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running away

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At Benji's house

Benji open the door "hey Benj I half to go to work in like twenty minutes she needs some where to be until I get back is that ok?" she asked
"Yea sure!!" he watched she brought her in.

"Thanks Benj I really appreicate it bye!!" she left.

"Addy are you ok?!" he asked

"Yea I guess just fried from job that I like." she said

"Awwww honey I'm sorry!!!" he said asking her sit down.

"Okay I'll get the ice cream you pick the movie" he said watching her pick up the note book.

They sat there eatting and watching the movie. After two hours into it Benji fell asleep she looked at him sleeping. The credits were on he woke up with her head in his lap.

Billy's pov

I am on my way home I see my house. I hope and pray that Addy is ok! I heard about her getting fried maybe I should send her back home like she asked. I walk in Linzi is the living room "Hey honey come over here!!" I walked over kissed her.

"Hi sweetie how's Addy?" I asked
"I left her over at Benji's" Linzi said
"You did what you left her over at Benji's house!!" I said
"Yea hes capable of taking care eighteen year old girl!!" Linzi looking at me.
"Yea but hes kin to Joel. Benji I can trust but Joel not so much." I said looking back at her.

Normal pov

There having a conversation about his clothing line. He had a serious look on his face.

"Why so serious Madden?" she flirted
"Because we were talking about my Dcma company and you are making fun of me." Benji said
"Sorry Benj I think your company is great. I love the shirts!!!" She said
"Thanks if you don't make fun of me I might take you by the store." Benji flirting back
"Thats so great Benjamin Madden!" she looked in his eyes.
"Yup you have pretty eyes!" Benji said
"Thank you so much Benj." Addy said
"Your welcome dear!" he looked her

Five minutes later "come on Addy I'll take you to the store you can pick out what ever you like and its on me" he said grabing her hand pulling her up.

Benji just got in into his car and he's thinking shes hot!!! He turns on the radio its loud "sorry Joel likes rap loud" he turned it down.

"O cool so you and Joel are very close right?" she asked
"Yea we are I'm sure he's sorry for what he's doin to you" he said
"Well why isn't he saying it then?" she looked at him.
"Addy he's being ass about everything!!!" Benji said

Addy went quiet for a few minutes "its not your fought its his don't apologize for his stupid ass" she said
"Addison I like the way you think!" Benji said
"Thats good I am other one in the car besides you" she said flirting
"I may halfa keep you over night tonight just so I can keep eye on you?" Benji flirted back
"Very good at flirting do you this often?" she asked
"As often as I can!" she looked at him
"O well to bad I can't spend the night because Billy will have my ass" Addy said
"Maybe I can spend the night with you then?" he asked
"I don't know Benj you will halfa ask Billy?" she said

So at the store Addy couldn't believe that she could pick out anything she wanted. Few hours later they out for dinner Benji wanted to take her out on the town. Addy looked at him "why did you take me out for?" she asked

"Cause I wanted to go out with girl. Your a girl I like you." he said
"Well I am flattered that you took me out then!!" she said
"So anyways Addy you want me to take you home?" he asked
"Yea Billy will be pissed if I'm not home. I might ask if you can stay if your a good boy?" Addy said
"I will be if I get a kiss?" he asked
"I don't know you are a Madden?" she flirted with him.
"Yea I noticed can I have one plz its just one little kiss" he said she kissed him.
"Thank you for taking me out tonight it was really nice of you. Thanks for the shirts I appreicate it." she said
"Your welcome!! I was wondering if I could ask you out again?" he asked
"Yes I would love that!" she said getting out.
"Well don't sit there come in Madden I will ask if you can spend the night with me." she said watching Benji get out.

Both of them walked in to Billy sitting on the couch watching them. Hes looking at both of them "you two have a good time with eachother" he asked

"Yea we did Billy." Linzi looked at her watching her take Benji's hand.
"Addy he can stay with you sense I am staying with Billy here" she said

Benji walked off with Addison into her room "don't I get a say in this?" Billy said
"No Billy she has connected with one other than us she needs to happy not sad and alone." Linzi said
"But...." he said
"No buts Billy you knew this would come your just mad cause its your friend not someone else." Linzi said

In Addy's room

"Addison Lane Madden it sounds good what do you think?" He asked
"I think this getting a little to much for me Benj. I like you I am slow girl not a fast girl yes I know we had sex and all." He put his finger on her lips.

"Addison if I didn't like you I would have been out looking for someone like you. I'm all for slowness if thats what you want then we will take it as slow as you want. Trust me when I say you are a beautiful girl if I didn't have you some one else would. But honey if we can make it through this then we can make it through anything don't cry." he wipe away one of her tears.

"How can you say these things look so good at the same time" she asked with a smile on her face.
"Its a gift!!" he said smiling back.
"Its a good thing your staying Madden. Now excuse I am going to put on my pj's." she said making her way to the bathroom.

She came out to see asleep Madden she turned out the light got into bed went to sleep. Benji put his arm around her cuddled her "Benji your not getting any so stop trying" she said

Later that night

Addison is in the bathroom Billy and Linzi had ready gone to bed. She is having anxiety attack she went over to Benji's side of bed to wake him up. She reached his side "what?" he said turning on the light.

"Addison honey whats wrong?" he asked
"I am an anxiety attack help me?" she said

He sat her down "Addy just breathe!! Calm down" he said watching her breathing slowly.

"Addy honey whats wrong?" He asked
"I don't know I went to bathroom.........." she started having another one.

"Addison stay there I am getting Billy ok?" he went to get Billy.

Benji went to get Billy "Billy theres something wrong with Addison" he said Billy got up and went with him.

Billy went over to her "Addison honey whats wrong?" she looked at him.

Addison started to answer him but she through up all over herself. Benji went to get something to clean her up with. Billy felt of her forehead "you gotta fever go into the bathroom let Benji help you get off your clothes" she cried Billy helped her off the bed.

Billy took the bed clothes off of the bed. Benji helped her into shower shes burning up he made her take a cold shower. Now she is freezing to death so she got out!!!!!

Then she got back in bed "honey are ya ok now?" Billy asked she didn't answer.

After a while Addy calm down went to sleep. But kept dreaming about a baby she didn't know what to do?? Addy wasn't happy with herself she knew what she did.
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