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Poor Patrick...

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"How's it coming?" Patrick asked calmly.
Pete jumped and bumped his head on the rof of the car.
"Oh! You scared me, man!" he replied grinning. Patrick fought back the urge to smile.
"Well?" he said. He looked into Pete's eyes, but Pete didn't notice.
"I got it working, I just gotta fix it so the radio isn't al fuzzy. See?" Pete said switching it on.
"When You Were Young' by The Killers blared from the stereo and Patrick couldn't help but grin.
"Awesome." Patrick said shaking his head. "Thats amazing, that radio hasnt worked in months!" he exclaimed.
"Well, I know I'm good, but sometimes I amze myself..." he bragged. Patrick smiled. For real. For the first time in months. It was like his stereo. His stereo played for the first time in months,Patrick smiled for the first time in months. They were even.
"Yeah....your the handy man all right." Patrick said sarcastically, laughing.
"Oh my god! ITS A MIRACLE!!!!" Pete shouted.
"What?" Patrick asked confused.
"PATRICK LAUGHED!!!!!!" Pete dramatized. Patrick giggled slightly and said, "Well....uh you better fix the static."
"Right.” Pete said getting back to work.

Out of breath from seeing Patrick, Pete began repairing the static.
He felt, metaphorically, he was repairing the static in their relationship. They could be friends afterall. Pete always knew he could make a friend of anybody.

"So extra pay?" Pete said smoothly when Patrick had left for the night.
"Huh?" Jon asked.
"You told me you'd give me extra pay if I befriended Patrick..." Pete said pouting slightly.
"Oh....well being his friend takes more than that. You have to give him love and care, and support. He's really need to be there for him." Jon said.
"Are you sure this is such a good idea?" Pete asked doubtfully.
"Yes. He needs someone like you." Jon said pointing at Pete forcefully.
It was silent for a second before Pete asked, "Jon....I know I just met you...but...can I tell you something?"
Jon couldn't open his mouth to answer before Joe walked into the shop.
"You guys closing up or can I still buy a last minute CD in my buddy's name?" Joe said smiling.
Pete frowned at Jon but turned to face Joe. "Hey man. Whats up. Yeah pick somethin' out on me." Pete said.
Jon turned away and finished sweeping the floor.
After Joe had bought a Queen CD and invited Pete over, the two friends set off out the door, Jon close behind.
A single lonely car was parked in the very back of the small lot. Jon and Pete exchanged wondering glances. It was Patrick's car.
As they approached, they noticed someone was sitting in the front seat. Pete opened the door to reveal it was Patrick. He was just sitting there, kind of dazed, dry tears on his cheeks.
"Rick.....what'cha sitting out here for?" Jon asked.
"I dont have anywhere to go..." he muttered almost inaudably. Pete crouched down to Patrick's sitting level.
"Why dont you just go home then?" he asked.
"I cant." Patrick said, still not looking at any of them. His face was blank and unreadable.
"W-why not?" Pete asked growing worried. Jon looked at Pete with concern.
"M-my...parents kicked me...out." Patrick said looking away from them.
"What?! Why?" Jon asked. Pete touched his shoulder telling him he could handle this. Jon leaned against the car.
"How come, Patrick?" Pete cooed. Patrick wanted so badly to hug Pete, but things were already weird enough between them.
"I-I...dont know. They me..." Patrick replied. Pete felt his heart thrb in agony. IT was heart-breaking to hear him say this. No boy should think that about their parents. Even if it was true. Pete knew the pain Patrick must be feeling.
"Oh dont know that!" Pete said putting a hand gently onto the younger boy's shoulder. Patrick shrugged it off.
"YES I FUCKING DO!" he shouted, tears pouring from his eyes. Pete's heart felt heavy in sadness for Patrick.
"Its about you stay with me tonight. Joe has enough room at his house." Pete suggested softly, getting unnecessarily close to Patrick. Patrick hesitantly raised his head to look into Pete's large, liquid, brown eyes. Pete saw the stars glisten in Patrick's own eyes and helped him out of his car.
"Thats it. Come on. We're your friends Patrick we wont leave you." Jon said finally. Patrick just looked at the ground and didn't speak. Pete got into his car with Patrick and they followed Joe over to his house.
"Do you have any things you need from your house?" Pete asked, breaking the silence between the two. Patrick waited a minute before answering.
"No. My parents wont let me back in." he said half-heartedly.
"Oh. Okay." Pete replied not taking his eyes off the road. Patrick just stared sadly at the floor.
After another few minutes of silence Pete said, "We can be best friends, okay?"
"Okay." Patrick replied quietly. Pete looked over at Patrick quickly, and then took one hand off the wheel. He placed it on Patrick's hand gingerly. Patrick glanced over, surprised at the warmth of Pete's rough hand. Pete smiled at him bleakly and Patrick blinked slowly.
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