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Pete reveals his true feeling about will Tricky react???

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Patrick's POV:

I exited the stage with a grin and nodded to the sound guy. It had been an amazing show. The guys followed me back to the bus, and Joe yawned as we boarded.
"Man am I glad that we're off tomorrow!" Joe exclaimed stumbling over to his bunk and collapsing into it. Andy drank a glass of milk before also lying down in his bunk above Joe.
"Patrick, can I talk to you?" Pete asked me sounding somewhat nervous. I wondered what was on his mind.
"Sure." I replied , tired yet in a good mood because of the concert. I followed him into the back lounge.
"So whats wrong, Pete? I know something's on your it bad?" I asked. He cringed. I wished so badly to wrap my arms around him and hug him forever.
"No. It doesn't have to be bad....but that's your decision." he replied looking at the floor and sitting down onto the double bed.
"My decision?" I asked curiously. Oh god....what if he wants the band to break up...or he's moving to Japan...or-
" a lot to do with you. And how I feel, and my mistake that I've never told you..." Pete said sadly. "And I have no idea how you will take this...being as your not....I mean...I dunno if you are...but what I'm saying you remember the day we met?" Pete asked. He was confusing me now.
"Yes." I replied with a giggle. "I mostly remember what I was wearing, but yes." I said. Pete laughed.Come to think of it REALLY REALLY wished I could taste his tongue in my mouth and feel his breath on my skin--
"Well, when I saw you....and when I heard you sing for the very first time....I was sold..." He said.
"Oh yeah I knew we'd get along great, and look we're still best friends!" I exclaimed trying to raise the mood. I just knew this was something bad by now.
"No. But I knew we'd only be best friends...nothing more. And well....that was my mistake not for telling you that first day....that I...that I...."Pete said, his eyes growing glassy and glazing over with tears.
"What is it Pete?" I asked putting my hand on his shoulder. "We can get through matter how bad it is..." I said. It was then that Pete sobbed. I rubbed his back with my hand, in circles, trying to comfort him. He put his head in his hands.
"Mhhphadrick my Mwuv ruhyoo." was what it sounded like Pete said.
"What? I can't hear you." I replied.
"Patrick I love you!!!" Pete wailed. My heart skipped a beat at the sound of the word 'love'. I stayed silent, as the phrase entered my brain. It took a while to register.
"" I asked with tears streaming down my face.
"Yes Patrick! Its all true! Everything I do is for you! I love you more than anything in this entire world. I've known that since the very second I saw you. Every song, every mention of anything having to do with love, they are about you, and they remind me of you. I seem arrogant for having Fall Out boy songs on my ipod, but its the closest thing I've got to you whenever we're not on tour. Everytime I've ever touched you, I have gotten all warm, and fuzzy inside. And only tonight did I realize that that warmness was my heart, screaming for you. I love you Trick. God....I love you so fucking much! You're my world..." Pete said with tears cascading down his face and soaking his hands. I was shaking now, and crying too.
"The only thing I'm not sure of is how you feel about've never been anything but my friend...but thats not enough for me. Love cannot be reformed and used as least for me it cant. Do you love me Patty?" Pete asked innocently. I looked at his face, seeing the tears, I sobbed too. I threw my arms around him. He stroked my hair that stuck out the back of my hat.
"Do you?" Pete whispered.
"Oh Pete! I do! I do! I do! I love you like no one has ever loved anyone ever before!!!!" I managed to exclaim. Pete hugged me close. I was so overwhelmed, but everything seemed so much better as I felt his warm arms around me and took in his scent ravenously. He smelled like old cologne and sweat, which shouldn't have been enticing, but was because, it was Pete of course.
"Thank god. I dunno what I would have done didn' me back." he said.
"But've brought home loads of girls...I thought...." I said crinkling my forehead.
"Patrick....I don't like girls. Not since I saw you. Its natural for me to flirt...and they were the only replacement I could use when I needed you and couldn't have you..." Pete replied.
"Are you truly serious Pete? Because I just wouldn't be able to live if you broke my heart....thats why I never told you." I said sniffling.
"Tricky, I would never ever in a million years leave you. Not now, not that you can finally be mine." he whispered.
"I do want to be yours, Petey..." I whispered back. He hugged me tightly and layed down on the double bed. I moved in next to him. Then he pulled the blankets up, and wrapped his arms around me and I put my head on his chest.
"I'm so happy Pete..." I said.
"I'm happy too Tricky..." Pete said sniffling and I felt a tear drip onto my now hatless head.
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