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No Kissing

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Pete's point of view...and a new tour! Boy, things are starting to get cRaZy!!!

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Pete's POV:

As customary, My head was throbbing today when I awoke.
But this morning, so was my eye socket, jaw, and cheek.I groaned in pain as I slid off of the couch.
Wait.....couch....not bed?
I looked around. Patrick's house. I dont remember coming here....
Oh my god....what if Patrick told me something important last night! I can't remember anything!!!
Patrick was still asleep when I saw him lying on the recliner. I sighed and went into his bathroom to find some pain meds. Then I went back to the living room and flipped the television on.
An hour later, Patrick shifted and awoke.
"Good afternoon, sleepyhead." I said smiling. He looked at the clock.
"Oh man. Pete how come you didn't wake me up?! Its one o' clock in the afternoon." he said.
"Oh you just looked so darn cute asleep!" I said and laughed. He smirked and gave me his famous "Yeah okay" look. Of course he didn't know that what I said was true.
"So what happened last night?" I asked. "I'm too wasted to remembered!" I giggled. Patrick's eyes grew wide.
"Well you just happened to decide to make-out with the biggest guy there's girlfriend. He almost broke you to pieces, man! You're friggen lucky!" he said.
"Yeah...I noticed the black eye and bruised face. I thought you beat me or something..." I joked. Patrick giggled. His giggles were irrisistable. I smiled and stood up, stretched, and said, "Well, I guess I got to go." I said to Patrick.
"Where to?" he said.
"Oh, I gotta go talk to our booking agent...." I replied. Patrick grinned. "Awesome." he said.

I called a cab to take me over to the Island Def Jam building.
After 2 hours in a meeting with FOB's booking agent, we were all set to tour once again. I planned 45 stops around the US. Next week we started in Chicago. Patrick would be very happy about this.
Once I got home I called Joe, Andy, and Patrick to tell them about the new tour. They were all pysched about it.

As the week dragged by, it was finally monday, and we all met at the place where the bus was parked.
"What's up, Pete?" Patrick said as we boarded with our suitcases and bags.
"Nothing much, you?" I asked.
"Nah. The tour is gonna be great!" he exclaimed. I smiled. Yes. Yes it would because I would be able to see Patrick every day for the next two months.

After tonight's show, I sat with my feet up on the coffee table of the bus with Joe and Andy on the right of me and Patrick on the left. Joe and Andy were deep into the video game that they were playing, and I moved over closer to Patrick.
"Tonight's show was great, am I right?" I said grinning. I just felt like kissing him everywhere, stripping him down and--
"Yeah, the crowd was amazing." Patrick said. I smiled because Patrick looked absolutely adorable. I felt like kissing him, but I also felt like keeping his i held back. It hurt that I couldn't kiss my one and only love, but it was for the best. Patrick wouldn't love me back, not now, not ever.

The next night, as I got ready for the show, I went over the chords in my head to some of the songs. I met Joe, then finally Patrick and Andy, and we waited for our cue to go onstage. At eight o clock sharp, we were ushered onto the stage.
Patrick sang the first song beautifully, as usual. Then I announced that we'd be playing Thnks Fr Th Mmrs. During the middle of the song, I walked over to Patrick and rested my head on his shoulder as he sang and I played. I do that a lot, but tonight seemed different. It was inspiring, calming, almost like fantasy. The warmth and energy of his singing voice vibrated through my bones. I lifted my head and went back to my mic stand. But I wished I could do that again. I longed for Patrick's touch now more than ever. I knew I had loved him since the first day I met him, but here on stage everything was finally coming together, and I had to tell Patrick.
I could not stand to resist him any longer. I wouldn't care what the press had to say about it, or what Joe and Andy thought about it, or even what happened to the band essentially, as long as Patrick said he loved me back. And if not, well....I would have no reason to continue making music. For all of those songs that I wrote, using 'her' and 'she' that were meant to be 'he' and him' would be worthless in every way.
So it was settled.
I would tell Patrick exactly how I felt the minute that this show was over.
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