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Bunk Buddies

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So Patrick moves in with Pete...^^ things are JUST getting crazy ;)

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-the next day-

Pete, Patrick, Joe,and Andy loaded up a white cargo van with newly purchased suplies (thnks to Pete).
"OKay, lets take this junk to the venue so we dont have to haul it later..." Joe stated.
"Good idea, let go check it out over there." Pete said.
They all drove across town tot he club venue.
"Wow this will be awesome!" Andy said excitedly.
"Yeah, this is going to be great." Pete said grinninb broadly. Patrick was the only one not to comment.
Pete cornered him and asked, "Whats wrong, Trick?"
"I'm just nervous. What if I forget the words, or the chords, or what if I fall off the stage!?" he said worriedly.
"You wont I promise." Pete said.
"Really?" Patrick asked.
"Yes. This'll go fine, trust me..." Pete replied.

By the time the show started, it was their turn to open for the main band tongiht.
"Oh god I'm so nervous..." Patrick said beginnning to panic.
"Shhh...we're on in one minute..." Pete said staring out onto the stage. Patrick took a deep breath. He'd never been this nervous in his life.
"And now, opening for Taking Back Sunday, is one of our local bands....give them a round of applause!!!"
Pete was first out on the stage, bass around him, followed by Joe, Andy and finally, Patrick. Patrick cracked a shy smile to the small audiance as the mic was turned over to Pete.
"You guys ready to have some fun tonight!!!???" Pete asked loudly into the microphone. The crowd cheered.
"This first song we're gonna play is called Grand Theft Autumn." Pete said, and the guitars stared up. When it was time for Patrick to sing, he nailed it. Despite how nervous he had been, the crowd loved the band and they wanted more. After the show, whichc went flawless, Pete met patrick backstage.
"That was awesome!" Pete exclaimed.
"Exhilerating!" Patrick admitted. "That was the coolest thing I've ever done!" he said smiling.

-later that night-

Pete's cell phone rang.
He was at Joe's house again, along with Patrick and ther est of the boys.
"Hello?" he answered.
"Peter? Where are you tonight?" his mohter asked into the reciever.
"Over Joe's." he replied.
"Oh. Uh...Who else is there?" she asked.
"Andy, Me, Joe, and-"
"Pat?" his mother interrupted.
"H-how do you know?" Pete asked.
"A mother always knows. I dont want you hanging around wiht him. His parents are bad news!" Pete's mohter said.
"Mom, hold on. I need to take this converstaion into another room." Pete said, not wanting Patrick to hear.
" for your information, Patrick isn't living with his parents anymore..." Pete said.
"Oh really? He's sixteen!" she replied.
"I know. But they kicked him out. He has no place to go, and I meant to ask you if he could stay with us..." Pete said.
"Peter!" his mother complained.
"Please, mom! He has no where to go." Pete pleaded.
"How long?" she replied.
"I dunno. As long as he needs. I work with him, he cant afford an apartment, but I can get us one soon." Pete said.
"You must be becoming good friends then...." she replied.
"Oh yes...uhm, we're really close." Pete said back, feeling guilty for lying to his mother.
"Alright, fine." his mother replied, giving in.
"Okay! Tahnk you so much! I promise we wont be trouble and I wil have an apartment soon!" Pete said happily.
"Okay, bye Peter." she said hanging up.

Pete rushed to tell Patrick the news.
"Patrick, my mom says that you can stay at my house until I get us an apartment!" Pete announced.
"Hey...Pete? Are you and" Joe asked. Pete was silent but looked at Joe.
"Yeah, I guess we are." Pete replied. Patrick turned red in ebarassment.
"Okay..." Joe said.
" I know its weird, but you can learn to accept it, cant you?" Pete asked.
"Of course. Its all good." Joe said smiling. Patrick wore a relived face.

-the next day-

On friday afternoon, after Patrick got home from school, Pete told him about their second gig.
"There's a bar not far from Joe's house, and I got us in there." Pete said.
"Awesome. You want to go see a movie or something?" Patrick suggested.
"Sure, whats in?" Pete asked.
"I have no idea,we can pick once we're there. I'll drive." Patrick offered.
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