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The Boy Who...

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A happy endng YAY!!!!

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Patrick's POV:

As the weeks passed, it wasn't that hard to deal with paparazzi, and we were all closer after our little fight the other day.
"Hey you think we should get...married?" Pete asked on the last day of tour.
My heart just about stopped.
"M-married? Really Pete?" I asked.
"Of course! Why not!?" Pete replied. I felt tears well up in my eyes that threatened to spill over.
"Oh Petey I'd love to!!! I love you so much!" I replied staring into his loving eyes.
He just grinned. But I could tell what he was thinking, I mean thats what lovew does to you. You can read your boy's mind. Its a powerful relationship.
"C'mon guys! Its time to play the last show of this tour!!!" Andy shouted. Pete and I exchanged grins.
And as I locked arms with my two best friends and lover, I knew that today, I wasn't the same loser I used to be. No low self esteem. I was the boy who had the world.
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