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Drop A Heart Break A Name

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^^ this is a VERY exciting chapter!

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Joe's POV:

Truth be told, I was actually tired. Not extremely tired, nor exhausted, but tired ENOUGH. Tired enough that I needed to get away from Patrick, because I couldn't think. I could still hear the TV from my bunk, and I thought about Patrick.
Why the fuck would I think about my best friend while I'm trying to sleep? In fact, why had I asked him that question, too? I didn't like him did I? No. I couldn't. This isn't right, not right that I'm fucking hard after playing Mario Cart with a guy I've known for several or more years. He was turning me on, with his little giggles and smiles, even after I defeat him numerous times. I shook my head, to try and rid these thoughts from my mind, but they wouldn't go. The smiling image of Patrick still blazed across my brain.
So what if I like him though? He's a great guy, but there's Pete...
He's dating Pete, but everyone knows Pete, it might even just be a stage, a phase. Or for attention...or anything really. And knowing Pete, he just wants to get a good hard fuck out of Patrick, and then he'll post more nude pics online, and then complain. And poor Patrick will be left heartbroken and confused.
Now I'm no romantic type, but seeing a friend as heartbroken and stupid as Tricky would feel when Pete does that, now that would just hurt. And how would that effect the band? This is going to turn out horrible between those two!
What can I do though? I shifted in my bunk and sighed. I slid off the bunk and walked into the living room.
"Joe, I thought you were tired?" Patrick asked crinkling his eyebrows.
"Yah. Kind of. But I've been thinking..." I said sitting down quite close to Patrick and rubbing my hand through my hair.
"About what?" he asked curiously.
"Well, you and Pete....has Pete ever told you he loves you?" I asked feeling sheepish, but not showing it.
"Y-yeah, why? What are you asking this stuff for?" he asked getting nervous and fidgeting a bit. I laughed.
"Oh. Because, Pete isn't really a relationship guy, right? Well, what if he just wants, you know, a quick fuck and then he's gonna bail on yah?" I asked. Patrick gaped at me. He looked angry and disturbed.
"Joe! Pete is not like that! You know him, why would you think that?" Patrick asked half mad half wondering.
"I dunno...its just....I care about you Trick, and I dont want to see your heart broken..." I replied feeling like the worlds biggest idiot.
"Thats great Joe, but Pete wouldn't do that." he stated conffidently. I wasn't so sure.
"Are you sure he isn't just going through some attention seeking phase or something?" I asked, running out of excuses.
"No. I am definatly sure." he said.
I didn't say anything after that. I just leaned on Patrick, and he kept running his fngers lightly through my thik dark hair. It was calmoing, soothing. After my eyelids had batted a bit, I decided what I nhad to do right before I fell asleep:
Patrick's heart was not going to be shattered because of immature Pete. In fact, Pete wasn't getting anywhere near Patrick...because only now did I realize that Patrick was too good for him, and that I loved Patrick so much more.
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