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Pete's New Job

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Pete wonders why the boy didn't call the police on him and Joe for last ngiht, and is ready to apply for a job.

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-the next day-

Pete awoke with a slight headache, and his legs were sore. Everything from last night rushed back to him and hit him like a hurricane. He remembered the teepeed house, but most of all the rage on the boy's face that lived there.
What was that kid doing out so late anyway? What was that boy, 16? Pete pondered.
He walked into his bathroom, or moreover, his parents bathroom, whom he was still living with.
He wouldn't have been living with his parents if his girlfriend hadn't dumped him.
Pete would have married that girl.
She was beautiful, long, blonde, hair...sweet, pretty,....the sun in Pete's life when things were as dark as possible.
And she was gone.
To him, it was true, true love.
To her it must have been just-another-boy-that-I-fucked. He remembered that night well....her hair in his face, the wind against their bodies, chilling them but on the inside they were warm. Or....Pete was, at least.
Now he felt like crying, but instead, he just undressed and turned on the water to the shower. He stepped in, and let the hot, refreshing water rush over his body. It felt good. Now he could think.
That boy was young. He just got home....2AM. He wasn't happy with Pete.....and yet he hadn't called the cops, because they would have been over here bright and early.
"He let me off easy." Pete said aloud. He glanced around hoping no one heard that but remembered he was in the shower.
Why? He should have called the police, I would have gotten fined, my parents would kick me out, and Joe and Andy would be stuck dealing with me again until my parents felt bad and let me move back in. Thats how things should have happened. But it didn't.
Pete invisioned the boy's face, crinkled in anger, yet somehow....cute. Somehow Pete found the boy cute.
It seemed wrong. Pete didn't naturally like guys.....he had a girlfriend after all...but this boy was....different. Pete didn't know who he was, if his last name was Stumph, or why he was out late last night....but he knew he wouldn't be able to go on without seeing that boy again. There was some weird, unfulfillable desire to touch the boy's face...feel his soft cheek with his his own fingers through the boy's strawberry blonde hair....and his name. Pete HAD to know his name. He shut the water off and stepped out of the shower.

"Hey you know if the Stumphs have a son?" Pete asked casually after dressing and coming downstairs for lunch.
"Ugh! Those people!" she exclaimed. Pete only wanted the answer to his question.
"Yeah....well do they?" Pete asked.
"Yes. I do believe so....named....Pat? I think thats it." she answered making her coffee.
"Okay. thanks." Pete replied taking a granola bar from the cupboard.
"Why?" his mother asked curiously.
"Oh no reason. Just.....curious." Pete said. He was wayyyy more than curious.
" applying for that job today?" she asked.
"Yeah. Hopefully I get it otherwise I dunno what I'll do..." Pete said munching on his granola bar and taking a sip of his mom's coffee.
"Yes. Well, I'll see you later. I wont be home when you get back, I have shopping to do." she replied. Pete nodded and escaped out the door. He sat in his car and started the engine.
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