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Dont Hate, Appeciate!

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Guess Patrick will just have to deal wiht Pete now. But I do feel bad for him :(

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Patrick sat at his kitchen table with his mother and father, who were both reading the newspaper, drinking decaf.
"Well....are you seeing Penelope today?" his father asked, breaking the slight silence.
"No." Patrick replied bluntly.
"Why not? She's a nice girl, Patrick, you can't avoid her." he said sternly.
"Actually, she's not a nice girl. She's older than me, she's a bitch, and all she wants is sex." Patrick replied irratably.
His father sighed and looked at him from over the newspaper. Patrick absolutely hated when he did this.
"Well I think you should give it a chance. I like her."
"Well why dont you go and marry her then!?" Patrick said, storming out of the kitchen and slamming the front door on his way out.
His father looked glumly back at the newspaper.

Patrick drove fast to work today, as usual. He was furious with his parents.
Then there was Penelope.
Ugh. Patrick hated Penelope. His parents thought she was perfect.
She was tall, age eighteen, a genius. And from the outside, beautiful and perfect.
But Patrick got to know her. She was evil...he hated her and his parents wanted him to love her. All she ever wanted from Patrick was to get him in bed. He couldn't understand why....but he didn't like it. She was pushy, arrogant, and rude. She didn't truly love Patrick, and he knew it. If he could strangle her, he would. His motto was, the only reason she was alive was because it was illegal to kill her. She had cried when he said that to her, but he didn't care. She told his parents everything he did to her that was mean, and they took her side. He hated them for that. But he couldn't break up with her because she always came back. He ran a stop sign recklessly and pulled into the small parking lot to the record store. He loved working here. It was like a getaway. Especially since the band he was in wasn't going very well lately. They were on the verge of a breakup. Especially after last night. The show ended at 2AM after a crowd riot and a lot of broken beer bottles.
Patrick was first at the store in the afternoon. He worked mornings on the weekend but often worked afternoons like today. He worked so much, in fact, that the manager had given him his own key. He unlocked the door and flipped the sign to OPEN.
For about an hour he organized CDs that were out of place, but the bell on the door jingled and someone entered. He was wearing a black hoodie and he approached the counter.
Patrick called out, "Can I help you?" He turned back to organizing.
"Uh, yeah. I am here to apply for a job...?" said a familiar voice. Patrick crinkled his brow in confusion and spun around.
"Wentz?!" he exclaimed more as a question than statement.
"Its you!" Pete replied. He was flabbergasted to be looking at the boy again so soon.
"W-what are you doing here!?" Patrick shouted. Pete felt the familiar calmness of last night wash over him.
"I said I wanted to apply for a job..." Pete said staring the boy in the eyes.
"NO! You-you c-cant be serious this is-"
"Whats your name?" Pete asked stepping closer to the boy. His eyes were locked into the boy's own. It was like they belonged there.
The boy looked blankly at Pete.
"This is my place! I dont want you here to mess it up!" the boy exclaimed. Pete felt a bit hurt inside but surged on.
"I dont want to mess anything for you....what is your name, please I must know!" Pete said. The boy was confused for a second.
"Its Patrick....but you cant just barge in here and-" Patrick began but Pete tuned himself out.
Patrick. He said the name over and over again in his head. He felt close to this he'd known him forever....or WANTED to know him forever. He felt a strange urge to wrap his arms around Patrick and hug him. It was weird...
"-so you can just go on home!!! Wentz.....are you listening to me!?" Patrick yelled. Pete's attention shot back to Patrick.
"Huh?" he replied.
"GET OUT!!!" Patrick shouted loudly. The manager peeked out of the door a few feet away and said, "Hey! thats no way to treat a customer!!!"
"He isn't a customer, Jon, he wants a job!" Patrick replied urgently, ready to convince him that Wentz was trouble.
"Ohhhh....well we can use a little extra help around cant do everything yourself, Rick..." Jon said.
"Y-yes I can! i am perfectly fine, dont need any help!!!" Patrick exclaimed. Pete grinned as the manager, Jon, slid an application form towards him.
"Just sign and return this and you'll be set. You can start on Monday." Pete initialed and signed and filled out the form.
Patrick's jaw dropped in astonishment and disgust as Pete handed the manager the form and smiled back at him.
"YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!!!!" Patrick exclaimed. Pete grinned.
"Oh, I'm quite serious. In fact, I think you need a little air Patrick, your temper isn't usually bad at work...go out and get some coffee, and Peter can take over your shift for today." Jon replied. Patrick's lip trembled in rage as his manager ushered him out. Peter waved from behind the counter.
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