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Party Guy

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Pete's point of view after his crazy friday night...

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Pete's POV:

I opened my eyes slowly, not remembering what had happened the night before (as custom) and feeling someone next to me. I looked over. Oh...its that girl....what was her name again? Stacy...Tracy...Lacy? I have no idea...but...oh well. I stood up and got out of my bed.Only now did I realize my head was throbbing. I held my hand on my head as I dug through my medicine cabinet for Tylenol. I popped two of them and woke up Stacy/Tracy/Lacy.
"Hey, uhm...I have some errends to run, it was nice...uhm meeting you..." I said trying to get rid of her quick.
"Oh...okay Pete. I had a great me?" she said and wrote down her number.
"Oh.....sure,sure..." I lied.
"Alright, bye Peter." she said with a shy smile and went out the door.
"Soooo not calling her." I said and sighed while picking up the phone. I dialed Patrick's number.
"Hello?" he said when he answered.
"Hey Trick. Wait,... I thought you were going to a photo op. today?" I asked confused.
"Oh....uhm...yeah." Patrick replied. I sighed heavily.
"Patrick, you gotta stop keeping yourself locked up in your house! Why dont you come out for a good time every once in a while?!" I asked.
"I know Pete. It's just...I dunno...I'm not a party guy, y'know..." he replied.
"Oh Patrick. To party does not require special skills..." I joked.
He laughed, "Okay, fine. Tonight, since its Saturday, I promise I will go to Angels and Kings with you, mkay?" he said.
"Great! I'll pick you up at seven." he said.
"Its a date."
"What?" I asked, racking my brain for what he had just said.
"I mean...great!" he replied hesitantly.
"Oh..." I said. there was a brief silence.
"Okay Pete. I just hope it turns out okay..." Patrick said worriedly.
"You'll have so much fun, I promise. Travis is going to be there with the band tonight. And Gabe is gonna come with me. See ya later Pat." I said excitedly.

That was the only problem with Patrick. You had to convince him to go to parties. Especially when we were off tour. He's a semi-shy person, and he always sits home. I hate to see him home alone all the time, but I think he really loves going on tour.
Oh well, I get to see him tonight and thats all that matters. I've missed him so much...
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