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Staredown, Laydown

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When Pete found Patrick asleep next to joe, his suspicions arose, what will happen next will blow your mind!

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Patrick's POV:
When I awoke, it was dark outside, as the room was only lit by the television across the room. I felt oddly warm, and heavy. I blinked away sleep, and noticed Joe, who had his head across my chest and body close to mine, snoring away. I had to admit, this wasn't a bad posittion to be in, and remembering how calming it was to play with Joe's hair, I almost began twirling a curl again, but I noticed Pete. He was watching me from his seat across the room from me and Joe. His face had a blank look about it, and it looked as if he wanted to know what I was doing.
"Hey." he said. He wore a straight face that the white light of the TV made look like sketched anxious lines.
"Hey..." I replied back awkwardly. Pete looked back at the TV. I glanced at Joe again, and felt guilty. Pete must feel terrible, he must think that I like Joe...
"Pete..." I muttered. His head turned so fast I barely saw it.
"Yes?" he said still calm.
"I dont like Joe...its not what you think. Joe just wanted to talk..." I replied rather quietly. But I knew Pete would hear.
"Some talk eh?" He said, calmly, but punched out his words so I knew he was mad.
"Pete..." I whispered, not wanting him to go. I looked at Joe as Pete slammed the door to the back lounge where Andy was asleep.
I slipped out from under Joe and walked to the bunks. The time said 2AM, and I layed down on my bunk, all alone and on the verge of tears. I stared at the 'roof' of my bunk, trying to sort things out, but I just couldn't. I heard the TV shut off, and footsteps heading for my bunk. Well, here comes Pete, I thought.
But the footsteps were heavier, as if a more muscular body was coming this way-
"Hey." Joe said, peeking int my bunk. I burst into tears. Not sobs, but just plain tears, rolling endlessly down my face.
"I told you he'd break your heart, Trick..." Joe said with full round eyes and a pat on the shoulder.
"No. Its not him...its..its..." I tried, but the name just wouldn't come out.
"Who?" he asked, climbing inot my bunk next to me. The space was tight, but we fit.
"Its you, Joe. Pete thinks I like you, and he is jealous." I said still crying softly. Joe used his thumb to wipe one of my tears. I sniffled and he replied, " d-dont like me then?" he whispered.
"Well, yes...but...I could never betray Peter..." I replied, now looking him straight in his huge brown eyes, and managing to stop crying. His love came through his eyes and reflecting in mine. I couldn't bare to look into those anymore. A tear escaped Joe's eye, yes Joe. The most un-sensitive guy in the band, was crying. I kissed his cheek where the ttear had fallen, and as I did, felt his exhale of breath on my own cheek.
"I love you Patty, I really really do." he said in a barely audible whisper.
"What about Pete? I love him Joe, and I like you, but not like Pete..." I replied.
Joe turned on his side to get his lips cose to my ear. He stayed like that and said, "Pete doesn't love you...he just likes your body." Joe said. I giggled, but the laughter was over as I said, "B-b-but I know Pete loves me, he's told me, and i've.....I've already, I told him I love him, and he fucked me..." I replied breathlessly. I was suddenly more aware than ever of Joe's lips so close to my ear, and aware that if I turned slightly, our lips would meet, and I longed for the warm contact.
"Do you love me?" Joe asked, saying me, as if he was second choice.
"I-I...yes." I admitted shamefully. I did love Joe, but I loved Pete too, and if Pete was mad, why not?
Joe exhaled again, his hot breath drifting into my ear again, causing me to shiver and he said, "Thank god. Patrick forget Pete. All he wants is attention." I considered it. He was kind of a camera whore...and an attention seeker. Suddenly Joe was ontop of me, his bottom lip touching mine ever so lightly, and the warmth of breath being exchanged between us.
"Are we growing up, or just going down?" Joe sang softly, his lips moving and creating a slight friction between us.
"I dunno..." I replied. Joe closed his eyes slowly, and I took in a short breath before he pressed his lips softly against mine. I kissed him again and bit his bottom lip. He put both of his hands on my chest, and kissed me again.
"I love you Patrick, I love you..." he said, whispering the last 'I love you'.
"I love you too." I replied, forgetting the guilt of Pete. Joe pushed my t-shirt up slowly and the warmth of his hand ran up the length of my side. I shivered involuntarily. As Joe did this, he continued kissing me, not pressing hard, but wanting more. He was afraid to start, was what I thought. He din't want me doing something that I didn't want to do. I petted his shoulder slightly, and held him very close to me. I felt his fingers playing against the skin of my chest now, and my hands slid downward to his ass. I ran them over and over his ass, and he grunted slightly into the kiss.
"Patrick, can I-"
"Yes." I said urgently, as if I needed Joe more than anything.
Joe pulled down my jeans to reveal my navy blue underwear. He kissed my chin and rubbed my member roughly with his hand. I gasped slightly at first, and realized this was way different than Pete....better maybe. I slipped out of my shirt and Joe trailed his lips from the rim of my underwear straight up to my lips. The feeling of his warm, plump, lips over my skin made me shiver again. I slid Joe's t-shirt over his head. His chest was muscular, and I wanted my hands everywhere. I wanted to feel his back, and his abs and neck. I couldn't decide where to start. He kissed my neck, and he sucked hard on a spot. I felt his teeth on my skin, as he left his mark, it hurt and I dug my nails into his bare back. He showed no sign of pain. I changed positions and I unbuttoned his jeans, losing most if not all of my self control. I heard Joe giggle slightly at my pace, and my trembling fingers.
Slowly, I dragged my hands from his chest down to his boxers. I slid those down, and Joe whispered, "Trick, I've never done this before, you gotta show me..."
"Shhh. Its okay, its...easy." I whispered back in a normal tone that was lined with the lust I'd never had before. He helped my underwear down and off my ankles, leaving my fully erect penis exposed. Joe's bottom lip trembled, and I rammed my hips inward, shoving my erection inside of him. He had gasped at the thrust, and then the friction and pleasure. He was already gasping for air, from being taken by total surprise. I thrust once again, sending shivers up my spine and a certain electricity between us. Joe gasped, "Trick."
My mouth hung open and as I thrust my hips inward again, Joe moaned my full name. I took his hand, intertwining out fingers tightly. I thrust harder this time, and came mid-way. All I had poured into Joe, and he sent a gasp and loud moan inot the atmosphere. The pure feeling of my warm liquid inside him sent him over the edge, and he came all over my chest and onto the shhets. I pulled myself out and gasped slightly for air. I came up to Joe's lips for a kiss. This time he used some serious tongue action, all I could think and feel was him right now. Recalling what it felt like feeling Joe's warmth, being as close to him as possible...
Joe spoke finally, after a minute or so.
"P-Patrick...y-you are...amazing..." he said. I remembered the time when Pete had told me that, and blew off that memory to let it rot in the corner. I smiled and triggered his smile too.
" deserve something..." Joe replied with a smile. Suddenly I was aware of the space around us: it was dark, the sheets in the bunk were slightly damp, and sweat was rolling down my forehead. I wiped some sweat also from Joe's face. He grinned kissed my chest, and then kissed my lips passionatly. He ran his tongue roughly over my bottom lip, and then slid downward to my member. I had a hard on again already, and he took me in his hand firmly. I felt his lips press softly to my shaft and gasped. I bucked my hips upward, as if to inspire him to take me in his mouth. He ran his lips up my inner thigh slowly and lightly. Everywhere my body tingled for him so badly. I was taking in so much air with each breath, and I was anticipating this so much my erection was actually painful.
"Joe...I-I need" I rasped into his ear when he came up for a kiss.He chuckled and trailed his otngue over my penis. He shook with pleasure and finally he took me in his mouth. Deep-throating me, I moaned his name more than once, but I didn't have the attention span for counting. He sucked on me hard, getting everything out of this experiance as possible. I bucked my hips a bit, and when I did I came again in his mouth. There was more this time but Joe swallowed greedily, and removed his lips from my memeber, wiping his mouth clean and gasping for more air.
"I do love you Joe...I do..." I said when he came up to look into my eyes. I smiled and Joe flashed his teeth brightly.
"I love you so god damn much, Tricky, you dont even know..." he replied. He kissed my lips one last time before scooting over to the side, and I layed my head on his bare chest. I pulled up the slightly sticky sheets to cover us. He hugged me closely and had his hand on my head, caressing my hair as I layed my head across his chest. Ly eyelids were heavy, and I was tired, but I couldn't quite forget what I had just done with Joe, and how I knew that....I DID still love Pete, even if I loved Joe too.
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