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6. I've found you... Faker!

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Shadow clapped his hands as he flashed white with magenta and periwinkle energy after effects. The Freedom Fighters were thrown off of the large mushroom they were on by the sheer kinetic force. Tails was the only one standing before Shadow undisturbed by Shadow’s attacks.
“Shall we?” asked Shadow.
“Your move!” Tails shot back. Shadow smirked and was gone in an instant.
“Chaos Control!” thought Tails. He turned around while letting his fur surge even more. He searched for Shadow with all of his senses – especially his nose. His electricity spiked to his right sight as he blasted a bolt that way.
Shadow appeared on Tails’ left and tackled him off the mushroom and onto a hill.
“Tails!” yelled Amy’s shrill voice. “We’re coming!”
Shadow and Tails broke apart and landed perfectly on a pulley machine. The machine was used to hoist oneself when they put their weight down on it. Tails and Shadow traded powerful surges of electricity and kinetic energy. Tails spun kick for Shadows head but he ducked and sweep kicked toward Tails feet. Tails jumped and spun and released on of his attacks.
“Tail Sphere!” he thought.
Tails landed forcing out a thin layer of electricity in a sphere around him. Shadow was pushed to the edges of the machine as a white light scanned from the front of his body to his back while fading to red. Once it turned red it was sent back towards Shadow’s hands.
“Shadow’s Revenge!” he thought. A wall of white energy was forced from Shadow’s hands that slammed into an unexpected Tails. He was thrown off the pulley and caught by Rotor. Bunnie Rabbot flew up to the pulley and unleashed her attack. Her arm had transformed into a multi-purpose gun which aimed directly at Shadow.
“Gotcha ya li’l…” she said before the sound of bullets overwhelmed the area.
“Shadow Phase.” thought Shadow.
The bullets pass through him as he sets his sights towards Bunnie. He leapt off the pulley and readied a Chaos Snap for the rabbit. Amy had leapt up and pushed Bunnie out of the way with her hammer in between her and Shadow.
“Chaos Snap!” thought Shadow. The energy didn’t explode but made a small flash against her hammer. Shadow hadn’t planned on that to happen and was slammed hard with Amy’s hammer.
“Good one sugah!” yelled Bunnie. Shadow had landed on the ground perfectly as Rotor took the big gun off of his shoulder and steadied his ammunition. A Rocket launched from the barrel as Shadow smiled. He lifted one finger and let the missile get close.
“Chaos Control!” he thought. Tails grabbed Rotor at speeds near Mach one and took him from the explosion that just occurred where he was. Shadow was had just reentered from Chaos Control when Bunnie’s hand had clutched his throat through the smoke. Shadow tried to pry it loose but was sent reeling back toward Bunnie.
“Now or never girl!” Bunnie shouted. Amy was right next to her with her fist coming straight for Shadow’s head.
“Shadow’s Veil!” he thought. He turned pitch black and disappeared right within Bunnie’s clutches.
“Where’d he go?” asked Amy. Bunnie slammed her metallic hand against Amy’s jaw and sent her reeling into a tree. Bunnie leapt up onto the shaded branches above and switched her arm to a Gatling gun attachment.
“Help me!” Bunnie cried still mentally normal.
She set her sights on Tails and started firing away.
“Magna Fox: Repel!” thought Tails.
The bullets stopped in mid flight before Tails’ invisible magnetic shield. Bunnie ceased her gunfire and switched to a laser attachment.
“Rotor!” Tails called.
I’m on it!” he replied. Rotor stepped in front of Tails and accessed his belt. An energy shield emerged around as he took out the small burst pistols on his belt and took aim. Bunnie’s laser fired but did no damage against the shield. Rotor hit the trigger and shredded the branch she was on in a matter of milliseconds. Bunnie was thrown to the ground when Tails slammed his hand on her shadow.
He looked up to the tree to see Shadow clinging against it.
“Taking control of my teammates now?” Tails questioned.
“Tell them to stand back and it won’t happen.” Shadow said leaping toward the branches above. He sprang from branch to branch and looked to see his follower, Tails holding his wrist and finger pointed like a gun.
“You can try to hit me with that!” Shadow announced.
Before Tails extended finger was a small ball of electricity compressing the surges coming from Tails’ body.
“Lightning’s Tail.” thought Tails.
Amy appeared next to Shadow without even making a sound. Shadow glared at her before attempting to make a getaway.
“No you don’t!” Amy yelled just before clutching his wrist.
“Roses Thorn!” she yelled. Her fist melded with Shadow’s face and he was sent through the tree and down into a trickling stream. The water splashed upward with Shadow on the riverbank.
“This is the end!” Shadow said rising and adjusting his jaw.
Rotor whipped his burst pistols out and started firing at a now invincible Shadow. His body was glowing with flame like red aura. He was approaching Rotor by a mere walk but the walrus was easing back with apparent haste.
“Chaos… Blast!” yelled Shadow after rising in the air. A field of red instantly engulfed a section of Mushroom Hill. Rotor lay lifeless on the ground as Shadow stood over him. He took one of his pistols and checked the bullets in it. He kept it at his side when Bunnie Rabbot flew in from the left firing her Gatling gun. Shadow instantly reacted with a single press of the trigger and nearly mutilating the left side of Bunnie’s torso. She hit the forest floor hard as Shadow was towering over her with the gun.
“Roses Bloom!” thought Amy as she ran toward Shadow. The Black hedgehog fired the gun but the bullets merely bounced off of her dense pink quills. Shadow grew wide-eyed and used a Chaos Control to evade. Amy was alone for the moment as Tails was in a tree charging his Lightning’s Tail attack. Shadow reappeared with his fingers ready to snap toward Amy.
“Chaos…” he thought. Sonic slammed into Shadow as Amy turned around.
“Who is that guy?!” Sonic asked getting serious.
“That’s Shadow.” said Amy
Tails sighed as he withdrew his attack.
“Watch out!” said Sonic pushing Amy away. Sonic ducked and uppercut the reemerging Shadow. Shadow did a backflip and landed before the blue blur.
“I found you… faker!” Sonic stated.
“Faker? I think you’re the fake hedgehog around here! You’re comparing yourself to me? Ha you’re not even good enough to be my fake.”
“I’ll make you eat those words.” Sonic commanded, “Sonic Gust.”
Sonic blasted off and smashed into the unprepared Shadow. He was moving at speeds he recognized as impossible. Everything around Shadow was a blur but then it became a sharp again once he slammed into a huge tree. This blue hedgehog before him was a new adversary one he hadn’t seen before. Were the Freedom Fighters harboring a secret weapon?
Shadow leapt from the tree and right into a Chaos Control. Sonic smiled and vanished only using his natural speed.
“Sonic Tornado!” he yelled as the wind threw Shadow into the air. He caught a small glimpse of what was below him and saw the entire Angel Island. His heart was racing from the breakneck speeds that were being imbued upon him.
“Sonic Wind!” yelled the blue hedgehog. He was standing on the same rock way underneath the airborne Shadow with the wind curling around him. It was a light blue color as it swirled at Sonic’s feet. Then it just shot up as if to slice Shadow. The black hedgehog lifelessly tumbled through air and slammed on a nearby mushroom. He looked up at the towering figure and asked a simple question.
“Who are you?” asked Shadow.
“I’m Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog.” he stated.
Shadow remembered the one who had defeated him and stated another command.
“Chaos Return!” he said aloud. Shadow blinked white three times and then vanished in a poof of black smoke.
“Sonic, that was… amazing…” said an astonished Amy with Tails just behind her. Sonic smiled but quickly saw Rotor and Bunnie being carried by his teammates.
“We need to go back to the echidna village.” said Tails.

A couple hours later Tails, Amy, and Sonic were outside of the surgery ward along with King and Queen of the village.
“Don’t worry they will be taken care of.” said Julie-Su enveloping Amy in a warm hug. She was misting tears from her eyes as Sonic and Tails stood close by.
“You showed me what you’re capable of today, Sonic.” Tails started. “Being able to handle Shadow nearly balances out all your… other qualities. But as fast you are you always show up too late. Make sure you fix that.”
Sonic nodded not really wanting to talk.
“Listen to me Sonic, If you’re going to go any further on this mission then get serious and stop acting like a child.” Tails disciplined.
“Your teammates,” started a calm hedgehog, “No, your friends we’re nearly killed and all you can think of is the mission. If this is what growing up is then I don’t want any part of it.”
Sonic walked off and embraced Amy as the doctor came out.
“We have them stabilized, they’re going to be just fine.” said the echidna doctor. “But we will have to keep them here if any thing goes wrong. You can see them now if you wish.”
“Thanks doc.” Amy granted. He returned back into the room with everyone but Tails following. The fox relished in Sonic’s words and grew a little angered.
“I hate it when he’s right.” Tails whispered. He entered into the room and gave his condolences to his mates.
The Freedom Fighters spend another night in the confines of the castle listening to Knuckles stories and hearing tales from their heresy. They fall asleep and rest up in the comfy beds of the palace to feel refreshed in the morning. They pack up and get prepared for their journey to north when the King and Queen enter the throne room.
“Oh! There you are King and Master, I was just about to find you and tell you were about to leave.” Amy explained.
“Good ‘cause I’m ready now.” said Knuckles slipping on a backpack.
“Say what?” Sonic questioned.
“Knuckles is acting in Rotor’s place as part of the mission.” Tails explained.
“So the spoiled king wants to get some fresh air huh?” Sonic questioned
“Oh this is so great! Is Master coming along too?” asked Amy
“Sorry pupil but somebody’s gotta stay here and watch the kingdom.” Julie-Su stated with much resentment.
“Sorry Jules but you lost the rock, paper, scissors, match fair and square.” Knuckles said with a bit of glee.
“I always lose at that stupid game!” Julie said to herself while crossing her arms.
“So who’s acting in Bunnie’s place?” asked Amy.
“I’ve got the perfect person, if we can catch her in time.” said Knuckles.
“As long as it’s not that home wrecker!” Julie-Su blurted out on accident.
“Relax it’s not her.” said Knuckles.
“So where are we headed then? ‘Cause we were just going north.” Amy asked and commented.
“Espio sent me a transmission this morning saying there is a weak spot near the casino zone beyond the bingo highway. We can see what were dealing with there.” explained Knuckles.
“Then it’s decided. Let’s go.” Tails commanded.
“Bye Honey, and make sure you apply that cream every night okay.” Jules yelled.
“Cream?” Sonic questioned.
“That wife of mine, I’m gonna kill her when I get back.” mumbled Knuckles as the others sped off.
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