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Phone Call Misery

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How do Pete and Patrick's parents react to their relationship?

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Pete's POV:

"Awww....look Andy! The lovebirds have flown in for the winter!" Joe exclaimed as him and Andy stood in the back lounge at the foot of the double bed, pointing and sniggering.
"Shut up, Joe." I said tarty. Joe laughed. I slid off of the bed, and Patrick awoke too.
"That must have been some conversation last night..." Andy giggled uncontrollably. Patrick threw a pillow at him to which he wasn't quick enough to dodge.

"So do we have to tell you guys what went down last night?" I asked taking a bite of cereal.
"Oh god, did you guys-"
"NO! Me and each other." Patrick said to Andy ann then smiled at me. Andy's jaw dropped.
"Well....I never thought you guys would take it this far....but I could tell you guys had a crush on each other...especially after I saw Patrick get that boner after you put your head on his shoulder. I just didn't say anything...but God that was hilarious." Joe said to me. Patrick blushed bright red and looked at the floor.
"Well we have. And I intend to be with my Tricky forever!" Pete said.
"Are you guys cool with this?" Patrick asked shyly.
"Of course we are. We're not gonna hate you guys just because you wanna do more holding hands than high fives..." Joe said. Andy, though stunned, nodded.
"Good...because you'll be seeing a lot of that." Pete said smiling and taking Patrick's hand from across the table and kissing it. Patrick blushed bright red once again and I laughed. Joe made a 'yuck' face that Mr.Yuck stickers around the world would be jealous of.
"I hate mushy love..." he said. Pete giggled.

Me and the gang practiced some songs on accoustic as the bus headed south for the Georgia show tomorrow.
"What are you guys going to tell the press?" Andy asked.
"Well...I dunno." I replied.
"We dont really have to tell them do we? If they find out then....okay but if they dont...." Patrick suggested.
"They will find out sooner or later...but we'll let them figure it out. I'm curious as to how long it will take them." I replied.
"Yeah really..." Joe replied.

On stage at the Georgia show, everyone seemed way more comfortabe with each other. Never once did any of us frown. It turned out fun and entertaining for the fans. After the last song, 'Saturday', we all went back to the bus.
"So what do you want to do now?" Andy said aloud.
"Well, I am going to order pizza before the bus leaves in an hour, because my stomach is growling louder than Pete does in the morning." Joe said. I laughed and nodded.
"Get two pies. I'm starving." I replied.
While Joe ordered the pizza, I walked over to Patrick, who had sat down on the couch and looked deep in thought.
"Whats wrong?" I asked curiously.
"Nothing...I'm fine." Patrick said turning away.
"No your not. I know you, and something is bothering you....whats going on in that adorable little head, now?" I cooed. Patrick giggled, but soon his face was back to its original grim look.
"Come on Trick. You can tell me." I said sitting down next to him and putting my right arm around him.
"Well, Pete, I just know how we have to tell the press about us?" Patrick said staring distantly.
"Yes. Well, we dont have to tell them, I said we'd let them figure it out..."
"Same thing. But....we cant just let our PARENTS figure it out...." Patrick said looking me in the eyes. My eyes grew wide and I stood up.
"Pete! We have to tell them!!! They have the right to know!" Patrick exclaimed standing up now too, attempting to follow me into the back lounge. I slammed the door, and flipped the lock.
"Pete...come on, what are you doing in there, babe. Come on out...maybe they wont take it so badly..." Patrick pleaded.

"What are you talking about? Tell who what?" Joe said coming up to Patrick. I listened to what they were saying.
"Well, me and Pete are going to have to call our parents and tell them about our relationship. After all, they have the right to know but I'm not sure what they'll make of it, honestly..." Patrick said to Joe. He was whispering after that, so I couldn't hear.
Tears escaped my eyes. My parents would never be able to accept the fact that I was dating Patrick. They'd go bezerk, and crazy trying to get us apart. They would never, could never...understand the bond between my Tricky and me...I thought sniffling.
After lying on the double bed for an hour, I had forgotten all about my rumbling stomach, which was pleading for food by now. The bus had departed from Georgia 15 minutes ago, and I still refused to come out of the back lounge.
"Petey..." Patrick whined. "Please come out, I'm lonely..." I promised myself no matter how cute and helpless Patrick sounded, I wouldn't come out.
"What are we, chopped liver? Invisable?" Joe joked.
"No." Patrick said sniffling now too.
"Oh please, Trickster. You know stubborn old Pete. He'll be in there all night." Joe said.
"You're right, Joe." Patrick said. I heard him stand up and walk across the room, away from the door. I listened to Andy and Joe chatting about some TV program quietly, until finally, I fell asleep.

In the morning when I awoke, I noticed the door to the back lounge was open and Patrick was curled up close to me on my right. I sighed, though I wasn't mad that he was there. I kissed his nose gingerly before standing up and walking out into the 'living room'. On the door to the back lounge there was a note taped to it:
Dear Peter,
Helped Patty pick the lock last night, he wouldn't sleep without you. Sorry to invade on one of your stubborn private rants, but the boy was desperate ;) I felt bad. Sorry again.

Oh good old Joe. I'd let this one slide since Patrick looked so cute curled up asleep next to me. I smiled to myself. Then I spotted the phone and snatched it up.
If there was anytime to call my mother about this relationship, it was right now, which was right after she had had her 9 AM cup of coffee.
"Hey mom?" I said into the phone as I poured some cereal into a bowl.
"Yes dear...?" she replied.
"Uhm I need to talk to you about something really important, do you have a few minutes...?" I asked.
"Yeah, sure, sure no problem Peter." she said.
"Okay. Well, you might want to sit down somewhere." I said glumly, expecting the worst.
"Why?" she asked curiuosly.
"Because, I told you before, its really important, and I dunno if your going to like it!" I said getting irritated and anxious.
"Oh Peter! Did you get some poor girl pregnant?!" she exclaimed.
"No mom!" I said.
"Okay." she said sounding calmer.
"Well, here goes. Mother, Patrick and I are.....we are dating." I said trying to sound dignified, yet grimacing in anticipation of her horrible response.
"Thats great! Dating who?" she asked happily. I scowled and rolled my eyes.
"EACH OTHER! For God's sake, mother me and Patrick are dating each other!" I yelled. Luckily, none of the guys awoke.
"D-dating....each...other?" she asked, shocked.
"Yeah mom. Are you okay with that?" I asked. There was a moment of silence before a muffled sob.
"Oh Peter, how would I be okay with THAT?! He's a man Peter!" she said.
"Yes, he is a man. And I love him. You either accept it or you dont, either way, we're not breaking up." I replied sternly.
"But Pete, you have always dated girls! How did this happen?!"
"Well, I told him how I felt, and he loves me back. Simple." I replied.
"Peter, you cant be serious! Patrick??? I always KNEW he'd bring trouble!" she said curtly.
"I AM serious...and Patrick is the best thing thats ever fucking happened to me, so he does not bring trouble!" I shouted back.
"Maybe this is just a phase....yes...uhm hormones....mhmm, and you'll get over it..." she said frantically trying to find a good excuse.
"Hormones? I'm fucking 28 for God's sake!" I said.
"Yes, you're right....PETER DONT DO THIS!!! He's not right for you!" she begged.
"Fuck you!" I said tartly before hanging up. As I turned around, I saw Patrick standing behind me with a sleepy, half smile on his face.
"It didn't go so well." I said hanging my head in shame.
"Am I really the best thing...EVER, Petey?" he asked still smiling. An idea flew into my head. My mother didn't matter. In fact, fuck her. Because I have Tricky.
"Tricky, you most certainly are. And no matter what anybody ever says, an no matter who they are, you matter most to me." I said hugging him. A tear fell from the corner of his eye.
"Thank you Pete. I really do love you." he whispered into my ear. I kissed him.
"I have to tell my mom too." Patrick said after a few moments.
"Okay." I replied, handing him the phone. He sat in the chair and I sat in the one next to his, in the half-kitchen as the bus drove on.
"Mom? Can you talk...?" Patrick asked into the reciever. I put my hand on his back in comfort in case things got bad.
"Yes sweety, hows the tour?" she asked.
"Oh. Great, mom. But, I have something important to tell you..." he replied.
"Well, go ahead." she said calmly.
"I....uhm...I...Pete and I" Patrick finally managed to say.
There was silence for quite a while. Then Patrick broke it, "I love him." he said.
"Patrick, honey,....are you sure?" she asked.
"Yes mom. He's all I ever wanted, and all I will ever need." Patrick said smiling at me, I smiled back.
"Well, you know I haven't always liked Peter, and I would much rather you date a girl, but if he is what makes you truly happy, then you go ahead and date him. He'll always be welcome in my home." she said warmly.
"Oh thank you mom, thank you!" Patrick said jumping up out of the chair in joy.
"Dont thank me. You deserve happyness and thats all I want for you." she replied.
"Love you mom." Patrick said, and she hung up.
I laughed, "I think the ending conversation with my mom was a little different than yours." I said. Patrick giggled.
"Oh, Pete, I am so happy that my mom approves, if only we could get your mom too accept us too!" Patrick said, but suddenly his face fell drastically.
"What is it, Trick?" I said putting my hand on his shoulder.
"Pete....Pete....we are begging people to ACCEPT you realize that?" Patrick said sadly as his bright gaze fell to the floor.
"No we aren't! We are asking...its different..." I said urgently.
"Pete, I dont want people to hate me..." he replied and tears came again.
"Dont cry baby. No one hates you....and they dont matter if they do..." I said wrapping my arms around him.
"They do hate us, Pete! They do and they'll never accept us! We'll be begging at that feet! It feels like we're doing something wrong..." Patrick said.
"I'm wrong to you?" I asked quietly.
"No Pete. But people think you are. And all I want is to love you and have no one care..." Patrick said squeezing me tighter in a hug.
"We can get through this, cant we?" Pete asked.
"I dont know, Pete....I just dont know..." Patrick said.
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