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Vanquishing Our Problems

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....and this is how it happened ^^ thnks fr readin this story, this is the last chapter.

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Scowling, Patrick marched angrily to the record store.
"Whats up, Patri- whats wrong, man?" Jon asked.
"Me and Pete had a fight." he said sourly, plopping down behind the counter.
"Aww. Its okay. What was it about?" Jon asked, sounding like Dr.Phil.
"Penelope." he spat.
"Ohhh. Is somebody getting a little jealous?" Jon asked sarcastically, pinching Patrick's cheeks.
"No! Pete met up wth her today and she told him that I almost got her pregnant, WHICH I DIDNT!" Patrick exclaimed angrily.
"What? Thats ridicuous! Doesn't he knwo you better than that?" Jon asked.
"Apparently not!" Patrick said, stacking CDs angrily. Jon sighed.
"Hopefully he comes to appologize." Patrick said with less anger in his voice.
"Yeah..." Jon said.
Patrick knew he would miss Pete too much. He'd miss not talking to him. He hoped and prayed that Pete come down to the record store this evening and at least tell Patrick he was sorry.

Pete got out of his car, grabbing onto her hand. Her thin, warm, shoulder hung at her side, brushing agaisnt Pete's own and making him all fluttery inside.
They entered the record store, Pete hoping to teach Patrick a lesson.
"Hey Patrick." Pete said nonchalantly as if it was no big deal that he had Penelope close to his side, holding his hand firmly.
"What the hell, Pete?!" Patrick exclaimed.
"Hello Patrick." Penelope said putting on her fake smile. Patrick looked angry.
"Me and Penelope are very close." Pete said, and Penelope kissed his forehead. Pete held back laughter as steam poured from Patrick's ears.
"What are you doing, Pete!" Patrick shouted, not sure if he wanted to explode in anger or cry.
"Me and Penelope have a lot in commom, y'know? And she doesn't lie to me." Pete added. He just couldn't wait to see what Patrick would say to that.
"Pete, get away from her!" Patrick exclaimed.
"NO. I'll do what I want." Pete said.
"Listen to me, Pete. I did not almost get her pregnant, I never even had sex with her! The whole time we dated, athats all she wanted from me! I dunno why you're suddenly taking her side, but dont do it! She's bad news, Pete. I've dealt with her before, she wants us to break up! You are the first person Pete, I want you to know that!!!" Patrick said, his eyes huge and pleading. He really wanted to convince Pete of the truth. Pete looked hesitant for a moment, but released his grasp on Penelope's hand.
"Peter, whatever is he talking about?" she said, still acting.
"Your little games are over, Penelope. I dont trust you over Patrick." Pete said. Penelope made a disgusted face.
"Fine! Fine! So I set you guys up! But I dont need you, you're just two emo...fucking....pussies!!!" she exclaimed before storming out.
Patrick exchanged a bleak smile with Pete and they grabbed each other's hand.
"i'm glad she's gone." Patrick sighed.
"Yeah. I'm sorry Patrick..." Pete said. "Can you ever forgive me?"
"Of course I can, Pete. Thats what friends are for. I love you Peter Wentz. I intend it to stya that way." Patrick replied.
"Thank you." he whispered back.
They looked into each other's eyes for a few moments before Pete spoke.
"No one has to no about this..." Pete said.
"No...your right." Patrick replied.
"But I have an idea..." Pete said grinning.

-a week later-

"I cant thank you enough for organizing all this, Jon." Pete said smiling, a minute to showtime.
"It was nothing. I want you guys to get attention. Besides, it might bring more customers to my record store." Jon replied.
"Yeah but still. Thanks man." Patrick said as the small group of kids waited for them to start the show.

"So guys this band is called 'Fall Out Boy'. You ready to rock!?" Jon said, introducing them.
They cheered.
"Okay guys, before we start, I'd just like to let you know, we have a little secret, and you cant tell anyone! Okay?" Pete said grinning. The crowd cheered again. Then Pete walked towards Patrick.
"My name is Pete." Pete said, putting and arm around Patrick shoulders. "And this is my friend, Patrick Stump." he added, and they lip-locked right on the spot.
"Now lets get this show goin'!" Pete shouted happily.

And Peterick was born.
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