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Fall Out Fags?

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Media have caught them in the act! This is Patrick's point of view, and in this chapter we see how upsetting and cruel people be towards gay couples.

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Patrick's POV:

Almost a week later, People magazine had a snapshot of Pete and I kissing blown up and plastered across the covers.
Walking into the checkout line of the grocery store, I noticed it, as the cashier had began to chuckle.
"What?" I had asked.
He pointed to the cover: FALL OUT FAGS? it said.
Tears welled up in my eyes.
"How could they do that?" I asked sadly.
"Hahaha...gaywad..." he said as he scanned the items. I sighed. Just like high-school, I thought.
I grabbed the bags and walked to the car. I had taken Dirty's truck to the store to buy a few things for the bus.
All of a sudden, I tumbled forward spilling all of the groceries across the snow covered parking lot. I sighed lightly, before standing up and looking to see what had tripped me.
"Hey, its the Fall Out Fag! And he trips over his own two feet too!" said a guy from across the parking lot. A tear escaped my eye as I looked away and bent down to pick up the things I had dropped. The bag was ripped, so I had to carry everything to the truck.
"You have a truck? I always thought you'd have a pink Mustang or something..." A passing girl sniggered as I put the groceries in the back. Then I got into the front seat. I checked the reciept and it turns out the cashier had charged me twice as much as it should have costed me. Written on the back of the reciept was 'Douche'. More tears slipped down my cheek. All I could think about on the way to the bus was how the world turned out so cruel. I also wondered what I ever did wrong, or to upset anybody.
"Did you see the cover of People?" Pete exclaimed as I walked onto the bus.
"Yes Pete." I said.
"Those paparazzi are fucking idiots..." he said.
After putting away the groceries, the bus started its engine.

After our first show in Texas, we all exited out the back of the venue.
"That show was pretty great, eh?" Joe asked me.
"YOU SUCK!" some girl yelled. I looked up. There, right before Joe, Pete, Andy and myself, was a giant mob of people crowded around us four.
"YEAH, SELL OUT BOY IS NOW FALL OUT FAG!!!" another guy yelled. People began throwing stuff. It seemed like garbage, but it could have been anything. All four of us were continously pelted with soda cups, plastic bottles, anything really, and shouted at until after 20 minutes security showed up. Some workers, those security guys are, eh?
"Damn it....what the hell?" Pete said brushing himself off as we walked to the bus. Neverending tears streamed down my face.
"Aw, Patty dont cry! They arent fans, they dont matter!" Joe said trying to comfort me.
"Yeah, dont worry, they'll forget all about that magazine after a week or so..." Andy said. Pete looked doubtful. We boarded the bus and it left right away.
"What did we do wrong, Petey?" I asked sadly hanging my head and sniffling.
"We didn't do anything, they did....they choose to critisize gay couples, and thats just not right. We havent done anything at all wrong."
"WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE THIS WAY!!!" I screamed and stormed into the back lounge, slammed the door, and threw my self onto the bed. It was like a repeat of Pete's antics a few weeks ago.
"Aw Trick come on out." Pete said softly near the door. "Or let me in." Pete cooed.
"No." I pouted.
"Unlock the door Trick, nothing is your fault, everything will be okay..." Pete tried. I gave in to him as usual and unlocked the door to let him in. Then I shut it behind me.
"Why are they so cruel? What is so WRONG about us being together... I dont understand..." I said sadly.
"Thats how the world is....if there is some imperfection, or someone trying to be different, then they shoot it down or critisize it to make it the end its them who are wrong." Pete said sitting next to me on the bed.
"You know what Pete? You are right. They are wrong for once. I love you." I said and smiled. Somehow, hope entered my mind.
"I'm glad you understand, Tricky." Pete said happily. My lips met his and we kissed. I could feel Pete smiling into it.
"Tricky, can I try something that I have wanted to do ever since I met you?" Pete asked. I knew what he was talking about.
"Yes, Petey." I said grinning. Flick.
"What'd you do that for?!" I exclaimed. Pete laughed.
"I'm just kidding, just kidding! I havent really wanted to flick you upside the head since I met you....hehe..." he said and tugged on the waist of my jeans.
"Shall we?" Pete asked.
"Definatly." I replied. He pulled my shirt up over my head and I pulled his off too. Feeling down his warm, bare, chest, I went for the button on his jeans. Down they went and I pulled them off of his ankles. My pants were next and Pete yanked them down in one swift motion. I giggled as he came back up to face me. He kissed my lips without any hesitation and went for my neck. He kissed at first, then nibbled, and finally he bit down slightly on one spot on the back of my neck. I gasped in pleasure.
Then I felt Pete's lips pressed against mine again, in the blink of an eye. His tongue begged for entrance into my mouth. I parted my lips and finally felt his tongue, It played against my teeth and with my own tongue. When he pulled away for air I was desperate for more, almost whimpering.
"Shhh..." he said with a grin. He kissed me again with his tongue, then he ground his erection against mine. I moaned in pleasure.
The smile on his face was irresistable. I quickly forced him off of me, letting my 'sexual instinct' take over.
"These'll have to go..." he said with a devilish grin. I giggled as I helped him shimmy his boxers down slowly, my eyes beginning to bug out in anticipation. I looked up at Pete's face before gripping him with one hand. His mouth hung open in a prefect ' O'.
"Dont worry, I trust you Trick." Pete gasped.
I felt the warmth of Pete's body as I smiled and pressed my lips to his member, sending prickles up my spine. He layed his head back to rest it on the pillow. I trailed my lips up his inner thigh, which made him moan my name loudly. Never in a billion years did I ever expect to see Pete like this because of me. He bucked his hips upward and rasped, "Ohhhhhh.....Trick..." and I smiled.
Without him expecting it, I took him in my mouth. I had never felt anything like this before. Having it be with Pete made this all the better. He arched his back as I finally had him all in my mouth sucking gently, yet hard, too. If this wasn't the best state i'd ever been in in my life, then nothing was. He moaned my name once again. I used my tongue on him.
"Oh, god, Trick, I-I think I'm almost there..." He said gasping slightly. He came after that and I swallowed eagerly. His mouth hung open as he breathed heavily. I wiped my mouth and came up to kiss his lips passionatly. I could taste the salty after-tang on my tongue, and now he would too. He grinned at me, his big brown eyes smothering me and I giggled. He kissed my neck again and I kissed his in return, nibbling at parts.
"Y-you are amazing, Patrick..." Pete said catching his breath. He rubbed his hands down my back, and he kissed my chest. That sent shivers up my spine, and he ran his lips sensually up my chest again.
"Okay, Patty, MY turn!" he said. I giggled and let him slide on top of me. He placed kisses down my exposed chest until reaching my boxers. He tenderly ran the tips of his rough fingers along the skin just above the elastic to my boxers. I let out a sharp breath and bucked my hips upward. He was good. Really good. I couldn't wait for this.
"No, no, no Tricky....its my turn..." he said smiling and he slid my boxers down, leaving my fully erect member near his mouth. I felt his hot breath on me and my mouth fell open as I gasped and Pete placed a kiss on my member.
"Wait, I have a better idea-" Pete said and rummaged through his nearby suitcase. He grabbed a tube of liquid. He put some of the clear liquid into his hand, and rubbed it over my erection carefully yet sensually. I moaned his name loudly and bucked my hips again. I giggled. He leaned back on his hands hovering himself over my member.
"Are you sure want to do this, Trick?" Pete asked.
"Yes. I love you, Pete..." I said, unconditionally sure of myself. He let himself down slowly, letting him enter me a few inches at first.
My head tilted back and I moaned. I took this feeling in and Pete shoved himself farther in. I gasped and sputtered a bit. Pete was heaven right here on earth, if only he knew that. He sent me over the edge as Pete thrust his hips and changed positions suddenly. I spilled my load onto Pete's chest. That was enough for him, as the warm liquid hit his chest, he came inturn, inside me. Gasping, Pete slid himself off of me to lay next to me, while he tried to catch his breath.
"I love you so much." Pete said to me after a short while.
"I love you too, Pete." I replied. He smiled and I kissed Pete's nose gently. I was drained and I could tell he was too. So, Pete took me in his arms, and there we slept.
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