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A New Beginning For A New Friendship

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And Fall Out Boy is born! Yay!

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"Okay...Patrick...thats your name, am I right?" Joe asked as the three boys entered Joe's house. Patrick nodded as they all hung up their coats.
"Are you sure your mom wont mind if me and Patrick crash here?" Pete asked.
"Naw. She wont care." Joe replied not even a bit doubtful of what his mom would say.
"D'you like music, Pat?" Joe asked.
"Its Patrick." Patrick said awkwardly. Joe exchanged a glance with Pete.
"He does." Pete answered for him. Patrick sat down on the nearby couch.
Joe put his new Queen CD into the stereo on the table. It played loudly, but no one in the hosue would care. Joe's mom would be out drinking and he didn't live with his father. The three boys were alone.
"Hey I can call Andy...." Joe said to Pete.
"Okay. He can meet Patrick!" Pete suggested. Joe grinned slightly but Pete knew he wasn't fond of Patrick very much.
Joe left the two alone as he went to call Andy.
"Well, you're abnormally quiet..." Pete said to Patrick, sitting down next to him.
Patrick didn't answer.
"Are you going to talk or not..? Pete asked. Patrick shook his head.
"Are you my friend, Patrick?" Pete added. He was getting worried that Patrick didn't want to be here.
"I guess so, you letting me stay and all..." he replied unfathomably. Pete moved closer and took Patrick's hand again. Patrick jumped a little at the sudden contact. He didn't look at Pete.
Pete let Patrick put his head on his chest. He put an arm around Patrick and a hand on Patrick's head. He softly caressed Patrick's hair near his ear. Patrick's eyes closed slowly a few times before they stayed shut.
"I had a long day..." Pete whispered with his lips close to Patrick's temple. He kissed Patrick's hair, continuing to pet Patrick's bangs. Now Patrick was in Pete's lap, cuddled into him close, with Pete's arms around him. Patrick felt warm, comforted....for the first time in his life. He didn't move, and he felt sleep overtake his tired body. They last thing he thought was of Pete.

"Andy said he'd be over in-" Joe began hurrying down the steps holding a bowl of Doritos. He stopped talking as he surveyed the scene before him.
"Uhmm....?" Joe said questionably.
"Shhh. He's tired." Pete mumbled looking at Joe. Joe shook it off and sat on the couch opposite Pete and Patrick. Pete saw Joe look over at him and Patrick a few times, paranoid. He just ignored it.
Joe stood up to get the door when Andy arrived. They were upstairs for a few brief moments and Pete was sure they were talking about him. He didn't care, as he hummed to Patrick, the sleeping angel in his lap. He placed his cheek softly onto Patrick's head, pressing their ears together. He loved being this close to Patrick. The room was dark and the only light was from the television which Joe and Andy would watch for the rest of the night, most likely.
"Hey Pete." Andy said as he and Joe entered the room.
"Hey...." Pete replied smiling softly. Andy raised an eyebrow questionably but sat down next to Joe. They began talking about the show they were watching but Pete didn't really listen. He hummed more to Patrick, an ameless tune, but Joe and Andy stared. He didn't look up at his friends. He kissed Patrick's hair again because he didn't really care what they thought. He had a certain love for Patrick that they would never know. He wondered though, if Patrick felt the same. Pete doubted it.
"Hey, Pete....we're just gonna...uhm...go up to bed. See you in the morning." Joe said.
"Okay. See you in the morning." Pete replied under his breath. The two boys went up the stairs to Joe's bedroom.
Pete turned his full attention back to Patrick once he was sure they were lying in bed.
He kissed Patrick for a third time, letting his lips linger over Patrick's temple. But light snores came from Patrick. He was sound asleep.
"Good night, Tricky...." Pete whispered, smiling slightly in the pitch black room. He hugged Patrick one last time before falling asleep, holding him in his arms.

-the next day-

Patrick was awakened by his phone vibrating in his pocket. He wanted to sigh, but he almost forgot how. He let it ring three times before he felt himself reach into his front pocket and retrieve it.
"Hello?" said a groggy voice. He didnd't answer his phone. It had been Pete that answered it.
"Who is this?" Pete asked. Patrick didn't move nor open his eyes.
"Penelope? Penelope who?" he asked. Patrick got worried she'd say something nasty to Pete and hurt his feelings, but he was extremely tired and besides he couldn't move.
"Why should I let you talk to Patrick? You wont even tell who you are!" Pete exclaimed. Patrick could feel Pete's chest rising and falling close to him. He wondered if Pete was hugging him.
"No, I will not put Patrick on, and I dont care who you are because you're a bitch!" Pete said. He hung up.
Pete shoved the phone down into the couch. Then he ran his fingers softly down Patrick's cheek and rested his arm around Patrick's body,sighing.
" that you?" Patrick asked.
"Yeah. I'm right here." he replied.
"I cant move Pete...." Patrick whined.
"Its dont have to." Pete said. Patrick wondered if Pete was only doing this because he felt bad for him.
There was silence between them.
"Patrick, what happened with your band?" Pete asked curiously.
"W-we are....growing apart. The last show we played was really horrible. How'd you knwo I was in a band?"
"Jon told me. Said you guys weren't going so good." Pete replied.
"Nah. I've been in a few bands. We've always broken up though. But I love music. I can play a few instruments." Patrick said, lifting his hat off his head then back on again.
"Oh. Well, Joe and I have talked about making a band. He plays guitar. I play bass. Its kind of my thing." Pete told Patrick proudly.
"Really? Thats cool. I can play bass, not that well though. I love guitar though. But I'm a drummer." Parick admitted.
"So is Andy. He's in a few bands actually, but nothign serious. We're just kind of sick of metal. We actually have this oke going about making a pop/rock sort of band...haha....pretty crazy right?" Pete said.
"Not really. That sounds pretty cool..." Patrick replied. Pete reconsidered the thought, and got a bright idea.
"Hey! You can be in the band, Patrick!" Pete said loudly.
"Oh, I dunno if I'm good enough...." Patrick said.
"Sure you are...uhm..I can play bass, Joe'll be guitar, Andy the drums and that leaves you for..." Pete said but realized he was left without a singer. "Can you sing?" Pete asked.
"I can try." Patrick replied.
"Great. What guitar do you play?" Pete asked hopefully.
Pete smiled. "Perfect."

Patrick and Pete met Joe and Andy in the kitchen later that day.
"So I had this crazy idea!" Pete exclaimed. Joe looked amused.
"What is it now, Pete?" Andy asked, taking the words straight from Joe's mouth.
"Well, I think we should seriously form a band." Pete said excitedly.
"Pete....we dont have a set equipment..." Joe began.
"I know, I know! But Patrick said he can sing! And he plays rhythm guitar, too!" Pete said trying hard to convince them.
"Lets hear it, then." Andy said, looking at Patrick. Pete smiled. Patrick did not.
"W-what? What should I s-sing?" he said nervously.
"Anything." Pete replied putting a hand on his back. They looked at each other for a moent before Pete said, "No wait! Dont move!"
Pete ran down the steps to the den and fumbled in his backpack for a sheet of paper. He snatched it from his notebook and hurried back to the kitchen.
"Here. Sing this." Pete said handing it to a confused Patrick.
Patrick surveyed the song that was scribbled onto the paper and took in a dep breath.
"Okay." Patrick said nervously.
Then he sang. What came from Patrick's throat was something indescribable. It was amazing, to Pete. As he sang every vesre, it sounded perfect, exactly what Pete had envisioned as he'd written it. There was something totally incredible about Patrick's voice, it made you want to sing along. So Pete mumbled the words, and after a while, Patrick held nothing back. He sounded wonderful.
"Where on earth did you get a voice like that!?" Pete asked in awe.
"Seriously, dude. Thats amazing!" Joe added. Andy nodded.
Patrick grinned, "Its nothing....I just-I dont know..." he said laughing a bit.
"Dude, your awesome!" Joe said excitedly.
"So you guys in?" Pete asked, talking about the band.
"If we have Patrick, and we buy some decent amps....sure." Joe admitted grinning broadly.
"Yes!" Pete shouted.
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