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I dont want to give away anything about the next two chapters :D

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Patrick's POV:
On the way to the interview the next day, I was shaking so bad, Pete must have thought I was crazy.
"Its gonna be okay, Tricky. I have this all....planned....out." Pete said slowly, as if he was really unsure whether what he said was true. I exchanged a worried glance at him.
I remembered the time I was being driven to the dentist to get my first cavity filled, how I had felt like this, only now was ten times worse. And how my mom had said it would be okay, and the only bads part had been the novacane needle. The interview seemed so much like a novacane needle right now, how it would hurt us so bad, but make the pain less worsethan it could have been, and in the end, everything would heal and turn out okay, even if you went numb for a while.
Pete cautiuosly took my hand, and I felt how sweaty his hand was. He was just about as nervous as I was. He stroked my arm slowly, trying to comfort me. I leaned my head on his shoulder.
Be strong, Patrick, be strong...

Once we were set, sitting in front of the cameras that would broadcast this announcement live all over the world, from Friends or, Pete tugged at the neckline of his shirt. He was sweating bullets, and so was I. I didn't blame him.
"Annnnd We're live in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1..." said the cameraman. I gulped and took in the deepest breath possible.
"Hello! I'm Justin from friends or, here with Patrick and Pete from Fall out Boy for a special announcement!" he said so gleefully it made me sick.
"Yes, its true. We are going to make an announcement for all of our fans. It does NOT effect the band. We will always be Fall Out Boy, no matter what, I just hope you guys are cool with this and that you unders-stand." Pete said bravely. I bit my lip and clenched my fist, trying to hold myself together.
"Ah, yes. Alright, what is the big announcement?" Justin asked. My stomach flipped upside down, turned inside out, and knotted tight. Pete grimaced and leaned forward to speak into the mic once again. This was truly all of my worst fears coming true. Pete cleared his throat. I stared at him, and tried not to think of the public's reaction.
"Well, I...we, Patrick and I are....have been, best friends for several years. We have always had the strongest bond with each other, and we've figured its a bit more than just friendship. Things between us can't simply been platonic, right? We know that. Patrick and I are...we' and Patrick are in love." Pete said finally. I thought I felt my throat close up...I wasn't that lucky.
Cameras popped and flashed like mad, taking pictures here, and whizzing questions at us was NUTS.
"Wow. That IS important..." Justin admitted raising his eyebrows and gaping. He gazed out at the paparazzi and smiled. Pete looked disgusted, especially after the one remark the camera guy made: "You're a fucking douche....i KNEW it!!!"
"C'mon Trick. We gotta go." Pete said to me, biting his lip. He grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the building. We were mobbed by awaiting paparazzi but luckily a cab was sitting outside for us. Pete stepped in with me close behind, and shouted a profanity before slamming the door. Cameras slowly began to quit flashing as we pulled out of site.
"Man, how do you think the fans feel?" Pete said exhaling dramatically and running his fingers through his dark brown hair.
"I-I dunno....Pete." I replied feeling lost in thought about nothing in particular, not being able to focus.
"What's wrong, Tricky?" Pete asked wrapping an arm around me. Suddenly, I burst into tears.
"Oh Pete, they took it HORRIBLY! They'll all hate us..." I sobbed. I Pete petted my hair a bit and cooed, "Oh, Patty, you dont know that! Some fans wont care! Sure, some stupid fucking homophobes will hate us, but they wont matter. And what the paparazzi say or do CERTINLY doesnt mattter!"
"You dont understand Peter." I said wiping tears from my cheeks and eyes. "We are going to lose it all...and so suddenly. I'll never get to sing again...never..." I added seriously.
"Patrick, that will never happen. Even if it does happen, you can always sing to me..." Pete replied with a stupid grin on his face. I giggled, but then became furious.
"There's always the IF. Pete, why do you always have a fucking IF?" I asked angrily to him. The cab driver kept glancing back in his mirror, expecting one of us to pull a knife on the other or something.
"IF's a part of life. There is a chance for everything." Pete said still calm.
"Pete, that doesn't help!!! I dont want to be shunned for my whole life!!!" I shouted looking him in the eyes. I had forgotten about his feelings. He loked at me seriously, and became angrily.
"Fame shouldn't matter, Trick! Of all people, why do you care so much about your ego now?" Pete shouted back, his dark eyes stunning and furious.
"I dont give a fuck about my ego, Pete!" I screamed.
"Sure sounds like it!!!" he spat back angrily.
"You're the egotistic nut! I would just rather not get verbally beaten to death everytime I'm in public!" I yelled. How dare he acuse me of being EGOTISTIC!
"Can't you just learn to ignore the stupid shit people say?!" he shouted in my face.
"No, Pete! NO I FUCKING CANT!!!" I screamed rigth to his face almost noce to nose, and hot tears rolled down my face now. I was ashamed of yelling at Pete, and now I felt really bad I had even said anything.
"Then if you cant seem to fucking get over the fact that people are DEFINATLY going to make fun of a gay couple for a while, why are you here!!!!" Pete shouted.
"Don't fucking call us that!" I said shaking in fury.
"What, GAY, GAY, GAY, GAY, GAY!!!!!! Patrick Stump you and I are fucking gay get the hell over it!!! You dont like being called gay, then you dont like me very much do you?!"
"Pete, you dont understand! Gay sounds like such a label. I do love you. But I just cant stand the way people are going to treat us!!! We are going to be total outcasts!!!" By that time, the cab driver had shouted back to us," Hey, hey. Calm down back there."
"Fuck you!" Pete said back to him. Then he turned to me. He looked as if I had told him something that he KNEW was true, and just didn't want to admit it.
"Alright, Patrick. If we stick together, we can get through this. I dont want us to break up, do you?" Pete asked sadly, his huge brown eyes smothering into mine pasionatly with a gleam of worry. I hung my head.
"No Pete. I love you. I dont want to leave you, ever. But..." I began, but Pete interupted. "Shhh. No buts. You know oral is better." Pete said and I giggled. He wore his stupid grin again, and I kissed his cheek. "Not really..." I replied. Pete laughed at that.
Once we were back at the bus, I cuddled next to Pete for a while. Andy and Pete both agreed that we needed groceries badly. So, they both set off back out the door to go shopping. I was left in the bus with Joe, who was momentarily consumed by the televison.
There was silence, and when the show he was watching went to commercial, he turned around to lok at me.
"Hey Trick? How did Pete take it when you told him you liked him?" he asked curiously.
"Well, he told me...sooo..." I replied wondering what had inspired such a question.
"Oh." Joe said. He turned back around to face the TV and added, "Hey you wanna play a few rounds of Mario Cart on DS?"
"Sure! Lets go, Luigi!" I said laughing.
"Okay, Princess Peach." he replied with cheek. I punched him playfully in the arm. He grabbed our DS's and flipped his on.
After a few matches, him kicking my butt at it 4 out of 5 times, he admitted, "Jeez...I'm gonna get some to ya later Rickster...."
"Alright." I replied. As soon as I heard him collapse onto his unk and shut the curtain, I sighed. All my original thoughts rushed back to me.
Why had Joe asked how Pete had broken the news to me? Joe wasn't the kind of guy to wonder shit like that just for the hell of it. He was the kind of guy who just sort of went along with the ride and didn't really care much about relationship beginnings. Of course, maybe he was just curious, but just doesn't seem like 'Joe'.
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