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No Worries...Right?

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At the movies, they ended up getting into some action flick but Patrick left for the bathroom half-way through.
After he wasjed his hands, his phone rang.
"Hello?" Patrick said.
"Its Penelope. Where are you? Can you come over?" she asked.
"I'm at the movies, and no. I hate you." Patrick said.
"I heard your parents kicked you out...ha ha. Wanna come live with me?" she asked slyly.
"I would rather jump off a-....nevermind. No, Penelope." Patrick said.
"Why not?! Your dating someone else, arent you!" she whined.
"Yeah. Why wont you just fucking leave me alone already!?" Patrick asked irritably.
"Well, I'm gonna tell your mom. She wont like that you're dating a BOY!!!!" she teased.
"What!? How do you know!?" Patrick exclaimed flabbergasted.
"Huh!? YOU ARE!!! I was just messing with you!!!! Oh my god! YOU! HAHAHA!!!" she said laughing loudly into the phone. She hung up and Patrick knew he was really in for it now.

"Hey Pete, what can I do to get rid of this girl...her name is Penelope and she's a whore. hate her and she thinks I'm still dating her." Patrick asked as they drove home from the theater.
"Uhm...change your number?" Pete suggested.
"Nah. I've tried that. She says she's going to tell my parents about us..." Patrick said worriedly.
"Eh...if they dont care, then why's it matter?" Pete asked.
"Thanks Pete. That was nice. Just remind me about how my parents never loved me...." Patrick said sacastically.
"I'm sorry Trick." Pete said.
"Its okay....the way they treated me, I already knew that." Patrick replied.
"What did they actually do, if you dont mind me inquiring..." Pete asked.
"Well, they always compared me to my brother and all they wanted was for me to marry some rich, famous, perfect girl. I dunno. But my mother hits me." Patrick replied sadly.
"She wont ever fucking lay a hand on you again, Patrick. That bitch'll hear from me!" Pete exclaimed. Patrick laughed.
"Thanks for caring." he replied.
"I'm serious! Who could possibly have a heart cold enough to want to hurt someone like you?" Pete asked.
"My classmates...uhm..." Patrick said rattling off names.
Pete sighed and said, "They dont matter, just forget them." Pete said.

Pete lay on his bed, Patrick across the room in a chair.
Patrick had Pete's accoustic guitar and was practicing furiously.
"I always mess up on the last note!" he exclaimed.
"Keep trying. You'll get the hang of it." Pete said, who was lying on his stomach sribbling endless phrases, titles, and verses to new songs into his tablet.
"How's your work coming?" Patrick asked.
"Eh...could be better. I used to write this stuff easily. Now that its forced on me, Its difficult." Pete replied.
"Yeah...I get what you mean..." Patrick said, looking back to the strings of the guitar.
"So have you seen any apartments for sale that are cheap?" Patrick asked, strumming again.
"Nope. Hopefully I find one. House hunting is so hard!" Pete complained.
"Teh..." was all Patrick replied with.
"Hey Patrick....are you a virgin?" Pete asked out of the blue. Patrick's head looked at Pete quickly.
"What?" he asked.
"Are you a virgin...?" Pete asked. Patrick had no idea where that question had comefrom.
"Well, thats a random question....but uhm, yeah." he replied.
"Interesting..." Pete answered, still scribbling and not looking up at Patrick.
After a few seconds, Patrick came to sit next to Pete.
"Why?" Patrick asked.
"Why what?" Pete asked.
"Why did you ask me that, Pete?" Patrick asked again. Pete finally turned his attention to Patrick.
"I was curious." Pete replied plainly.
"Uhmm...okay. Because thats just not a common conversation topic..." Patrick replied, his heart beating a mile a minute. He was nervous that Pete might be getting any ideas.
"I dont usually have normal conversations, though, do I?" Pete replied.
"Well," Patrick said laughing. Pete grinned.
"Patrick, why didn't you want that....the other night?" Pete asked. Patrick's palms became sweaty.
"I j-just didn't want t-to get into trouble...with your parents..." Patrick said, taking his hat off and then placing it back onto his head. A sure sign of nervousness.
"Thats not the only reason. There's more to it....I know you Tricky...." Pete said, eyeing him carefully. Patrick pretended not to know what Pete was even talking about.
"Whatever Pete...." Patrick replied.
After a beat, a plan came into Pete's head.
"Well, parents are gone out tonight...." Pete said seductively into Patrick's left ear, running his hand slowly down Patrick's chest.
"W-well I....I-" Patrick gulped.
"Thats what I thought." Pete said.
"What?" Patrick replied.
"You're afraid. You're a virgin and you are scared, Patrick Stumph!" Pete exclaimed with a grin.
"No I'm not! You're crazy!" he replied.
"Patrick is a scaredy cat...." Pete sang sticking out his tongue. Patrick crossed his arms.
"What are you afraid of? I wouldn't hurt you, Trick..." Pete admitted. Patrick sighed.
"Okay, fine. Maybe I am afraid, but who cares?" Patrick replied.
"Me. I want to know why you're scared, so I can fix it." Pete said.
"And who are you, Dr. Pete....Sex Therapist?" Patrick joked.
"Come on, serious....why are you scared? D'you think I'd hurt you?" Pete asked. The topic was making Patrick feel awkward.
"No..." Patrick whined. Pete cocked his head.
"Tell me the truth, Tricky." Pete said.
"OKAY OKAY.....I am. Isn't that normal?" Patrick replied.
"Not for a guy, but sure." Pete said smirking. Patrick punched him in the arm playfully.
" does it....feel like?" Patrick asked, feeling like a twelve year old boy talking to his father.
"Uh...I dunno. I can show you..." Pete said smiling devilishly. Patrick smiled slightly back as Pete kissed his cheek tenderly.
"I dont know Pete....I dont know if I'm ready..." Patrick confessed.
"Sure you are. My first time I was seventeen, and yo're birthday isn't far off." Pete replied.
"Exactly how much experiance do you have!?" Patrick replied.
"A lot." Pete whispered. Patrick giggled and Pete kissed his jaw on his left side.
"So...what do you think?" Pete asked. Patrick pondered the question.
"If you're not ready, then dont make this decision. I dont want to force anything on you." Pete added.
"I am. I'm ready Pete." Patrick said finally.
"Are you sure?" Pete replied.
"Yes. But I'm only saying yes to you. I wouldn't for anyon else." Patrick said.
"Awww....thanks!" Pete said.
"No problem..." Patrick mumbled.
"I promise you'll like this. I wont hurt you. I would never do that to you Tricky." Pete replied.
"Okay....I love you Pete..." Patrick said, rubbing his cheek against Pete's shoulder tenderly.
"I love you too Trick..." Pete replied, kissing Patrick's forehead and laying him down softly onto Pete's bed which they had already been sitting on. Pete slid his body over Patrick's, and chest to chest they gazed into each other's eyes.
"Why do you like me, Peter?" Patrick asked trying his best to blink less than normal, as to never miss a thing.
"Well, I dont really know, I like a lot about're too easy to love. You're smart, funny, nice...cute." Pete replied blushing slightly.
"Cute? Nice? Pete when we met I was about ready to rip your throat out!" Patrick exclaimed giggling.
"Yeah....but I liked you anyway, and look at us now..." Pete replied, then he craned his neck to begin placing a series of kisses on the back of Patrick's neck. Patrick's arms were wrapped around Pete, holding onto him like a child and its doll. He wasn't exactly sre how he'd have gotten along without Pete. Pete lessened his weight on Patrick a bit as he pulled his shirt over his head. Patrick stared at Pete's satisfyingly toned and skinny chest, and then gingerly ran his fingertips over Pete's newly exposed batheart tattoo.
Pete's eyelids closed slowly at Patrick's warm touch, then he kissed Patrick on the lips. Patrick rubbed his hands down Pete's exposed back and over his buttocks a bit. Pete grunted softly and kissed Patrick rougher. Patrick kissed Pete's shoulder and trailed his lips down Pete's muscular arms over the many tattoos.
"Patrick...." Pete whispered, dragging the 'K'. Pete shivered when Patrick kissed his bare chest. Then he took his shirt off, being a bit subconcious even with Pete there. Pete ran his lips over Patrick's nipple twice before licking it. Patrick moaned softer than intended and Pete looked back up at his face. Then he started at his belt. Patrick surveyed with care, making sure he didn't have any trouble. Once Pete had removed his belt and unbuttoned his jeans, he slid them down. Pete then moved back to Patrick's face, kissing his lips passionatly again. Patrick bit Pete's full bottom lips into the kiss, hlding him back before it came free of his teeth. Pete took a few breaths where his hot exhale warmed Patrick's skin. Then Pete let Patrick un-do his jeans. Hesitantly he slipped them down and off his ankles. Pete grinned, kissing Patrick again but this time on the collarbone. Hat being still intact, Pete removed it slowly. Seeing Patrick's hair wasn't an everyday thing, since he had always been wearing a hat. Pete lifted Patrick's chin with one finger and kissed his neck, nibbling on the skin and biting slightly to make it just enough to be pleasurable. Patrick moaned. Pete picked Patrick's hand up and kissed it softly, smiling. He tugged at the elatis to Patrick's boxers.
"You're sure?" Pete asked in a whisper.
"Y-yes..." Patrick said, laying his head back onto Pete's pillow. Pete pulled down Patrick's boxers ever-so-slowly for the perfect effect. He thought he saw Patrick's bottom lip tremble slightly when Pete touched his member.
Patrikc knew Pete was going to be good at this. They way he was rubbing his hand over and over Patrick's erection was electrifying. Patrick couldn't describe in head head how much this meant to him. All at once Pete took Patrick's hand again.
"You have to work with me. But dont worry....I'm here with you..." Pete whispered, suddenly his face was so close to Patrick's left ear. Patrick nodded in comprehension as Pete exhaled loudly. He then removed his own boxer/briefs, revealing the his full erection also. Pete moved his hips in, and Patrick knew that this was the moment he would remember, hopefully, forever.
Pete entered Patrick slowly at first as he wrapped his legs around Pete's waist. Still gripping Patrick's hand tightly, their show of love for each other, Pete moved his hips rhythmically, the two boys hips colliding over and over again. Patrick's erection created an uneeded but pleasurable friction on Pete's inner thigh. Pete thrust himself in as far as he could possibly go. Still pushing inward, Pete's bottom lip began trembling furiously. He thrust one final time, causing himself to come. He released a full load inside of Patrick.
Amazed as he was, the feeling was undesribable for Patrick. He felt the warm liquid of Pete's body flow into his was amazing. Patrick was shaking slightly as Pete pulled himself out. Pete's chest was heaving, and Patrick watched him take mouthfuls of air ravenously into his tired body.
Feeling Patrick's still-raised member, he wanted to show Patrick what this really felt like. He wrapped one hand around Patrick's dick, and without hesitation took him into his mouth. Patrick gasped loudly in surprise and instinctively bucked his hips upward. Pete sucked slightly as Patrick sputtered and gasped bit. But this wasn't only pleasureable for Patrick, Pete couldn't believe he'd gotten this opportunity, and Patrick tasted better than anything he'd ever imagined. His lips coarsed over Patrick's shaft one last time as he released all he had to offer into Pete's mouth. He swallowed hard and wiped his mouth. Pete looked up to check on Patrick, who had his eyes shut lightly and was breathing heavily. Pete slid himself upward so they were face to face. Patrikc didn't have to re-open his eyestoknow Pete was there. He puckered his lips to meet Pete's cheek. Pete smiled and pressedhis ear down agaisnt Patrick's heaving chest.
"W-what are you doing Pete?" Patrick asked him curiously, looking down at the top of his head, which was covered by his dark brown mop-like hair.
"I want to listen to your heartbeat." Pete whispered softly.
As Patrick's breathing slower down to normal, he put his arms around Pete.Closing his eyes gently, thinking of Peter, he surrendered to sleep, Peter in his arms.
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