after the Prom, and the day she finally got a real boyfriend. She dressed in her usual cargo and the green shirt Ron always liked. The thought of Ron caused her to slap her hand over her mouth to muffle the squeal.

She bounced down the stairs moving around the crumbled remains of their living room toward the kitchen where her parents and brothers were already up. "Good morning, everybody!" Kim said cheerfully.

"You seem happy, Kimmie Cub," Mr. Possible said, looking up from the paper, "You're prom go well?"

"It was amazing ..." Kim sighed.

"You're ... boyfriend treat you right?" Mrs. Possible asked somewhat sadly.

"Oh, more then that, mom, he was amazing ..." Kim breathed with a dazed expression, "we've gone steady too."

Mrs. Possible sniffled a little, "What does Ron think about this? You've talked to him haven't you? He's seen pretty upset lately ..."

"Oh yeah, Mom, we talked last night," Kim smiled, her eyes dancing, "he's as happy about it as I am."

"Oh ... that's great ..." Mrs. P sighed, before the screen door opened as Ron Stoppable bounced into the kitchen, smiling brighter then he had in a while.

"Good morning, Possible Clan," Ron grinned, "How's everybody doing this bon diggity day?"

"A lot better now," Kim replied, standing up and turning toward the boy.

"What's the occasion Ron, I haven't seen you so hap-" Mrs. Possible froze when she saw her daughter grab Ron and kissed him in a very non-best friendly way. "Whoa ..."

All activity ceased in the kitchen. The Tweebs Jim and Tim sat still, frozen in space holding their spoons in the air before their gapping mouths. Mr. Possible sat and had the coffee not began to overflow onto the kitchen table one would think it was a photograph, and his wife beside him wasn't much better.

"Come on, baby," Kim said, breaking the kiss, "Already got your favorite." She said motioning to the bowl of coco-puffs. Kim led her new boyfriend to the table, sat him down, then plopped down in his lap. "Here, let me," She grinned with a wink, as she shoved a spoonful into his mouth.

"Um ... when ... err ... uh ... when did this happen?" Mrs. Possible asked, being the first to come out of her stupor, tilting Mr. Possible's coffee pot up stopping the flow of coffee. "What happened to ... uh ... shoot ... what was his name ... Erin ... Eros ... Uhhh Eric!"

"Oh, he melted into a pile of green goop," Kim shrugged snuggling into Ron's chest. "No big."

"Ok ..." Mrs. Possible said slowly, almost robotically moving to her seat at the table where she like the others stared at the couple.

Few spoonfuls later, Kim's Kimmunicator chimed in her pocket causing her to pout. "Awe, I was hoping for some peace and quiet after last night ..." Kim sighed pulling it out to meet Wade's face on the small handheld's monitor.

"Hey, Kim, got a hit on you ... are you sitting on Ron's lap?" Wade asked with a very confused expression.

"Yeah, what's the sitch?" Kim asked, not making a move to get off Ron's lap or untangle her arm from around the back of his neck.

"One second ... stay very still." Wade instructed as he tapped a few buttons and a blue light scanned Kim and Ron up and down. "That's weird ... no Moodulators ..."

"Wade, were not under any mind control. We are really a couple now." Kim chuckled, "Now what's the sitch already?"

"Um ..." Wade blinked a few times, seemingly lost.

"Focus, Wade," Kim sighed, "Why did you page me?"

"Right, right, sorry. This just going to take some getting use to ..." Wade shook his head, "The Global Justice lab was broken into last night. They sent a warning."

"Monkey Fist did somethin' didn't he?" Ron asked strangely.

"Yeah he did, how'd you guess?" Wade asked even more confused.

"Lucky guess ..." Ron shrugged, earning curious gazes from Kim and Wade both.

"Anyway, he broke Gill out, video feeds got him and his pajama-covered pets breaking fish-lips out of his fish bowl," Wade said, feeding the video in.

"Oh that figures," Ron rolled his eyes. "Crazy monkeys and mutant fish-monsters ..."

"Don't worry, Ron, we've got um before, we can get them again." Kim said squeezing his shoulder in a hug while resting her head in the bend of his neck.

"Oooook ..." Wade drew out as he stared at his two friends, "That's all I got for now ... I think I'll lay down for a while before I do any digging on this ... and you two need to take a cold shower."

"Ok," Kim giggled.

"SEPERATELY!" Wade finished desperately, before the feed closed.

Kim laughed lightly before a spoon plunged into her mouth. "MAY!" Kim complained with a mouth-full. "meh firl mit ill like fo on't like 'er laugh!" Kim complained through chomps.

"Said the girl who's continually shoved food in MY mouth." Ron smirked at the redhead in his lap.

Kim grabbed the spoon away and got the biggest bite it could hold and lifted it toward Ron face, but turned it toward her own and chomped it with a smug look, neither noticing the continuing deathly silence in the room.

"So, we still on to hang at the mall after Sabbath?" Ron asked, smiling softly.

"Of course, it's a date," Kim nodded.

"Booyah, so I'll pick you up after service ... so I better get home so I can get ready." Ron said then dropped into silence. "KP?"

"Mmhmm?" Kim looked at Ron in confusion.

"You're kinda ... ya know ... I can't get up with you on my lap," Ron chuckled.

"Oh right, sorry," Kim blushed as she hopped off her boyfriend's lap and followed him to the door. "See you this afternoon, Ron."

"Yuppers," Ron nodded, glancing over her shoulder to smile at the dazed parents and brothers, "Break um in easy, babe."

Kim laughed lightly before moving in to kiss him bye. Wasn't anything flashy, just a simple peck kiss.

Ron waved good bye to the family before walking out the door. Kim stood there waving for a few moments before returning to the table and her dumbfounded family.

"Kim ... when did this happen?" Mrs. Possible asked again and Mr. Possible nodded mutely in agreement.

"I'm not really sure, honestly ..." Kim brought a finger to her lip. "Eric wasn't even real, mom, he was one of Drakken's synthodrones. It ... really hit me hard. I even almost gave up and let Drakken have his win. Ron wouldn't let me do it though, and pieces just started to fit into place. Then we went to the prom together ... holding hands, which felt better then anything I've ever done by the way ... and ... then we danced ... we hugged ... then we ... promise you won't hurt him, Dad ...He kissed me ... or I kissed him ... little fuzzy on the details on who started it but ... wow ... he's good."

"So ... you and Ron, are together now? Really?" Mrs. Possible asked, her eyes glistening and her hands clasped before her almost as if she was begging her daughter.

Kim nodded with a grin, and a split second later Mrs. Possible was on her feet pumping her fist in the air. "BOOYAH!!" She cheered before turning to her still stunned husband, tilting his head up and giving him a hard kiss on the lips. She broke the kiss and turned to her youngest boys, "Did you hear that, boys? Your big sister's finally with Ron! And I'm only a few years away from being Grandma and you two Uncles Tim and Jim!" only response was the catatonic Jim falling sideways off the chair and Kim turning crimson and calling out for her mother to stop.


Light shined through the curtains of the filled yet neatly organized bedroom. It was very well furbished and appeared to belonged to a very spoiled rich girl. In the far corner of the room a well tanned brunet sat alone still in her prom dress. "Stupid Prom ... Stupid Possible ... Stupid Stoppable ... Stupid Brick ... Stupid Monique ... Stupid world ..." she grumbled as he grinded her teeth together.

How could that have happened she thought, "Stupid ... LOSERS!" She shouted pounding her fist onto the armrest of her chair. "They're all Losers, every last one of them! All of those idiots, all losers cheering for fellow losers actually 'dating'! BAH!"

"And K, thinking she's the world's greatest everything who can do anything! Just because she goes out and plays hero ... and gets all the best guys ... Josh, Eric, then settles for THAT, less then a few hours after she had ... wait ..."

"Kim and Ron are inseparable ..." She repeated her own words, then remembered several things she'd heard Kim say. "Oh I couldn't save the world without Ron! He's the best friend I could ever want ... she loves him ... she really loves the pathetic freak ..."

"Kimmie, Kimmie, Kimmie, you make it TOO easy!" Bonnie giggled jumping to her feet, "You got your prize, at just ... the ... right ... time ..."

"Way to go, Stoppable," Bonnie purred, throwing herself onto her bed, "Catch the dropped ball like a pro!"


Kim finally made it to her room, barely getting away from her mother's barrage of questions mixed with squeals and strange Ron-like exclamations. She threw herself onto her bed before grabbing her telephone. She started to call Ron but remembered he was with his family so she settled on calling Monique to exchange up-to-date info.

The phone rang three times before it was finally picked up, and to Kim's surprise it was a deep yet young male voice. "Hello?"

"Um ... BRICK?" Kim gapped into the phone.

"Oh, Hey, this Kim?" Brick laughed, "Congrats on finally getting with Stoppable. Just why couldn't ya wait a couple weeks, I could have won a bundle!"

"What do you mean?" Kim asked, temporarily forgetting Brick answered Monique's line. "Are you saying there was a pool going on me and Ron?"

"Yup!" Brick nodded, "I was down for graduation with Stoppable proposing or somethin', But it was Zita who got her first year of college paid for."

"W-What?" Kim whimpered, her eyes widening. "Um ... that's ... nice, Brick ... Tell Monique I'll call her later ... ok?"

"Cool, cya, Kim!" Brick said as he hung up.

"What's Brick doing at Monique's ... this early in the morning and ... what's he doing there period?" Kim asked out loud as she hung up the phone. "I know her parents are out of town for the weekend but ... could she ... would she ... with ... BRICK?!?"

"Ok, sick and wrong images in head ..." Kim shook her head, getting off her bed and moving to her closet. She wanted something comfortable but nice to wear on her trip to the mall with Ron ... but what? She dug around for a few moments before she finally found a light blue dress. "This is the one I wore that one time Drakken almost made me disappear every time I blushed but went on a date anyway with ... um ..." Kim had to stop to think. "Was that ... who did I go out with?" Kim narrowed her eyes in concentration, "It was ... Bobby ... no that was a flop a few months later ... crap who was that ..."

Kim shook her head with a smile, "Doesn't matter anymore anyway." She said as she laid out the dress, and went to her vanity mirror to go through her make up and prepare, not realizing how short her relationship-caused high was going to last ...

To Be Continued ...

C. Cowboy: After watching So The Drama I couldn't help but start this one out. I know I have other fics on my plate, but like I said I couldn't resist, this plot hit me and wouldn't let go. anyway, I hope you like this follow up to the grandest original Disney animated made-for-TV feature and don't forget to review!

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