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This Is War

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Pete is mighty jealous in this chapter ^^ hehehe

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Pete's POV:
Me and Andy knocked on the door of the tour bus with full hands, hoping Joe or Patrick would open it and give us a hand with the groceries.
"Oh come on Joe! This stuff is friggen heavy!" Andy complained as he knocked for the third time.
"They probably have the TV on..." I said, struggling to open the door. Finally, after setting down some stuff I opened it.
"Hey, you guys could'a helped carry this shit!" Andy exclaimed as him and I walked into the bus. There was no answer from Patric nor Joe, and there they were, curled up on the couch, asleep.
"Awww. Look. Haha." Andy said and set down some groceries on the table. I stared. Its innocent, I kept telling myself. They dont mean anything, they're friends, and they fell asleep like that. I walked up to them as Andy headed for the bathroom. Patrick's left hand was on Joe's head, with his fingers intertwined in Joe's thick hair. His other hand was around Joe, and Joe was practically lying in Patrick's lap. I felt the corners of my mouth twitch a bit, and I thought, this is stupid. I am jealous of my best friend, just because I found them asleep on the same couch. They're buddies, everything between Joe and Trick are simply platonic.
But glancing Patrick's intertwined fingers again, I couldn't help but still feel the searing white hotness of jealousy, so I moved his hand off of Joe's head, and sighed.
Just then Andy came out from the bathroom.
"You gonna help me put this crap away or what? You guys wanted it, not me!" he said.
"Yeah." I replied turning away from Joe and Patrick and putting on a fake smile.
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