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Rumoured Nights

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-the next day-

"Pete, do you really love me?" Patrick asked.
Pete sat next to Patrick as they drove to work the next day.
"Patrick, I love you more that anything. I love you so much I cant say so. I havent even known you long at all, but it feels like I have. I just hope that one day, you'll love me just as much." Pete replied.
"I already do." Patrick said taking Pete's free hand in his own. A single happy tear slipped from Pete's eye. He wiped it away hastily as they pulled into the parking space.
"Hey Pete, Patrick...." Jon said nodding. He unlocked the door to the recodrd storeadn Pete and Patrick entered holding hands.
The two boys wored the whole day. They finally managed to organize all of the CDs.
"So, I got us a gig at the club downtown.....excited?" Pete asked.
"What! When?" Patrick asked.
"Tomorrow night." Pete said grinning.
"Oh Pete, think before you act! We dont knwo any songs!!!" Patrick exclaimed.
"Relex, we're only playing three songs." he replied.
"We dont even know ONE!" Patrick exclaimed even louder.
"Its fine, we can work on it." Pete said calmer than he should have been.
"Pete....I dont know if I can do this in one night..." Patrick admitted."
"Thats why you're sleeping over my house tonight." Pete replied proudly.
"Really? Thanks're gonna help me right?" Patrick asked.
"Of course, now lets blow this popsicle stand..." Pete said.
"I heard that!" laughed Jon.
They boht left for Pete's place.

"Great, great! You're doing great Patrick!!!" Pete exclaimed.
"Are you sure?" Patrick replied.
"your fine. You are gonna rock tomorrow night." Pete said confidently.
"Thanks..." Patrick said, looking into Pete's mesmerizing eyes.
"I love you." Pete said suddenly, smiling.
"I love you too." Patrick replied looking just as happy as Pete. Then Pete tried something he never dreamed of doing.
He kissed Patrick.
He shut his eyes softly and pressed his lips against Patrick's.
For Patrick, he would never have thought a moment like this could exist. The feeling of Pete on his lips made his stomach turn over, fluttering wildly as if he had butterflies in there. They pulled their lips apart momentarily for air and to admire each other's different set of beautiful eyes. Pete's intense browns bled into Patrick's baby blues. It was as if their eyes made heaven. After smothering each other's gazes lovingly, they kissed again, this timemore passionatly.
"I never want to leave you..." patrick whispered with his lips pressed softly agaisnt Pete's ear. Pete shivered at Patrick's hot breath on his skin.
"Patrick....I want you." Pete whispered back, gripping the young man's t-shirt and placing a kiss on the brim of his hat.
"We cant, Pete..." Patrick rasped, 'petting' Pete's shoulder gingerly.
"Why not?" Pete whispered nearly inaudibly.
"Because..." Patrick reasoned, as Pete kissed his neck numerous times, his nose brushing agaist Patrick's skin.
"Please, Tricky?" Pete whined softly.
"Pete....we cant do this now...y-your parents are home...." Patrick said making an excuse.
"So..." Pete replied, just barely containing his feelings which he was pouring out in the form of kisses. Pete's lips met Patrick's again and Patrick lost himself in the kiss. Pete's lips were enticing enough...Patrick wanted Pete badly now.But before Pete could get at Patrick's shirt, he reminded Pete that they couldn't do this now.
"No Peter. We cant do this right here or right now." Patrick said stubbornly, pulling away.
Pete refused to give up though. He put his arm around his lover and moved himself close to him. He proceeded to kiss the left side of Patrick's neck, although Patrick looked annoyed.
"Whats wrong, Tricky?" Pete whispered, trying to turn Patrick on enough to convince him. He stuck his lip out in a fake pout. Patrick just looked away as Pete trailed his fingertips down his back. Patrick shivered, keeping himself under control.
"Pete, have you forgotten that your parents dont even knwo that I'm here?" Patrick asked in a normal tone. Pete gave up and sighed.
"I know Patrick. I just want us to have a little fun..." he said smiling and nudging Patrick in the ribs. Patrick giggled but became straight faced again.
"I'm just saying, we cannot do this now, okay?" Patrick replied.
"Okay. Whatever you say Tricky..." Pete said.
"Now, I'm ready to hit the hay, how about you?" Patrick asked.
"I guess so..." Pete said still a little dissapointed.
"Oh dont be so selfish, Peter!" Patrick said playfully. And they both got up off of the floor and crawled into Pete's bed.
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