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The Patron Saint Of Liars And Fakes

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Uh OH!!!!!

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-the next day-

Pete was in the grocery store. Apparently his mom claimed she needed HIMto go out to the store. Patrick was at school, and it was about 1PM. As he stood in the check out line, a familiar face walked past.
"Penelope?" Pete said, peeking his head from out of his isle.
"Peter!" she gasped, surprised. She put on a fake smile that was too good for Pete to see through.
"So nice to see you! What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be in school?" Pete asked.
"Oh I just stopped in to get a bottle of water. Uhm....I skipped class today, no biggie, right?" she said.
"Nah. I used to do that all the time...." Pete said. She giggled, ensnaring Pete farther into her trap.
" you wanna, get some coffee after I check out?" she asked. Pete smiled.
"Sure. I mean, I'm not doing anything eslse today. Patrick wont be home for another hour, sooo..." Pete replied.
"Excellant." she said, holding his gaze.

"So tell me about yourself....have you always been gay?" she asked. Pete blushed.
"W-well, Not until Patrick...." Pete began sheepishly.
"I see. Interesting." she replied taking a sip of her coffee.
"Patrick tells me he doesn't much care for your attitude..." Pete said, tracing the rim of his coffee cup.
"He's a moody guy. Whenever I refused to have sex with him, he'd get SO angry....sometimes he'd...hit me..." Penelope replied innocently. Pete nearly choked on his coffee.
"What?!" he exclaimed.
"Its true. He had such a temper, and he never let me go ANYWHERE alone..." she pouted. Pete knew this didn't sound like anything Patrick would do, but he was too caught up in looking at Penelope, he just nodded and agreed.
"Isn't that just horrible, Petey?" she asked softly, tickling his chin.
"Mhmm." he said, gulping and feeling his underwear suddenly get tighter.
"And just when things couldn't get any worse...he amost got me pregnant last summer." she cried. Pete's eyes bugged out.
"W-w-what!?" he asked flabbergasted.
"Oh...he never told you?" she replied, knowing very well that Patrick wouldnt have told Pete that.
"H-he told me he was" Pete replied, his eyebrows wrinkling in confusion and let down.
"Oh no. I wasn't his first girlfriend. He' had many...and I've heard their stories..." she lied.
"I dont think Patrick would do that....." Pete said doubtfully.
"You dont know him very well, Peter." Penelope whispered. "Get out while you still can..." she added. Then she stood up and hurried out of the cafe. Pete sat in the chair in complete shock.
How could this be true?

Pete put the groceries away as Patrikc walked into the house.
"Hey, Pete." he greeted warmly.
Pete didn't answer.
"Uhm...Pete?" Patrick asked.
"I saw Penelope today." Pete said. Patrick made a face.
"What did that whore have to say?" Patric asked, becoming worried that Pete was being enticed by her beauty.
"She told me that you always wanted to get her into bed, and that you abused her." Pete admitted.
"What!?" Patrick exclaimed, dropping his backpack down. "I never did that....THAT LYING BITCH!!!" Patrick shouted.
"Well, how can you prove it?" Pete said, raising his voice. Patrick looked at Pete in awe.
"I cant believe you're taking HER side." Patrick said.
"I'm not, I'm just saying. How do I know? She says you were almost a father last summer!" Pete exclaimed.
"Are you fucking kidding me? I never even....UGH! She's the one who always wanted to fuck ME! I never even fucking touched her." Patrick replied.
"Prove it." Pete said.
"Prove it!? How can I prove that I didn't do something like that!? I told you the other night I was a virgin, dont you trust me!?" Patrick asked.
Pete was silent.
"You dont even fucking trust me. Penelope brainwashed you!" Patrick shouted, throwing his hands up.
"I just want to know if I was fucking the person I loved the other night, or just some guy who's been around the block a few times already..." Pete replied angrily.
"Pete, Penelope is bad news. Dont get involved, nothing good will coem of it. I havent told you, but the other day she told me, at the record store, that she would break us up. She wants me and she'll do anything to get what she wants. I didn't tell you because I didn't want you worried." Patrick said.
"Anything else you didn't tell me, Loverboy?" Pete spat. Patrick was severely taken aback.
"Stop it!!! Just listen to me, okay!?" Patrick shouted.
"I dont want to love someone who doesn't love me back!" Pete screamed, storming out of the kitchen and up to his bedroom.
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