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Finding and Figuring Out

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You find out what happens the next morningm after Patrick and Joe's little...thing ;)

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Pete's POV:
When I awoke, tearstained and feeling bloody fucking awful, I remembered last night. I remembered how Patrick had fallen asleep next to Joe, adn my jealously. I remembered the look of pure hatred I shot at him as I spat, "Some conversation, eh?!". And lastly I remembered hearing Patrick sadly stumble down the hall into his bunk, probably to cry all night.
Man did I feel like such an idiot! I must have killed his feelings! I trust him, I love him, Joe would never do was all innocent, and I'm the world's biggest asshole in history. I wiped my red, puffy, eyes and then sniffled a bit. I stood up, took a quick piss, and decided to go and talk to Trick. Hopefully he'd forgive me, because if he didn't, well...if he didn't, I dont know what I'll do. I walked slowly out into the living room, and no one was out there. Then I headed down the hall to the bunks. I checked the first bunk, no one. One one. The next one...
Wait a second, Joe has to be in one of these, so either Joe's not sleeping in a bunk, or Patrick's not sleeping in a bunk, and Andy's asleep ing the back lounge, of them isn't here.
I looked at the last bunk, the fate of who had been so upset they'd left, and snatched a hold of the curtain. I yanked it open, only to reveal Patrick curled up into Joe's arms, snug as two bugs in a rug. At first. my eyes throbbed, then I felt the tears ripping from my eyes, slashing my cheeks, each one more painful. After a minute or so, my temperature rose...I felt my cheeks get hot with fury even as my eyes continued to well up with tears. I leaned into the bunk and grabbed Patrick by the wrist. I pulled him out and he protested, "What the- Pete what the hell are you doing?!" he exclaiemd angrily, with his cranky morning voice. He was scarcely dressed, wearing nothing but underwear, which made me even more infuriated.
"What the hell do you think you're doing?! Huh!?" I shouted back, gesturing to Joe and the bunk. Joe ducked out ofthe bunk after pulling on his boxers.
"Get the fuck outta here, Pete." he said.
"Don't fucking tell me what to do!" I spat.
"Pete, stop it! You got mad at me for nothing! You overreacted, so I did too!" Patrick yelled.
"Overreacted to what? You fucking slept with my best friend and I dont have a fucking reason to be mad!?" I screamed back at Patrick.
"Pete, I didn't fucking sleep with him until last night! If you wouldn't have stormed of to hide out in the lounge, maybe I could have explained!!!" he yelled. I felt like he sort of did have a point. I gave him a long hard stare and turned to Joe.
"You stay the hell away from my boyfriend, you got it?!" I said menacingly.
"He is not your boyfriend anymore, he loves me! So why dont you just stay the fuck away then!" Joe shouted.
"What the hell are you talking about?!" I exclaied feeling my heart get heavy.
"Thats right, last night he told me he loves me. And I love him how do you feel now you god damn motherfucking emo pussy?!" Joe spat.
Tears fell from my eyes in defeat. I grabbed Joe by his shirt and socked him in the jaw. He retaliated by blackening my left eye bad.
"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON OUT HERE!!!!!" said Andy, rushing to the scene. Patrick was crying so hard he was shaking and I was slumped agaisnt the wall about to strangle Joe.
"Joe fucking slept with Patrick!" I shouted.
"Patrick was the one who slept with me!!!! And whats it matter to you anyhow, you go your good fuck out of him, leave him alone!" Joe said. And that really hurt.
"I love Patrick, okay. You LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!" I replied.
"SHUT THE HELL UP BOTH OF YOU!!!!" Andy screamed. There was silence except for Patrick's muffled sobs. Me and Joe stared blankly at each other.
"Now, one of you explain to me exactly why the hell you're knocking each other's blocks off and NO yelling!" Andy said. Good old Andy...always the peacemaker. Plus he doesnt betray me...
"I will!" Patrick said sniffling.
"Go ahead, Trick." Andy replied calmly.
"Well, Pete was jealous because I fell asleep next to Joe on the couhc last night, and he stormed off so I assumed he was mad. Then Joe came into my bunk, and he convinced me that Pete was lust not love, and so we...we....well we y'know-"he said gesturing that he wasn't wearing clothes, "And then I realized that I really do love Pete and that it is exactly opposite." he finished and turned to Joe.
"What we have is special Joe, but I am in love with Pete. Its like...lust between us. And thats okay in a friendship. But I dont love you....I love Pete." Patrick said. By now he had both me and Joe in tears. I looked at Joe and put an arm around his shoulders. He didn't push me off or anything, but he sobbed.
"I'm so sorry Patrick!!! I didn't meant to...I mean I....I am sorry Pete..." he said to both of us.
"Its okay man. Friends?" I said calmly extending a hand towards him.
"Friends." he agreeed.
"What about me...? Joe, are you going to be okay?" Patrick asked sadly.
"Yeah. Sorry again Patrick. I know what you mean,and truth be told I was the jealous one. I shouldn't have done that stuff, because you are dating Pete..." he admitted. I nodded and hugged Joe. Then Patrick looked in my eyes. He ran up to me and hugged me tightly. I heard Joe whimper a bit in the background, but I knew Andy would help him be comforted.
"I love YOU Petey..." Patrick whispered.
"I love you too, Tricky...I'm sorry I punched Joe..." I replied. He looked up into my eyes innocently, and I kissed his cute lips softly.
"I promise I'll never do this ever again, Petey."
"I trust you, baby..." I said with a smile.
"Thanks." he replied.
"Was Joe good?" I asked seriously.
Patrick shot me a hurt glance.
"I'm just kidding!!!" I replied with a snigger. He punched my arm playfully.
"Yes." he replied.
"Better than me?" I asked sheepishly.
"Maybe..." he replied playfully. I smiled at him and kissed his cheek. My cell phone vibrated in my pocket. I answered.
"Peter...there's a wonderful girl back here in Chicago that wants to meet, move back in! You dont need Patrick, she's very nice, and pretty!!!" My mother pleaded on the verge of hysteria.
"Fuck you!" I said and hung up. Patrick giggled.
"Who was that?" he asked.
"Mom." I replied.
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