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Patrick has sure got a temper....I hope he doesn't upset Petey too muhc :( hahaha

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Patrick walked, fuming, down the sidewalk towards the cafe.
How could this happen!? His only santuary....ruined! Peter was the worst! How would Patrick work with his enemy!
Patrick pulled the door to Dunkin' Donuts open roughly and strode inside.
"One coffee please." he said loudly and anxiously in anger.
"With or without-"
"Black." Patrick replied interrupting the cashier. She stared at him for a minute as if to make Patrick regret his rudeness, but he was ruthless today, and she walked to the back to make Patrick's coffee. He waited impatiently for his coffee and then sat at a table in the shop.
He drank his coffee, though it was scalding, quite fast, reading the paper. He felt he would never truly be relaxed, especially when he looked at the check. It said $12.99. Not for one coffee! He walked up to the register.
"You charged me like, triple, for this!" he complained. The cashier smirked.
"Well if we charged for rudeness, I would have charged much more." she replied tartly. Patrick scowled and left angrily.
He decided sitting by the curb might calm him down, as the cold, Chicago, wind usually did.
He sat thinking for a bit, about his at home life, and about his future, when his cell phone vibrated. He sighed and pulled it from his pocket. The caller ID read 'Penelope' so he answered. "Fuck off, Penelope."
And that was all he said before hanging up. He turned his phone off.
He sighed again, trying to be calm. He hated being angry all the time, but he was so used to it. The cool air was helping a bit.
He still couldn't believe Wentz had been employed. He could not-...would not get along with that kid. He looked at his watch and stood up.

Back at the record store, Pete had COMPLETELY re-organized the CDs and cleaned the counter top in hopes of impressing Patrick. He felt stupid, like a teen in love. He was all jittery and fluttery when he finished, and he couldn't get Patrick off his mind.
Then he spotted the headphones lying on the shelf under the counter. He eyed then curiously andthen gave in to temptation. He turned on the Walkman and finally figured it must be Patrick's.
He listened to some of the songs, there was David Bowie, Prince, Kanye West, and a bunch of others Pete didn't know but liked.
When Patrick walked through the door, Pete's back was turned and he didn't hear him.
"What the-...those are MY headphones!!!" Patrick exclaimed. Pete spun around.
"Sorry, I couldn't here y-" he began, but Patrick ripped the headphones from Pete's ears and glared at him.
"Just what the hell do you think you are doing!?" Patrick snarled. Pete's face fell.
"I-I...sorry I just got....bored." Pete replied. Patrick wound up the cord to his headphones and then looked up.
"Oh yes. Because today has been such a boring day for you,.... last night! I let you off easy and this is what I get! You've completely messed up my organizational project and I see you've taken a liking to using things of mine without permission! Well, buddy, if you think I'm gonna take your bull shit, think different! I hate you and your silly little parents, and now that your in my life, youthink I'm gonna play games with you, I WONT!" Patrick shouted. Pete looked hurt as Jon just looked on dismally.
Patrick stormed out of the record store and around the corner to the parking lot.
Pete hung his head and Jon patted him on the back.
"Its okay. Patrick is a bit rough around the edges. He's a big softie if you get to know him. He has a hard life though. His brother is perfect at everything and his sister is the youngest. His parents think they can map out his love life and they work all day. He gets flustered easily. Sorry about that." Jon said.
"Its okay.....I just want him to-" Pete stopped dead, knowing he couldn't say what he wanted to say.
Jon looked at Pete solemnly.
"You gonna be okay? It looks like he really got to you..."
"Yeah." Pete said. "His parents hate my parents....its a long story. I dont even think the reason that they are fighting is legit. He caught me and a friend teepeeing his house last night so he hates me. But....I want to be his....friend." Pete replied.
"Well....messing up the CDs isnt a great start...." Jon replied hopelessly.
"Well I thought I was making it better..." Pete said.
"Nah. Just take the customers. Patrick can organize stuff. he loves doing that. I dunno....I feel bad for that guy..." Jon said.
"Why is that?" Pete asked curiously.
"Well, he doesn't have a girlfriend....or rather, he does...but she's a whore. Its not love. All he really has is music. Its his entire life. Its how he gets by. Sometimes at the end of the night, before he goes home, I see him crying as I lock up. I dont think he likes his parents. He's in a band....a drummer, but every one he's ever been in has hit the rocks. His heart just cant take every crash and burn he's been through. He really needs a friend. So, if you can help him out, get him to laugh, become his friend, I'll pay you extra. Capeche?" Jon replied.
"Caposh!" Pete replied smiling.
"Awesome." Jon said happily.
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