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See how crazy Pete gets when he is drunk, and how their night turns out.

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Patrick's POV:

As I sprayed my cologne on, I fixed my shirt and thought of Pete.
I was wearing black skinny jeans and a blue t-shirt with yellow lettering and a black and white trucker hat.
I sighed to myself and went outside to wait on the porch. After five minutes, a cab pulled up out front and I got in and sat next to Pete. I smiled bleakly and put my seatbelt on.
"Dont worry! This is going to be the best night of your life!" Pete said happily. He seemed satisfied to have convinced me to come with him.

Once we were at Angels and Kings, Pete nearly JUMPED out of the cab.
"C'mon, lets go!" he said excitedly. I could hear the music blasting. I couldn't help but feel a bit of excitement when we walked inside. People were dancing and drinking and Travis was on stage. Pete turned and grinned at me. Then he grabbed my wrist and dragged me into the crowd. People kept bumping into me, as the crowd was constantly moving. Pete yelled out to Travis:
"Yo Travie! We got me and My boy Patrick in the club tonight!!!"
"Yo!!! Pete my man! C'mon up here with Patrick!" he said back. I gulped.
"Oh, no Pete, please!" I begged.
"C'mon Trick!" Pete said climbing up on stage and pulling me with him. I looked around at the people in the pit below me and smiled.
"Alright, Patrick and I are gonna sing a song, you wanna here it?!" Travis shouted into the mic. I gulped. Oh dammit!
"Y-yeah Travie! Lets do this!" I said trying to sound excited. As soon as the drum started, I knew it was Cupid's Chokehold.
So I sang my parts, it wasn't so bad.

"Hey Patrick, that was great!" Pete exclaimed.
"Teh yeah thanks a lot!" I said as Pete handed me a drink. He laughed.

Pete had a few rounds. And then he had wine. And then he had more beer. By the next hour, I was practically holding him up on his feet. It was really bad. Things only got worse, a minute later when I had finally gotten Pete to sit down for a while, some girl walked by.
"Uhm, your Pete right? Can I have an-" she began. But she never finished because Pete grabbed her and planted his lips on hers. He was making out with her for at least ten minutes, (as I sat by looking paranoid) when some huge guy walks up behind Pete.
"Yo, thats my girlfriend, asshole!" the guy said. He was probably 300 pounds....of muscle. Pete stopped kising her and turned to face the guy. The girl said nothing.
"Hey...hey...I know you!" Pete slurred. But he really didn't know him. He was just really really drunk.
"Yeah? You wanna get to know my fist?!" The guy asked him, grabbing him by the neck. Pete hiccuped.
"Hey, hey....dude, this guy's really drunk, he has no idea what he's doing..." I said trying to get the guy to back off before he broke every bone in Pete's body.
"Hey! Back off, Fall Out freak! This ain't your fight!!!" he spat back in my face. He gripped Pete tighter and punched him in the jaw. Pete tumbled to the ground, and I ran over to help him back up. As he barely stood up, he said, "Is that you g-got?" he slurred once again, this time unnecessarily giggling. The guy grinnned and shook his head. He threw another punch at Pete which hit him right in the stomach. I grimaced and pleaded with the guy, "ALright man....he gets it. He didn't kiss her on purpose..." I said growing worried.
The guy pushed me out of the way. He grabbed Pete's collar and yanked him from the ground. He hit him square in the nose, which was when things got ugly.
"You not gonna fight back, you emo pussy?" the guy said and blackened Pete's right eye. I stood back, there was nothing I could do.
"Carl! Come on leave the poor guy alone! He's drunk!" the girl that Pete had kissed exclaimed and pulled Carl away from Pete.
"You better watch yourself, Wentz..." Carl snarled. As the couple walked away, I picked Pete up off the ground.
"Hey...Pete? Are you okay?" I asked gently.
"What time does the dinosaur play hockey???" Pete asked as he hiccuped again. I sighed and called a cab.
As soon as we had gotten into the cab and got situated, Pete burped and vomited everywhere. I sincerely appologized to the cab driver, who looked severely annoyed, and he dropped us off a block early, to which I had to half carry Pete the rest of the way.

As soon as I got Pete back to my place, I layed him down on the couch. He was out cold even after he had thrown up in the cab.
I put ice on his eye and fell asleep in the recliner.
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