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The Faux Phases

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We all know the Doctor loves to take on new companions . What happens when Pete and Patrick stumble across a blue police box?

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Title: The Faux Phases 1/?
Part One: Seeing Double or Is It Just Me?
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: N/A, Gen
Disclaimer: If you had to Google your name or the name of a friend to get this, then you already know the answer. You know the drill. Don't own, didn't happen, no money, don't sue.

A/N: So here's the deal, I've been reading The Lonely God by batmanboxers and thought "Hey, what would it be like if it was Patrick and Pete instead?". Which is how this came to be born. This is a crossover with Doctor Who (Tenth) and Fall Out Boy, so it's automatically an AU. Also in this story, Pete never got married, Citizens For Our Betterment and Folie a Deux never happend, Joe and Andy exist but are not mentioned yet (an explanation will be provided later), Patrick is 20, Pete is 25, it's 2008, Fall Out Boy still happened but everyone was born a few years later, and, Pete and Patrick are half brothers. Don't know how long this will be. We'll see how it goes. Self checked so tell me if you find an error.

Cardiff, Wales
February 26th, 2008
2:15 pm

On an ordinary day like this, in Cardiff, Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump would have never thought something this extraordinary would happen to two semi-ordinary people. Which were exactly Pete’s thoughts as he walked out of Starbucks with his younger brother Patrick.

“So, what are we doing today?” asked Patrick as they walked across the busy street.

Pete, who kept his post-Infinity On High look including the medium long dark brown hair and “swoosh” hair cut, turned and started walking backwards.

“It’s your day off. You tell me.” He said, barely dodging the oncoming people.

Patrick, who still remains a mirror image of his Infinity On High counterpart, just rolled his eyes. “You’re going to bump into something if you keep walking like that…”

Pete grinned. “Don’t be ridiculous my dear brother, I have…”

His sentence was cut off and accompanied with a loud “thud” as someone walked into Pete, or more accurately Pete walked into someone.

‘Typical.’ thought Patrick. ‘I should say I told you so for that.’

“Oh, I’m terribly sorry.” Came a voice. “Don’t think I saw you there!” he said as he helped Pete up.

Patrick, who by now is in the middle of a fit of laughter, pauses to respond.

“It’s not your fault. Pete here was paying less attention than you were.”

Patrick turned to face his brother and gave him a pointed look.

“Had he been facing forward I’m sure he would have seen you coming.”

Pete rolled his eyes. “Whatever…”

The man, who had been watching in amusement, outstretched his hand. “Not a Problem. And you are…?” he asked.

Pete shook his hand. “I’m Pete.” He said. “And that dork over there is Patrick.”

Patrick just shook his head. “Ignore him.” he said and then asked, “What about you?”

The man grinned. “I’m the Doctor.”

Pete scowled. “Doctor who?” he asked.

“Just the Doctor.” he said enthusiastically.

“No, seriously. Doctor what?” Pete pressed, slightly annoyed.

Patrick laughed nervously. He grabbed Pete’s hoodie and started to pull him away. “Well, it was nice to meet you but we….”

He was interrupted when a small furry creature zoomed past his feet.

“Ah ha! There he is!” yelled the Doctor and took off running. He briefly paused to call out, “Oi! Well, aren’t you coming?”

The brothers looked at each other and shrugged but ran after the Doctor. They followed him as he ran through the backstreets and alleys of Cardiff until they had reach a seemingly dead end.

Wheezing and out of breath from running, Pete asked “What the hell is that?” Pointing at the small ball of blue and green fur with four legs huddled behind the trash can of the dead end they had walked in to.

“That,” the Doctor said grinning enthusiastically “is a Palathina!”

“A Pala-what?” Patrick asked dully and not as winded as Pete.

“A Palathina.” he said again slower and a little condescendingly. “Small creatures, harmless really. They’re from the sixth moon of Ozzist in the galaxy Trite.” he paused. “Makes you wonder what this one’s doing way out here…” The Doctor thought aloud.

Pete looked at his brother who just shrugged. He sighed and turned to face the Doctor. “Assuming for a moment that you’re in your right mind and that we actually believe you…,”

“What are we going to do with it?” Finished Patrick.

The Doctor beamed. “We’re going to take it back home!”

Pete tilted his head. “To the sixth moon…”

“In another galaxy?” Patrick continued.

“Yep!” He said pronouncing the ‘p’ sound more than necessary and bent down to slip the Palathina into his pocket.

After he got up, the Doctor looked at the brothers. “Do you do that often then?” he asked vaguely.

“Do What?” the siblings said in union.

“That!” he said pointing wildly. “Talk at the same time, finish each others sentences.”

“Oh,” said Patrick. “Umm, sometimes?” he said uncertainly, glancing from his brother to the Doctor, slightly confused by his random question.

“Interesting.” he said, studying the brothers for a moment before the maniacal grin returned. “Well, off we go then!” and started in a new direction with Patrick and Pete close behind.

“So you’re an alien.” Pete stated rather than asked.

The Doctor give Pete an amused look. “How do you figure?”

“Well, you just said you were going to return that little ball of fuzz..”

“Palathina!” interrupted the Doctor.

Pete continued, ignoring the Doctor. “You just put in your pocket, and seeing as you mentioned that it lives in another galaxy, I’m assuming that you have a space ship. Unless you plan on walking.” he finished.

“If that’s the case, then I kindly ask to be left behind.” added Patrick with slight amusement in his voice.

“Clever one you are. ” The Doctor said with a smirk. “Though the real question is why don’t you seem more surprised about this.”

“We’ve seen weird shit like this happening a lot lately. You’d have to be blind not to notice these things.” replied Patrick.

The Doctor gave an understanding nod. “And what about you? You both have an American accent, so I know you aren’t from Cardiff.”

“Me and Patrick move here from Chicago about six months ago.” Answered Pete.

The Doctor frowned. “Well now, why would you go and do that?”

“Just… needed a change of scenery.” Pete said nostalgically.

Patrick snorted. “Yeah, right. A change in scenery is moving to Florida, not across the Atlantic ocean.” he said not even hiding the bitterness in his voice.

Pete sighed tiredly. “Now’s not the time Patrick.”

Patrick rolled his eyes. “Like there’s ever a “right time” for it.” he said, making the air quotes with his fingers.

Before Pete could respond , the Doctor turned the corner into an alleyway and announced, “We’re here!”

One look at the Doctor’s space ship sent the brothers into a mild fit of laughter.

“A blue police box?” laughed Patrick. “Please tell me you’re kidding!”

“I think I may take up Ric’s request to be left behind.” Snickered Pete.

The Doctor gave them a mock look of hurt. “Keep this up and you may never see the inside!” he swiftly unlocked the door.

“Well, go on.” The Doctor said excitedly, motioning toward the entrance.

Patrick looked at his brother and just shrugged as he walked in the police box.

Pete, however just raised an eyebrow at the Doctor and took a few steps forward but did not enter the box.

“Patrick?” he called.

His response was his younger brother walking out the box and staring at it for a moment.

“Huh…” Patrick said a little dazed. He turned to the Doctor. “It’s …”

“I know.” the Doctor grinned.

Patrick had a confused look on his face. “But that’s…”

“Complicated, yes but not impossible.” the Doctor said, the grin never leaving his face.

Pete, who was frustrated at being left out of the loop, interrupted. “What the hell are you guys talking about?”

Patrick just grabbed Pete by the hood of his jacket he was wearing and shoved him through the doors while he waited for Pete to come back out on his own accord.

A few minutes later and Pete returned, mouth hanging slightly open. “No way!” he said astounded.

Patrick smirked at his brother. “Apparently, yes way.” he replied dryly and pulled his brother back through the doors of the 5 by 8 foot police box that was… somehow bigger on the inside?

When they walked back in and up the ramp, they noticed the golden colored walls and ceiling; with the circular control panel with a multitude of buttons, switches and levers. Along with a glowing pillar in the middle, which gently hummed.

The Doctor rushes past them with great excitement and heads to the control panel. “So, what do you think?”

“It’s seriously amazing but what is this place?” asked Pete, still taking in his new environment.

“It’s called the Tardis. It stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space or dimensions, if you’d like.”

“The Tardis…” Pete said aloud. “And this is suppose to take us to another galaxy?”

“Oh, Yes!” the Doctor said while franticly hitting buttons. “Hang on to something!” he yelled as the Tardis lurched in to movement. Patrick and Pete cling to the railing of the Tardis as it shakes about.

After a few moments it stops. “Well then!” said the Doctor. “Here we are! The sixth moon of Ozzist!”

“Landing could’ve been a bit better…” said Patrick dejectedly, picking himself off the ground that he’d recently fallen to.

“Well,” he said dragging out the L’s. “Any landing you can walk away from, I always say.”

The Doctor zoomed toward the doors of the Tardis and grinned. “Well, come on then!” he said impatiently when the brothers followed too slow for the Doctor‘s liking.

“Outside these doors,” said the Doctor giving the brothers a mock serious look before breaking into a smile. “Is a completely different world. You sure you’re ready for this?”

Pete looked at Patrick and smirked. “Well, it’s too late to turn back now.”

Patrick just mirrored his look. "Who ever said I wanted to?" And pushed open the doors. When they stepped outside they were met with a quiet, dense forest which came with three moons of varying sizes.

"That is totally..."

"Cool..." Pete said in amazement, finishing Patrick's sentence.

"It is, yeah." The Doctor said, also staring at the moons. "Now then!" He said loudly, causing Patrick to flinch slightly.

He glared at the Doctor. “Dude, that was right next to my ear.”

The Doctor just grinned mischievously and reached into his pocket to retrieve the Palathina.

“Let’s put him back where he belongs.”

As soon as the furry creature was removed from the Doctor’s pocket, it jumped from his hand to the ground, before running off into the woods it turned and gave a small squeak, then scurried off.

Pete blinked and turned to the Doctor. “Am I right to assume that squeak was a 'thank you'?”

“Yes you are!” The Doctor beamed. “Now that that’s done with, back to the Tardis!”

As they walked back in the police box, Pete scowled. “That’s it?”

The Doctor looked up from the control panel with a confused look on his face. “What’d you mean?”

“What he means to say is, that was rather uneventful.” said Patrick.

He frowned. “Traveling to another planet was uneventful?”

Patrick shook his head. “No, what happened on that planet was uneventful.”

“Really?” The Doctor said, still confused.

“You took us to another galaxy.” Pete said slowly. “And then released a ball of fluff into the wild.”

The Doctor gave him a bemused look.

“Do you get where I‘m going with this? It’s not exactly an epic adventure.” he finished.

The Doctor slowly grinned in realization, looking between Patrick and Pete. “I suppose you’re right. How about another go then?” he said enthusiastically. “Anywhere, anywhen! What do you say?”

“Anywhen?” Patrick asked.

“Did I mention the Tardis was also a time machine?”

“Really?” Pete asked, surprised.

“Oh, yeah.” He said happily and started pressing buttons on the control panel. “Here we are, the Randomizer! Whenever and wherever we land is up to the Tardis. Now hang on!” he said as the Tardis once again started to shake.

When the shaking finally subsided, the Doctor rushed toward the doors with Pete and Patrick in tow.

"Here we go, brand new planet!" he said as they stepped outside. " What do you think, better?" he grinned.

The brothers walked out of the Tardis and on to a busy metropolitan sidewalk. Tall, oddly shaped, metallic skyscrapers were visible from all directions and the roads were filled with what seemed like automated hovering vehicles.

"Where are we?" Asked Patrick as they started to walk down the street.

The Doctor gave him an amused look. "Well, there you are now, taking away all the mystery! What happened to your sense of adventure!"

Patrick grinned. "It's still there." he said "But It'd be nice to know if we landed on a planet about to be swallowed by a black hole or something."

"Don't be ridiculous!" he said cheerfully. "As a Time Lord, it would be quite irresponsible of me not to remove all black hole threatened planets from the traveling data base. Besides, if a black hole was endangering the planet, I doubt everyone would be so calm."

He snorted. "True."

"A Time Lord?" asked Pete.

"Yep." he said. "Last of my kind."

Pete smirked and raised an eyebrow. "I'm sorry, but Time Lord? A bit presumptuous, isn't it?"

The Doctor frowned. "Why does everyone keep saying that?"

He just shrugged.

Patrick snorted. "Like you're one to talk."

"Hey!" Pete said indignantly. “I resent that!”

All of a sudden Patrick stopped and did a quick spin around. “Hey Pete, I think I should have wore the glasses today, either that or I finally snapped.” he said. “Kind of hoping it’s the former, though…” Patrick finished lamely.

Pete frowned, stopping as well. “What, why?”

The Doctor also paused, holding a confused look on his face.

Patrick tilted his head. “You seriously don’t notice this? Take a good look around and tell me what you see.”

Both Pete and the Doctor gazed at their surroundings.

“Whoa…” said Pete.

“I don’t think it’s just you Patrick and we aren’t seeing double.” The Doctor responded.

Almost everyone in the immediate area has an identical twin. “Well, at least I know where we are now.” the Doctor said wryly.

“Which is?” asked Pete.

“Conregeminus or Gemi for short. From the looks of the technology I’d say about 3047.” replied the Doctor.

“So we’re on the planet Gemi in the year 3047 then?”


“Still doesn’t explain the identical twins.” said Patrick, as they continued walking.

“Actually it does, ‘geminus’ is actually Latin for ‘double’. A little bit of Earth language carried to another planet in another galaxy. Amazing, isn‘t it?” The Doctor beamed.

Pete scowled. “Wait, you said a bit of Earth language, but isn’t everyone here speaking English?”

The Doctor shook his head. “That’s the Tardis. Translates everything and sends it to you in a form you can understand.”

“Oh, okay well that…”

“Excuse me, excuse me! “ a voice interrupted. “You three, stop right there!”

The Doctor, Patrick and Pete stopped and turn toward the voice.

“Hello.” said the Doctor. “Can we help you?”

The man was about 5’6 and wearing an outfit similar to that worn in a lab. “Actually, yes you can. I’m professor Rutherford and I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to come with me.” Pointing toward the hover vehicle.

Pete and Patrick gave the Doctor a worried look. He gave them a reassuring nod. “Alright, lets go then.”

The trip was short and ended with them pulling into an underground parking area. They were then lead though a hallway decorated with elegant red drapes and a marble like substance covering the floor. Passing multiple extensions that made it quite clear that if you didn’t know where you were going, you would almost certainly end up lost.

They were taken to an office where they were told to wait and that they would be seen shortly.

“Well, that went well.” The Doctor said.

“You don’t even know what the hell they’re going to do to us, how can you say it went well?” asked Pete.

“Eh, details. At least you can’t say this trip was uneventful.” he said grinning.

That last statement earned the Doctor the infamous Wentz-Stump glare from the brothers.

The Doctor raised an eyebrow and was about to respond when the doors opened and Rutherford stepped in and took a seat behind the desk.

“Hello again. I’m terribly sorry for the rushed transport. I trust you arrived here unharmed?”

“Yes, we’re perfectly fine. However, might I ask why we’ve been brought here?”

“Of course.” Rutherford nodded. “As you might have noticed, on Gemi everyone here was born as a twin. Whether that twin is deceased or moved away, that persons counterpart exists or had existed at one time. Now, recently Gemi leaders have found spies from the neighboring planet Celestas trying to infiltrate the system and gather information.”

In response to this, the government has place 48 transmitters, that contains a genetic decoder, around the world. These transmitters only scan for the match of that individuals twin, if he or she still resides here. Anyone that does not have a similar or matching DNA and is not on a particular list, is tagged and we are alerted. For obvious reasons, we do not assume everyone brought in is a spy, for we do have visitors and tourists. However you case is different.” frowned Rutherford.

“How so?” asked the Doctor, interestedly.

“Well, it’s quite clear that you yourself is just visiting, but those two,” he said pointing toward Patrick and Pete. “Are something special.”

The Doctor gave them a curious look, but they both shrugged in union. Turning his attention back to Rutherford he asked. “What makes you say that?”

“It’s actually quite odd really, but before I continue may I please get your full names? First and last, if you will. I feel a little foolish for getting carried away and delaying this till now.”

“It’s no problem, happens to the best of us. I’m the Doctor, by the way. Just the Doctor.”

“I’m Pete. Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz-Stump III if we’re going for formal .”

“Patrick Martin Vaughn Stump-Wentz, but I go by Patrick. Pete calls me ’Ric, but try to ignore him”

The Doctor turned sharply toward the brothers. “You’re related?”

“Yeah,” Pete said. “Patrick’s my little brother.”

“Half brother, but still brothers.” Add Patrick.

“Huh…” said the Doctor, tediously studying the brothers faces. “Has anyone ever said to you that you both look nothing alike?” he asked “I mean, I suppose it could be in the eyes, but other than that I’m just not seeing it….” he said with awed interest, as if he had found a magical new puzzle.

Pete sighed. “Yeah, we get that a lot and yes, he’s my brother.” he said. “Younger, sure, but I’m still taller than him.”

“So?” grinned Patrick. “That just makes you my older brother who’s just barely taller than me. Big deal.”

Pete rolled his eyes and smirked but didn’t comment.

“Interesting.” said Rutherford. “So you are siblings but not twins with the Gift. Half siblings at even. That‘s very rare indeed.”

Pete looked confused “Sorry, but what’s the Gift?” he asked.

“Well, It is said that twins are born with a psychic connection, because our entire population consists of twins, that happening is quite common. An average of 8 out of 10 and their twins has the Gift and the other 2 out of 10 has at least the ability to find each other, no matter where they maybe.”

“So you’re saying that me and Pete have that?”

Rutherford nodded. “Yes, and it is quite strong. By the looks of it, I’d say you both are telepaths, one of the highest forms of psychic links.”

“How are you able to tell what Gift they have?” the Doctor asked curiously.

“Over the centuries, living on a planet that has a psychic field allows almost everyone here to detect others with the Gift nearby. Those who have stronger forms of the Gift, like myself can also tell what Gift they have. Which also includes you Doctor, while I may not be able to pin it down, you have an extremely strong form of the Gift, but I take it you already knew that.”

“Yes, I did.” said the Doctor.

“But what does this have to do with why we’re here?” Patrick asked.

“Very good question, Patrick. You see, the type of Gift that you and your brother have is so rare, that we thought it was an equipment malfunction. We brought you in to either confirm or deny that theory. You can see what the verdict is. “

However we would like to offer the opportunity for both of you to learn about your Gift and strengthen it. It is completely optional of course and if you choose not to do so, you will be given a visitors pass and would be more than welcome to go sightseeing around Gemi if you’d like.”

“Well, I don’t see the harm in that.” grinned the Doctor and turned toward the brothers. “So,
what will it be? Your choice.”

Pete looked at his younger sibling. Patrick just shrugged, giving Pete permission to make the decision for him.

He turned back to Rutherford. “Sure. Why not.” Pete answered.

“Excellent!” Rutherford said excitedly. At that moment someone who looked exactly like him walked in. “This is my brother, Dr. Alexander Rutherford. He will be in charge of the exercises given to test your Gift.”

“You’re more than welcome to just call me Alex. Alexander sounds to formal.” said Alex. His twin just shook his head in response.

“Now. Patrick, Pete, if you would please follow me.” Alex continued.

“If you don’t mind, I’d like to stay behind, learn a bit more about the planet. You going to be alright?” asked the Doctor.

“Yeah, we’ll be fine.” Pete answered, getting up.

“Just don’t leave without us.” joked Patrick, as he follow his brother.

“What, me? Wouldn’t dream of it!” the Doctor replied as they left the room. He turned his attention back to Rutherford.

“Now what’s this business with the planet Celestas?”

“Well, Gemi and Celestas are the two rivaling civilizations. There has not been peace between us since they accused us of stealing their technology, a notion that is preposterous. We would never do such a thing, but they refuse to accept otherwise.”

“How long has this been going on?”

“It has been ten years since the Silent War began.”

The Doctor frowned. “Ten years? You’ve been fighting for a decade over something like this? Don’t get me wrong, but it just seems like a petty thing to be arguing about for so long.”

Rutherford sighed. “Yes, I agree, but Celestas wants nothing from us other then the Gemi Government to confirm their accusation and the Gemi would never agree to such a thing, even if it would end this quarrel.”

The earpiece on the desk started to chirp. “Sorry,” Rutherford said. “I have to get this.”

“No, no. It’s fine”

He nodded and put the earpiece on. “Professor Rutherford.” he answered. “Yes, I’ll be right down.” He got up from his desk and the Doctor followed.

“We seem to be taking a trip to the training room in which the Wentz-Stump brothers have been taken to.” He informed, as they entered the lift.

“They are okay, yes?”

“Oh, there fine but it seems they have had some very, let us say “interesting” progress.” They reached their floor and Rutherford open a door, half way down the hall that they’re in. “Here we are.”

They stepped in to the room. Pete and Patrick were sitting at opposite ends of a marble table with Alex leaning against the wall. He looked up when they came in.

“Ah, there you are. It seems we have made an… interesting discovery.”

“I don’t find it interesting,” said Patrick. “I find it annoying.”

Pete grinned. “Aww, come on ’Ric, you can’t tell me that’s not at least a bit cool.”

Patrick glared. “You’re not on the receiving end of the balls of paper being tossed.”

“They’re small, barely bigger than a bottle cap!”

“Maybe, but I still find it annoying that they keep finding me as a target.”

Allex sighed. “They have been at that off and on for a while. It seems Pete has found that he has the ability to move small objects without touching them. Only very tiny bits and pieces and only when they are together.”

Rutherford chuckled. “And I’m guessing Pete is using the new found Gift to pester his younger sibling.”

The Doctor smiled in amusement, while Alex gave another weary sigh and nodded.

“Unfortunately, yes. Pete has some form of telekinesis with great potential. Patrick, on the other hand, has the Gift called Empathy also known among our people as the Understanding. Named due to the fact that Empaths simply just “know”. This often means you rarely need to speak while near them. Patrick's is a bit stronger than other Empaths of his level and he can use the Gift on other individuals, as explained. Obviously Patrick could tell the paper ball incidents weren’t an accident and that Pete isn’t very sorry for it, no matter how many times he may voice it.”

Rutherford grinned. “How is the telepathy going?”

“Slow, very slow. But it’s definitely there and is quite strong. The medical scans confirmed it.”

While Rutherford and Alex continued talking, the Doctor walked over to Patrick and Pete.

“So, I see you’ve been busy.”

“Yep.” Pete said smiling. “It’s been fun.”

Patrick snorted. “Yeah, for you.”

The Doctor groaned. “Oh, don’t you two go starting this up again. You were getting along fine a…”

A klaxon alarm began, cutting off the rest of the Doctors sentence. Just then another scientist rushed in the door.

“They are here!” he said. “The Celestan spies, they are here for those two!” pointing at Patrick and Pete. “I do not know how, but they heard of them and are now here to get them. You must evacuate the building!” and as quickly as he arrived, he left.

“This way.” Alex said opening the door to the room. “We must do as he says and leave.” Ushering them into the crowed hallway.

“Because we are underground,” said Rutherford. “It is likely that they already disabled the lifts and are searching the stairs.” He turned the corner and unlocked a door that lead to a series of tunnels and ladders with 20 others in the room, either climbing up or walking through.

“Rather than take the risk and find out, we will use the emergency service ladders. It is a long climb up with a few twists but runs a very low risk of being caught.” he explained as everyone began to climb the ladder.

The climb seemed to last forever, but finally they reached the top. The Doctor turned the handle on the sealed door above and pushed. He climbed out with Pete, Rutherford and Alex right behind. The tunnels lead to an empty field, about 2 miles away from the labs and from the invading spies.

“Ahh, well,” said the Doctor “It’s good to be out of there, isn’t it?”

Rutherford and Alex murmured in agreement. The Doctor turned Pete about to speak but the look on his face got the Doctor concerned. “What are you…, Pete? Pete, are you okay?”

Pete looked like he had lost his best friend. It was close enough.

The Doctor looked around “Pete,” he said sternly and grabbed his shoulders. “where’s Patrick?”

“They, they have him… I didn’t… I thought he was right behind me. He was supposed to be right behind me! I can’t believe… I didn’t notice until just now. I… We have to find him!”

“Pete! Calm down!” the Doctor said and looked directly at him “We will find him. I swear to you we will, but right now we have no idea where he could be or if the Celestans actually have him. He could have just as easily gotten turned about in the tunnels.”

Pete shook his head with a look of absolute certainty and worry on his face. “No, they have him. I know it. There going to kill him. They meant to get me but someone screwed up and they got Patrick instead and when they realize that it’s him and not me, they’ll kill him.”

The Doctor give him an inquiring look. “How do you know that…?”

Pete scowled “I don’t… I just do, okay?”

The Doctor nodded. “Well, then,” he said seriously. “we need to find him. Fast”

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