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Patrick finds out about Pete and Jon's agreement...and it doesn't turn out great :(

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-the next day-

Pete drove Patrick and himself to work. They both waved to Jon at the front door as he unlocked it.
"So Pete, you'll definatly be getting that pay raise..." Jon said winking and walking into his office.
"For what?" Patrick asked grabbing Pete's hand as they proceeded tot he counter.
"Oh nothing..." Pete replied.
"Come on, tell me!" Patrick fake-pouted.
"Well, we kind of did this thing where if I became friends with you, which I knew I would, he'd pay me...extra." Pete said grinning and taking his coat off. Patrick stared at him for a minute, smile fading from his lips.
"W-what?" he asked. Pete sensed somethign was horribly wrong.
"Patrick...?" Pete asked, as a tear slipped down Patrick's face.
"Y-you only wanted to be my friend because you wanted to get paid extra...." Patrick stated distantly, fresh tears streaming down his face.
"NO! No Patrick, its not like that. Its not like that at all!" Pete pleaded, grasping the young boy's shoulders firmly.
"Get away from me." Patrick growled in his throat.
"No Patrick....please....I wanted you from the start..." Pete tried. But Patrick turned away with vicious dexterity.
"NO! You dont like me at all! This is all just another of your silly little games!!! Leave me alone, dont ever talk to me again!" Patrick shouted, snatching his coat and storming out once again. Pete wasnt sure where Patrick thought he was going, but Pete followed anyhow.
"Patrick! Patrick! Please! Come back!!!" Pete shouted as Patrick walked around the corner to the parking lot. He got into his car and started engine. He rolled down the window only to yell at Pete.
"Get out of my way, Wentz!" he yelled. The way he spat Pete's name made him teary eyed.
As Patrick droveoff down the road, Pete whispered, "Patrick..." quietly before hanging his head and going back inside.
"What the hell just happened, Pete?" Jon asked.
"Patrick's gone, and its all my fault!!!" Pete sobbed.
"What? Why?" Jon asked. Sorrow filed Pete's eyes and tears cascaded down his gaudy cheeks.
"He found out about the pay raise, and he thinks that I only became his friend because I wanted the money..." Pete said sadly.
"Oh, Pete. I'm so sorry! This is all my fault! Money cant buy friendship!" Jon exclaimed.
"No Jon. Its not your fault. I shouldn't have took your offer. I was stupid. And now he's gone!!!" Pete sobbed harder. "Jon, I have to tell you something I should have admitted to you so long ago. Patrick is more than a friend to me. I love him. I dont even care if we are both boys. I love him and there's nothing I would do to let that bond break. All I want is for him to be happy and to be with me. He loves me, I know he does, whether through friendship or how I like him. I have to find him..." Pete confessed. Jon looked taken aback at first, but then spoke.
"Okay. Go and find him Pete. I wish you luck." Jon said calmly, sending Pete off.

Pete drove quickly to Parick's house, in case he was there.
He was not.

Then Pete checked Joe's house. He looked in every room but Patrick was nowhere to be found. He drove across town, hoping to find him somewhere, and uninjured, but to his great displeasure, a fire truck, ambulance, and five police cars rushed back him going the opposite direction. He did a quick illegal 'U' turn and sped after the emergency vehicles. He followed then all the way down the avenue until they reached the corner of a huge bridge. He got out and slammed the car door. A crowd of people was gathered around one spot, and he had to stand on his tip-toes to see past them all.
Standing on the edge of the bridge was a boy. He was wearing a hat, jeans, a t-shirt.
It was Patrick.
"PATRICK!!!!!!!" Pete shouted. People looked abck at him as he began puching his way through the crowd.
"Sir, you know him?" asked and emergency official.
"Yeah, he's my....I know him." Pete replied urgently.
"What can we do?" the officer asked Pete.
"I dont know! You are supposed to know these things!" Pete exclaimed angrily. He budged past them and ran up to patrick who was on the edge of the bridge looking down onto the water with disdain.
"Patrick...what are you doing? Get away from there!" Pete pleaded. Patrick turned to face him.
"What are you doing here!? Leave me be, you dont care about me and nor does anyone else. I need to do this." he said.
"DONT! Patrick....Patrick dont I cant live without you! Dont jump Patrick, please....I love you..." Pete said in defeat, sinking to his knees with his last words. Patrick looked sorrowfully at Pete.
"W-what did you say?" Patrick asked. Pete looked up with tears streaiming from his eyes.
"I love you, Patrick." he repeated with more affection than he'd ever thought he had. Patrick took the words in. He stared out at the crowd, some people panicing, some crying, some just looking scared. Maybe they truly did care. They didn't want him to jump. And truth be told, Patrick didn't want to die he just wanted to be put out of his misery.
"Patrick, we can work past this, buddy. Everything will be fine...come here..." Pete cooed. Patrick looked at him for a long while. He really really looked at him, seeing his deep brown eyes for the first time allover again, and his short dark hairruffling in the breeze. Pete truly loved him. He knew it. He didn't knwo how much, but he knew he would like to find that out someday, and that Pete would truly be lost without him. Pete had his hands folded and was crying, down on his knees. Patrick couldn't leave him like this.
The crowd sighed loudly in relief as Patrick first eyed the ground and then stepped off of the edge. Soem people cheered, and Patrick ran itno Pete's arms. They embraced immediatly and Pete squeezed Patrick tightly.
"Oh my god, Patrick dont ever do that to me again. I love you so much." Pete said quietly into his ear.
"I wont, Peter. I wont." he replied softly, his voice shakiy and wind-broken from the chill air.
"Holy shit! Patrick!" Joe yelled as he jumped out of his car and ran up to the two boys who were hugging.
"What the hell is going on?" he asked.
"Its all over now. Its done." Pete said, pushing Joe backwards and walking with Patrick off of the road.
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