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...Swear To Shake It Up

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A twist has been added now!!! ;)

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-the next day-

Sitting with Pete the next morning at the kitchen table, Patrick's cell phone vibrated in his pocket.
"Hello?" he answered.
"Patrick?" replied a familiar voice wearily.
"Mom!?" Patrick asked in disbelief. Pete shot a questioning glance at Patrick.
"Patrick, I'm in jail, can you come down here?" she pleaded.
"What!? W-what are you talking about-...wait! Why should I!?" he said tartly.
"Oh, Patrick! You're all I've got! Besides your father is at work and I can only have one phone call!" she exclaimed. He could tell she was on the verge of tears.
"Why should I help you, you've never been there for ME!" Patrick replied.
"Please Patrick, I'm begging you! I'll allow you to come home, please!" she pleaded, sobbing.
Patrikc thought for a moment. He knew he wanted to help her out, after all she was his mother. But he also had a side of him that felt no pity for her. He considered it, and finally decided on an answer.
"No mom. You got yourself in there and you'll get yourself out. You've never helped me, and I'm not ever going to help you out inturn. This is what you get. Besides, I've got a boyfriend who loves me and I dont need you anymore." Patrick replied.
"B-b-b-b-boyfriend?" she said stuttering.
"Goodbye, mother." Patrick said, ignoring her last comment and hanging up.
"What happened?" Pete asked woriiedly.
"My mom's in jail." Patrick replied quietly.
"Oh. I'm sorry Patrick..." Pete said.
"No. Dont be. She deserves it. I hate her." Patrick spat. Pete decided to drop the subject.
"You know what we should do?" Pete announced finally.
"Hm?" Patrick asked.
"Get some ice-cream!" Pete shouted. Patrick laughed and followed him out the door.

Eating their Sonic blizzards, the boys entered the record shopd for their Saturday afternoon shift.
"Hey guys." Jon greeted.
"Whats up?" Pete said.
"You guys didn't buy me any!?" Jon exclaimed sarcastically. But Patrick through a borwn bag at him.
"Got it covered." he said taking another bite of his ice cream.
"Sweeeet! Thanks dude!" he exclaimed as happy as a clam. It seemed even ice cream proved to impress your manager.
Pete set down his cup of ice cream and went into the bathroom. Just as the bathroom door shut, thef ront door opened and the bell jingled.
Patrick couldn't believewho had just entered the record shop, smirking away.
"Penelope!?" he exclaimed in astonishment.
"Yup." she said evilly.
"What the- how the hell did you find out where I work?" Patrick shouted angrily. Jon looked on in confusion.
"Your daddy breaks easily with me." she said beaming with a somewhat sickening grin on her face.
"Well, thats great, but you can leave now..." Patrick retorted.
"No. I came to tell you something, my little sugar muffin." she replied still smirking.
"Get awya from me!" Patrick exclaimed.
Penelope, who was slightly taller than Patrick, grabbed him by his collar.
"I will break up you and Peter if its the last thing I ever fucking do..." she growled, snarling with her face inches from Patrick's own.
He spat into her face.
"Get the fuck outta her, bitch!" he shouted. Just then, Pete walked out of the bathroom.
"Whats going on out here? Are you guys yelling?" Pete asked. He had never seen Penelope before, so he didn't know what she looked like.
"No. We were just having a...conversation." Penelope said grinning and flipping her hair at Pete. Patrick scowled silently from behind the counter.
"My, my,'re looking handsome today, Peter..." Penelope said, fixing the collar of Pete's shirt charmingly. Patrick saw Pete gulp, and he knew.
"Get out." Patrick growled under his breath as Penelope walked past him again, inspecting Pete at every angle. She laughed somewhat evilly, turned on her heel, and left. As the door to the record shop closed, Jon and Pete spoke at the same moment.
"She's HOT." they said longingly and then looked at each other and laughed.
"God damn...I think I gotta go fucking jerk off now..." Jon joked. Patrick frowned and crossed his arms.
"Who was SHE?" Pete asked Patrick.
"Penelope." he said disgustedly.
"Thats your whore of a girlfriend!?" Pete asked. Patrick nodded.
"Holy shit the hell did you score a girl like THAT?" Jon asked. "Please tell me, I gotta know."Jon said.
"Bad luck." Patrick said looking angrier than ever.
Jon didn't say anything and neither did Pete.
"So....why'd she come?" Pete asked after a while.
"Nothing. It was....nothing." Patrick replied. Pete gave up knowing Patrick wouldn't say, or that it really was nothing.
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