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Month later

Addy got her job working with Linzi at Salon. She is very happy with her job and so is Billy. She is coming home from work she saw a car out side of the house. Addy is going in the house "Hey Addy can I come in?" he came up to the door.

"No I don't think so Joel plz leave me alone I don't like you now bye!!" She shut the door in his face.

She called Billy he wasn't answering and either was Linzi. Poor Addy she was stuck in a house with guy a out side who wanted her bad. Benji calling "hello"

"Hi Benji" her breathing was unregular
"Addy whats wrong?" he asked
"Nothing Benj Joel is outside of my house he won't go away that is all!!"
"Coming over now Addy you stay where you are ok until you hear me knock?" he said hanging up.

She's crying now she didn't know what do. It was really scaring her she already had a panic attack. Joel looked through windows until he found her "Addy I see you need to let me get on top of you so I can see your curves" he said

After an hour and half Billy and Linzi came through the door "Addison where are you I thought you suppose to meet us for dinner. I'll go see about her you stay here?!" he said leaving to Addy's room

He opens the door he couldn't find her but her bathroom door is shut she never shuts her bathroom door he goes over and opens it. There layed Addy in blood "Linzi call 911!!" he said "Addison wake up baby what happened?"

"Billy there on there way. You might wanna look out her window." Linzi said he came out and saw Joel standing there laughing at all of them. Billy is mad as hell he know who did this to her.

Cedars Sinai Medical center

"Mr. Martin" Doctor said
"Yes I am Mr. Martin hows Addison?" Billy asked
"Addison is okay she had a panic attack when she came in. She suffers from cuts and bruises. She had some panic attacks before cutting. You guys are welcome to see her?" Doctor said

Both of them went in to see Addy hooked up to all of those machines. Linzi felt bad about not answering her call when she called.

"Addy honey whats wrong?" Billy said pushing her hair out of the way.

She woke up looked up at Billy "JOEL was there I called you but you didn't answer." she said

"Addy were sorry baby I had my phone on silent. Joel done this to you?" He asked
"I freaked out I didn't know what to do? He scared me so bad I went to the bathroom and shut the door. I sat down and put the my hands over my ears." she cried

Billy hug her "babe its gonna be ok" he said

"No its not I should go back home thats where I should have stayed" she sigh

"Addison Lane Martin if I didn't want you down here I would have told mom not to let you come. But I want you here Addison I love you." he grabed her hands kissed them.

"I cut by accident I didn't know what to do!!" Addy said

"Its ok baby your alive thats all that matters." Billy said

Linzi looked at Billy "dear I gotta go Addy get better" she said they kissed she left.

Few days Billy and Addy were at home. Billy is worried about her she hasn't spoke to him sense the hospital. Then Benji came over to talk to her it didn't make a bit of difference she didn't speak to him either. Addy sat in her room reading the day away. She caused a lot of problems for every one. Linzi came over Billy is leaving so she came over to sit with Addy so she wouldn't be alone.

"Linzi don't be surprize if she doesn't talk she hasn't talk to anyone sense she came home." Billy kissed her and left.

She went into Addy's room "Addison you need anything?" she asked
"Yea can I talk to you?" Addy questioned
"Yes sweetheart go ahead I'm listening?" Linzi sat down on her bed.

"I feel like such a failure. Billy is watching my every move its like he doesn't trust me." Addy said

"Baby he trust you he doesn't trust Joel that is all. Sweetie he loves you I know for a fact he trust you he just wants you be ok!!" Linzi hug her.

After a little while Billy came home sat down by Linzi. He looks over at her "so what happen today?"

"Well Addy is ok but she feels like you are watching her and shes wants you to stop ok?" Linzi said

few weeks later

Addy moved from Linzi's job to a new one. Joel found her started to see what she's been doin. It is making her uneasy about everything. Addy went out side for a smoke "hi Addison?!" Linzi said

"Joel leave me the fuck alone" she turned around it was Linzi.

"Linzi I am so sorry Joel has been bugging me at me at my job!! I am a wreck now the girls are pissed at me for not doing my job." she cried

"Addison come on were leaving now?!" she grabed Addy's hand started to leave.

"Linzi I can't leave my job I'll ask for the rest of day off." she went back in.

After a few minutes she came out with a panic attack "babe what happen?" Linzi asked

"I just got fried from my job they told me that I was late, not on time, that guy would be around. Girl told me I could come by tomorrow pick up my things." Addy cried

"Come on sweetheart!!!" Linzi said taking her Benji's house he was at home she knew Billy was gone she had to go some where.
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