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Chapter 7: Jealousy

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Next day - picnic

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Chapter 7: Jealousy

An incessant ringing seeped its way into Remy’s consciousness and pulled him out of his sleep. He sighed and raised his head, trying to locate the source of the noise, mainly so he could toss a charged card at it to make it stop. He jerked upright when he realized it was the phone in his room. He grabbed the handset and turned it on. “H’lo?” he said blearily into the mouthpiece.

“Remy!” Sarah’s soft voice rang from the ear piece.

“Sarah. Somet’ing wrong? Why you callin’ dis early?”

He heard Sarah laugh on the other end. You told me to call you at this time, silly! Not my fault you’re bein’ a sleepyhead again.”

Remy opened an eye and squinted until the face of his watch came into focus and he saw it was already seven-thirty in the morning. He grunted. “Hm, guess you’re right, /petite/. Forgot t’set my alarm.”

“Well, I’m glad ya answered. That was the second time I tried calling you.”

“Really? Sorry, /petite/. Had some trouble sleepin’ last night an’ didn’t get much rest.”

Remy sat up and rubbed his eyes. “How you doin’? Had breakfast yet?”

“Yeah. Don’t tell Henri this, but you’re a lot better cook than he is.”

Remy chuckled. “Yeah, he never was too good at cookin’.”

Remy stood up, stretching his back, and grabbed his sunglasses. He slid them on and carried the phone to the balcony door. He slid the door open and shuffled out onto the balcony. The sun had begun to rise above the trees, but the air was still cool, and he breathed in deeply.


“Yeah, /petite/?”

“Are you feelin’ better?”

His brows knitted in confusion. “Better?”

“Yeah, you didn’t sound normal yesterday. You sounded like you did down in the tunnels.”

Remy froze. ‘Dieu, /this girl is good at reading people/.’ He thought to himself.

“Yeah, I’m feelin’ better,” he admitted, “how’d you know?” he asked.

“I dunno – I can just tell somethin' was wrong. You sounded a little different like when you got shot by that man. You got shot again, didn’t ya?” She asked, sounding concerned.

Remy sighed and leaned his elbows against the balcony railing. “Yeah Sarah. Dat was why I didn’t call you guys before – dat was what I was takin’ care of. But don’ worry ‘bout me – I’m healed up an’ good as new.”

There was silence on the other end for nearly half a minute before Sarah spoke. “Remy?” She said with a shaking voice. “You don’t hafta keep helpin’ me. Y’can just take me to an orphanage or somethin’, so you don’t keep getting’ hurt ‘cuz of me. I- I’d understand if y’want to.”

Remy closed his eyes. He knew where her insecurities about him leaving her or not wanting her came from – her fathers abandonment of her for being a mutant, and the recent slaughtering of everyone she knew down in the tunnels: likely perceived as another abandonment.

“No, Sarah. Don’ even think dat. I been shot nearly a dozen times helping out Henri an’ I ain’ abandoned de old swamprat yet – I ain’ gonna leave you either. None of me getting’ shot is your fault, y’hear?”

He heard her take a deep breath. “Okay, Remy.”

She was silent again for a few moments. “Do you like the school?” She asked him.

He knew she still didn’t accept that he would want to take care of her and knew it would come up again, but he didn’t want to press her on the subject. ‘/Maybe after Xavier has some therapy sessions with her she’ll be able to get over that asshole abandoning her/.’ He thought to himself.

He shook his head. “Yeah, Sarah. Dis place looks like a great school. I think you’ll like it here.”

“Didya talk to the principal guy yet?”

“Yeah, just talked to him last night. Sounds like he thinks he’ll be able to help you.”

“Really?” she asked, sounding hopeful.

“/Oui/, dere’s people here wit’ all sorts of mutations an’ dey all are getting’ helped here. De Professor said dat he’d set up a room for you by de end of de weekend and den y’can stay here.”

“Are- are you comin’ back soon?”

“Yeah, Sarah. I’m plannin’ on headin’ back t’pick you up on Monday or Tuesday, alright?”

He heard a bit more confidence in her voice. “Alright, Remy.”

“Well, I should get goin’, /ma mignonne/. I gotta take a shower an’ get some breakfast before I head into town today.”

“Alright, Remy. I'll call again tomorrow.”

“Bye, Sarah.” He heard her end of the line click off, and he thumbed the power button on his own phone.

Remy walked back inside, closed the balcony door, and replaced the handset. He walked to the bathroom and turned on the shower. As the water heated he ran a hand over his face and looked in the mirror at the shaggy growth on his face after several days of not shaving. 'Razor,' he thought, making mental note to get one in town. 'Stormy'll be on my case if I don't shave this.' He saw steam begin to rise behind him in the mirror, and turned to enter the shower.


“Good morning, Rogue, have a seat.” Charles greeted the young southern girl. She was wearing a thin, long-sleeved shirt and gloves that extended up her arms under the shirt, as well as a thin, sheer scarf around her neck.

Rogue walked further into the room and sat down in a chair across from Xavier. “Good morning, Professor.”

“Well, let's get started. I'm sure you're anxious to get done and head off on your date with Bobby.”

She glanced at him with surprise. “How-” she began, and then shook her head. “Never mind – stupid question.”

Charles chuckled. “I ate breakfast with Bobby this morning and that was about the only thing going through his head the whole morning.”

He folded his hands. “Now, I've been thinking about how to focus on your touch. I think that may be the key to helping you gain control over your abilities. I had an idea and I'd like to test it out. All I need you to do is relax and let me take a look in your mind.”

Rogue nodded and sat back in the chair, as Xavier placed a hand on her arm and closed his eyes. He sat completely motionless for nearly twenty minutes, and as Rogue was starting to shift anxiously in her chair, he opened his eyes and let go of her arm.

A frown briefly flashed across his face, and he looked Rogue in the eyes. “I'm not entirely sure, but I believe I may have found one of the major sources for your lack of control. Once Ororo mentioned her friend had a touch based ability, I began to wonder if that was the cause of your problem. The area of your brain that handles tactile sensations, and the part that processes emotions seem to be linked together with your mutant genes.”

“A section of your mind there is very tightly locked up. From what I could gather, it locked up the first time your abilities triggered. The experience was so traumatic that your mind locked up to protect itself. I think your fear of what happened and the mental trauma have a large influence over keeping your control locked away.”

He looked somewhat sadly at her. “As far as psychic therapy goes, we may be able, someday, to peel back that lockdown and give you some control; but from what I saw, and from my experience, I'm afraid it could be years, even a decade, before we could see any significant development. I'm sorry, Rogue.” He said, placing a hand on her shoulder.

Rogue looked down, her hair falling forward and obscuring her face. She looked back up with glistening eyes. “Ah understand, Professor. Thanks for telling me. Ah- Ah guess Ah kinda already knew an' just didn't wanna accept it. Ah never felt like Ah was gettin' anywhere with the things we were tryin'.”

Charles nodded. “I was starting to get that feeling as well, but I'd hoped that today we might be able to get somewhere. Unfortunately it appears we won't.”

“At least we know what is causin' it now,” Rogue said, trying to sound optimistic.

Charles patted her shoulder. “That's the spirit. I'd still like to have these sessions to start working on your block and perhaps discover another way to get past it.”

Rogue smiled. “Alright.”

Charles pulled his hand from her shoulder and folded his hands in his lap. “I finally got the chance to talk to Mister LeBeau last night.”

Rogue looked up at him curiously.

“Quite a nice young man. We discussed him staying here and it appears he would like to stay here at least for the foreseeable future.”

“Really?” Rogue asked, her eyes lighting up.

Charles hid a grin. “From what he told me, yes. He mentioned he'd offered to help you with your powers.”

Rogue nodded. “Yeah. Since he had trouble controlling them too, he though he could help me.” A frown creased her face. “But now, will he really be able to help me?”

Charles nodded. “I believe he may be able to help you far better than I can and I suggest you take any help he offers. From what Ororo told me he had a similar traumatic experience when his powers developed, and he overcame it after a few years. Perhaps you'll be able to break free of your own with his help.”

Rogue smiled, relieved that he believed Remy could still help her. “Alright.”

Charles leaned back in his chair. “Well, I won't keep you from your lunch. Go on and enjoy yourself. I'll see you tonight at dinner. From what Ororo told me, it will be quite a treat.”


Remy walked through the corridor of the third floor and down the steps to the next floor. He checked his watch and saw it was almost noon. He patted his pockets to make sure he had remembered everything he wanted to take into town. 'Now I just have to find Stormy and get her to let me use her car or get a ride from someone else,' he thought to himself. 'I'll have to see if Rogue's got anymore classes or if she'd like to head out and get some lunch somewhere away from the mansion.'

As he walked down the first floor corridor he began to pass students of various ages, all giving him curious stares and looks, which he ignored. 'Class must have just gotten out,' he thought as he passed more students on the staircase. His eyes lit up when he saw a familiar person climbing the stairs, her flashy hoop earrings standing out from the bottom of the staircase.

She glanced up and smiled. “Hey Gambit, how's it goin'?”

“/Bonjour/, Jubilee. I been alright – ain't been much to do today.”

“Lucky.” She said enviously. “I've had classes and homework all morning. I'm finally off on a break now. What're you up to?”

“Actually, I was wonderin' if you knew where Storm or Rogue were.”

“Professor Munroe just started teaching a class with one of the lower grades I think. And Rogue's off in the kitchen with Bobby getting' ready for their 'date'.” Jubilee said, throwing her fingers up in quotes.

Remy felt like his stomach had decided to drop a few hundred feet into the earth. “Date?” he asked.

“Yeah, I guess he's trying to make up with her – they've been having a bunch of arguments lately. He's taking her out on the grounds for some sort of picnic he's got all planned. A little too romantic for him to have thought up himself if you ask me, but Rogue seemed pretty glad he's trying to make things up.” Jubilee said. 'Poor Kitty,' she thought to herself remembering the glum expression that came over her face when she found out.

“Oh, okay.” Remy said, slipping his hands into his pockets.

“Why d'you ask?” Jubilee asked him.

Remy shrugged. “I was just goin' into town an' wanted t'borrow Stormy's car, an' I wondered if Rogue would wanna get some lunch or somet'ing.”

“Well, I'd offer to go with you, but I've gotta grab something from my room, eat quick an' head back to class.” Jubilee said.

Remy nodded and flashed her a small smile. “Well den, I won' keep ya.”

“See ya!” Jubilee said as she walked away. She turned when she reached the top of the stairs and watched Remy walk away almost dejectedly. She felt the gears in her head begin to turn, and then everything clicked into place. 'He's so got the hots for Rogue!' she thought, almost giggling aloud. 'He looked like I kicked his puppy when I told him Bobby was taking Rogue out.' She shook her head. 'Kitty might not have to wait as long as she thinks - if I was Rogue I'd be dropping Bobby in a flash if a hottie like Remy wanted me.' She grinned to herself, amused by her recent discoveries of what amounted to two love triangles in the making at the school. “Maybe this place is more like school back home than I thought,” she whispered to herself.


Logan trudged out the back door of the mansion and sniffed the air, picking up the now familiar scent of the Cajun that had come into their lives several days before. His eyes scanned the grounds and he spotted him sitting on a bench near the basketball court.

Logan put his hands in his pockets and took a deep breath before moving across the lawn in his direction, trying to come up with some sort of conversation starter. He remembered the conversation he'd had the previous night with Ororo.

“Logan, I have a favor to ask you.”

Logan looked up from his steak to Ororo who stood next to his table. “Yeah? Whatcha need, ‘Ro?”

“I'd – well, I'd like you to talk to Gambit. I'd like you to try to befriend him – get to know him.”

Logan raised his eyebrows. “What's the matter, kid ain't getting' along with anyone?”

“No, it's not that, Logan. He's already become pretty close friends with Rogue and met some of her friends already. I just – you're one of my best friends, and so is he, and I'd like you to at least know each other, and hopefully get along with each other.”

“I'm hardly a people person, Ro. You know that. I tend to rub people the wrong way. That's why these come in handy so often,” he said, flexing his hand in which his adamantium blades were sheathed.

“I know you're a little...... blunt and many people don't like that, but I'd like you to at least try to get to know him. For me.”

Logan reluctantly nodded. “Alright, I'll talk to the kid. Not makin' any promises though.”

Ororo leaned down and hugged him firmly, a large smile on her face, making him feel a strange gladness he'd agreed to talk to Gambit. “Thank you Logan.” she said, happily. “And – I think you'll like him if you get to know him.”

Logan moved closer to the bench and saw Ororo's friend take a drag on a cigarette, closing his eyes for a few seconds before tilted his head to the side, exhaling a stream of smoke out of the corner of his mouth.

He looked up when Logan's shadow loomed across his seat. “Hey kid. Mind some company?”

He shook his head. “/Non/. Y'can sit if y'want.”

Logan settled on the bench next to him. Gambit reached into a pocket and snapped open a slim case. He tapped out the end of a cigarette and held it out to him. “Want one?”

Logan sniffed the air, catching a sweet, almost cinnamon smell lingering from Remy’s last drag, and glanced at the black paper of the cigarette. He reached out and pulled it from the case. “Djarum?” He asked, impressed.

Gambit nodded and took another drag.

Logan tapped it, bringing the tobacco toward the end. Djarum Black was made by an Indonesian company and was unique in its inclusion of various flavored and scented cloves included in the tobacco, giving it a distinct aroma. ‘/Kid’s got good taste/,’ Logan thought.

Logan grunted. “Usually a cigar man, but these I like. Got a light?” he asked, putting it to his lips.

Gambit reached out and tapped the end with his finger, and it glowed slightly before it puffed and ignited. Logan nodded his thanks.

They were both silent for nearly a minute before Remy spoke up. “So, M’sieu Claws - ”

Logan broke him off and extended a hand. “It’s Logan.”

Remy shook his hand. “Gambit.”

Logan sighed. “Wanted t'say sorry,” he said gruffly, “about the whole thing up in Storm’s room. Wouldn’ta beaten the crap outta you if I knew you were hurt like you were.”

Remy shook his head. “Don’ worry ‘bout it. If I’d come in an’ heard a girl scream an’ saw someone on top of her I’d’ve done de same t’ing.”

Logan nodded. “So what’s your story, Cajun?”

Remy shrugged. “From Louisiana, obviously. Met Stormy a few years ago an’ she said I could come here an’ stay whenever I wanted to.”

“What d’you do for a living?”

Remy smiled. “I’m – I guess you could say I’m an art an’ gem dealer.”

Logan snorted. “Don’t lie to me, Cajun.” He tapped his nose. “I c’n smell if somone’s lyin’ t’me.”

Remy’s smile faltered. “Fair enough.” He sighed. “I’m a professional thief.”

Logan’s eyebrows rose. “Really.”

Remy nodded. “Yep, part of a group called de T’ieves Guild.”

Logan grunted. “Actually met someone once who was part of the Guild. You know an’ old-timer named Jean-Luc?”

Remy’s cigarette nearly dropped from his mouth with surprise. “/Oui/,” he said, “he’s my père. Real name’s Remy LeBeau.”

Logan chuckled. “Damn small world. I met Jean-Luc years ago – actually helped him outta a bit of trouble an’ he treated me to a nice dinner with his wife, Marie. She was pregnant then – guess that was you?”

“/Non/, dat woulda been Henri. Jean-Luc adopted me.”

Logan nodded. “Yeah, I was gonna say, that’d make you about thirty, an’ you don’t look even near it. So how’s that old swamp-rat doin’?”

“He’s getting' by great. He’s actually de Guildmaster now.”

“Good for him. Shoulda known – he was always pretty ambitious back then,” Logan said, a small smile on his face.

Logan looked over to Remy. “So how’d a thief like you meet up with someone like Ororo?”

“I was doin’ a job, an’ I met her. She’d got amnesia an’ couldn’t remember much. I couldn’ just leave her wanderin’ around so I took her wit’ me an’ she stayed wit’ me, even helped me with a few jobs, ‘till she got her memory back.”

Logan shook his head. “’Ro as a thief. Who woulda guessed.” He mused.

Remy chuckled. “She was actually pretty damn good, too. Sneakiest woman I ever seen. Once I taught her to pickpocket I hadta check my wallet all de time.”

Logan laughed. “You plannin’ on stickin’ around? I know ‘Ro hasn’t shut up ‘bout you an’ how much she wants you to stay.”

Remy nodded. “Yeah, I t’ink I’ll stick around. I like it here.”

“Good. 'Ro will be happy t'hear that.” Logan said.

Logan glanced over to him. “So what’d you do to make someone go ta the trouble of hirin’ a sniper to take you out?”

Remy’s jaw clenched for a moment. “Got involved wit’ de wrong people dat didn’ want t’leave any loose ends from de job dey hired me t’do.”

Logan knew he wasn’t telling the full story, but he could tell Remy didn’t want to get further into it, so he didn’t press him.

They sat in silence for several minutes, and Logan noticed Remy’s gaze drifting constantly toward a small group of trees near the edge of the forest. He glanced there himself and saw Rogue and Bobby sitting on a blanket, eating off of paper plates. He watched Bobby slowly slip his arm around Rogue’s shoulders.

Logan saw Remy reach down and jab the butt of his cigarette into the slab of cement beneath the bench to extinguish it. He couldn't help a grin when he caught a scent from him. “Jealous?”

Remy looked up, surprised. “What?”

Logan tilted his head toward the pair in the distance. “You jealous? You sure smell it.”

Remy let out a frustrated sigh. “Maybe,” he said tersely. “Dat a problem?”

Logan chuckled. “Calm down, Cajun. Didn’t say it was a problem.” He said, and then looked seriously at Remy. “”Ro said you an’ Rogue’re getting’ friendly. Now that I talked t’you, found out Jean-Luc raised ya, I don’t mind that much. You hurt her, though……” Logan trailed off, and let the adamantium claws on one hand slide partway through the skin of his hand for Remy to see. He remembered wanting to give Bobby a little scare earlier that week when he found out about their fights.

Remy nodded firmly. “Got it.”

“You really like her?” Logan asked.

“/Oui/,” Remy breathed. “Been wit’ an’ met a lotta girls over de years, but I don’ t’ink I ever felt quite like dis before.”

Logan nodded in understanding, thinking sadly of Jean. “Know what you mean, kid. My advice? Let her know, an’ let her choose. Don’t usually end happy if y’force it.”

Remy looked at him appreciatively. “Thanks. I’m gonna see if Stormy’s outta class yet. Don’ t’ink I can stomach watchin’ dis anymore.”

Logan laughed. “Don't blame you. Well, I don’t think ‘Ro’s gonna be done for another hour or so.”

“Damn,” Remy said. “I wanted t'get her to gimme a ride to town.”

“How'd you get here?”

“Walked. Made it most of de way here on my fav'rite bike, but dat's trashed an' at de bottom of de river after I got shot.”

Logan grimaced. “Damn, that sucks. Well, you can borrow one of the cars over in our garage. Most people won't mind if you borrow theirs, long as you bring it back in one piece. Just keep your hands off the Lowrider – she's mine.”

Remy nodded and stood up from the bench, taking one last glance in Rogue's direction. “Alright, thanks. See you 'round, Logan.”

“Later, Cajun. If y'talk to your dad, tell him I said hi.”

Logan stubbed out his cigarette, and leaned back on the bench. He’d almost been dreading talking to Remy, worried he’d never be able to get along with him for Ororo, but he’d been pleasantly surprised. ‘/Kid reminds me of a younger version of me,/’ Logan thought to himself.

In fact, the intense jealousy he’d sensed coming from Remy made him think of when he’d come to the Mansion and met Jean, and subsequently Scott. ‘/Damn sure hope the kid has better luck than I did,/’ he thought, his hand clenching unconsciously over the pain Jean’s death still caused him.

He glanced over at Bobby and Rogue. He’d seen the strain in their relationship ever since he’d come back and she’d mentioned it to him. He’d been unsure about the two of them even before Alkali and the attack on the mansion, but he’d grown to respect Bobby even though he’d rubbed Logan the wrong way when they’d met.

Logan was worried that Rogue was just hanging on to her relationship because she was afraid she wouldn’t have the luck of finding someone who was at least willing to try a relationship with her. He hadn’t seen a smile on her face since she’d told him her worries about Bobby and Kitty.

Logan stood up from the bench, and walked back toward the mansion. ‘/Maybe I’ll do another run in the Danger Room,/’ he thought. The physical exertion and stress release always helped him see things more clearly; it gave him more time to think and let his body do what it did best – what both his mutation and the sinister tinkering of Stryker and the rest of the Weapon X program had designed it to do.


Bobby leaned back against the tree, casually slipping an arm over Rogue’s shoulders as she nibbled on an Oreo from the package he’d brought with him to finish off their picnic. He was glad Piotr had thought of this. He’d been able to spend nearly an hour already with Rogue and hadn’t broken into an argument yet – something extremely rare in recent months.

Rogue leaned her head back onto his shoulder, happy he’d taken the time to set all this up. She’d felt her past concerns over the state of their relationship fade as the afternoon wore on.

Rogue turned her head to look up into his eyes. “Thanks for this, Bobby. Ah really needed t’just spend some time with ya like this.”

Bobby nodded, smiling. “I think we both needed this.”

Rogue leaned up to give him a quick kiss on the cheek, and frowned mentally when she felt his body tense up as her lips pressed against his cheek. ‘/Cool down, girl’/,’ she thought to herself, ‘/don’t start something over nothing and ruin your afternoon. You’d tense up too if you’d had the life sucked out of you the last time you kissed./’

Bobby carefully placed kissed her back, pressing his lips into her hair. “So how’d your session with the Professor go today? You sounded a little excited about it yesterday.”

She bit her lip. “It went alright, same as usual,” she found herself saying before she even consciously decided she wouldn't tell him yet what Charles had found.

Bobby turned his head when he heard the sound of a motor roaring to life from the garage in the distance. “Huh, wonder where Logan's headed off to.”

Rogue shook her head. “That's not Logan's bike. Sound's like Scott's.”

Bobby raised a skeptical eyebrow. “Are you sure? You can tell that from this far away?”

Rogue opened her mouth to reply but was cut off as the noise got louder as the motorcycle moved down the driveway. Rogue pointed down to the lower half of the drive, visible from their spot in the back.

Scott's V-Rod roared down the driveway, and the rider slipped the clutch, and popped it up into a precariously balanced wheelie that lasted out past their line of sight at the gate. Rogue shook her head in amusement when she realized who has been on the bike.

Bobby looked at her. “Was that the Gambit guy Storm's letting stay here?”

Rogue nodded.

“Hm,” Bobby grunted, sounding disapproving “Show off.”

Rogue slapped him in the side. “Oh, like you don't show off,” she said in a teasing tone.

“Yeah yeah yeah.” Bobby grumbled and glanced over at her. “I really don't like that guy.”

Rogue looked at him quizzically. “Who, Gambit? Why not?”

Bobby shrugged. “I dunno – just a feeling. He just gives me the creeps.”

“Bobby, you met him /once/, and talked to him for like ten seconds.”

Bobby shifted uncomfortably against the tree. “I know, and sometimes that's all you need to tell if someone is trustworthy or not. My gut tells me he's bad news. I know Annie pulled you into helping him out because you want to get some experience in nursing and all that, but you don't have to hang around with him.”

Rogue's eyes narrowed. “Bobby, first, Annie didn't pull me inta helpin' – Ah wanted to. And second, Ah'm not hanging around with him because of that: Ah've been hanging around him because Ah like him. He's a nice guy, and mah gut doesn't tell me he's bad news.”

Bobby held out his hands placatingly. “Rogue, the guy came here with /bullet wounds/. That's hardly what I'd call good news. I just – I just don't think you should hang around him.”

Rogue looked at him in shock. “Are you serious? Ah'm not going to go tell him Ah can't be friends with him 'cuz he got shot by someone! Ah like him, an' he's a friend who's willin' ta stay around when he knows 'bout my powers. Ah'm not going to stop being his friend just because ya – ya – you're /jealous/, aren't ya?” She finished, realizing what his problem with Remy was; the reason behind his behavior down in the medlab and when she'd introduced him to Remy became clear to her.

She laughed, and broke him off before he could start talking. “Ah can't believe because you're jealous of him ya'd try to -” She just shook her head, pulling away completely from Bobby.

“Rogue, please, I'm sorry – I didn't want to try to start a fight with you. I just don't like the guy at all. It's not that I'm jealous – well, okay maybe a little jealous seeing him running his eyes all over you at lunch yesterday – but I also don't trust him. He's hiding something.”

“So? What if he is? Ah don't care, and you're just going to have to accept that I want to be his friend.” She said, starting to stand up.

Bobby grabbed her hand. “C'mon Rogue, I said I'm sorry. Its fine if you want to be friends with him – I don't like him but I'll accept it. I can't promise I'll be nice to him, but, I'll try to not be a jerk. Please, don't let this ruin our afternoon together.”

Rogue wavered between standing and sitting. She finally pulled her hand from Bobby's. “Ah'm sorry Bobby. Ah don't wanna spend the afternoon mad at ya, an' that's all that's gonna happen today. Maybe we should just.............. maybe we should just try this another time. Ah know ya didn't try to start a fight, but you did, an' Ah think we both need some time ta cool down.”

Bobby slowly released her hand, and reluctantly nodded. “I- alright Rogue. You're right. We're just going to end up saying something we don't mean. I'll – you go on, I'll take care of all this stuff.” He said, gesturing at the picnic supplies.

Rogue nodded and stood the rest of the way. She tucked her hair behind her ears, and looked down, walking slowly away from him. She blinked away tears that were blurring her vision. She had been words away from breaking up with him, but a mixture of not wanting to do something she might regret without thinking it through first, and a heart-wrenching fear of being alone without someone willing to get close to her stopped her from saying it.

As she entered the mansion she ignored Kitty's worried questions when she saw her red-rimmed eyes, and she walked past her friend and past the stares of other students, and up the stairs. She passed Danielle on the stairs, who asked her what was wrong.

“Ah’m alright, Dani. Ah just want some time alone. Ah don’t wanna talk to anyone right now.”

She strode down the hall and raised her hand to knock on Remy's door when she realized she’d just seen him leave. She let herself sink to the floor, leaning against Remy’s door. She rested her forehead on her knees and wiped her eyes with her gloves.

She didn’t know how long she sat like that, but she finally heard soft footsteps approaching her, and she heard the person sit down next to her.

“Hey.” A voice said, and she finally looked up to see Logan, who had sweat stains on his shirt and looked like he'd just gotten out of the Danger Room. “You alright?” He asked. “Dani told me y'were upset about somethin' an' she was worried 'bout you.”

She felt her lower lip tremble slightly. “No.” She whispered, shaking her head. “No, Ah’m not alright.”

Logan moved his arm to place it around her shoulders, and she leaned back against him against him. “What’s up, Darlin’? Did Bobby do somethin’?” He asked her gently.

Rogue nodded. “Ah thought our whole picnic thing was goin’ great, an’ then all of a sudden Bobby got all jealous an’ blew up on me over Re-Gambit,” she said, correcting herself. “Bobby basically told me he didn’t want me t’be friends with Gambit or even give him the time of day ‘cuz he’s jealous an’ doesn’ like him. He claims he’s ‘bad news’.”

Logan tightened his arm around her shoulder. “You know he doesn’t have any right t’tell ya who you can be friends with, right? I hope you gave that kid a nice tellin’ off.”

Rogue managed a small smile. “Ah know. An’ Ah did tell him off.”

“Good.” Logan said, and then looked down at her. “But what else is wrong? If it was just Bobby being a tool, you’d just be givin’ him the evil eye all day. But you’re up here an’ you’ve been cryin’, so somethin’ else is botherin’ you too.”

Rogue closed her eyes as tears threatened again. “Well, Ah found out this mornin’ mah mind’s all screwed up, an’ Ah might not be able t’touch anyone for years.” She said bitterly.

“What d’you mean? Where’d you hear that?”

“Th’Professor. He finally figured out what’s wrong with me. Ah’ve got some sort of block in mah mind, an’ he thinks it could take up ta ten years b’fore Ah can ever get control of mah powers.” She said, swiping away a tear that began to trickle down her cheek.

Logan reached down and nudged her chin until she was looking up at him. “Listen, Chuck’s a smart guy. Doesn’t mean he’s right about everything. Or that he's tellin' the complete truth. Could be he wants you to try to get control on your own – thinks it’d be more healthy for you t’overcome it yourself than him doin’ it for you. He told me he couldn’t help me get back any more of my memories of my life before Weapon X b’cause if he did it he wasn’t sure I could handle it without breakin’ mentally, where if I did it it’d come back gradual an’ not overwhelmin’.”

“D'you think so?” She asked him, looking up into his eyes.

Logan nodded and brushed her hair out of her face. “Yeah, I think so. I can go talk t'him for ya if you want – let him know how this is makin' you feel an' get him t'tell you everything.”

Rogue gave him a watery smile. “Would you?”

Logan gave her a lopsided smile and tightened his grip on her. “Sure.”

Rogue leaned her head again on his shoulder, and they sat like that for what seemed like an hour to her but was likely only minutes. “You'd make a good dad.” She mumbled into his shirt.

Logan looked down at her in surprise, and hid a smile. “Thanks kid. If my kids turned out like you I might be decent, but I'd probably not get that lucky. 'Sides, diapers smell a heck of a lot worse when you've got a nose like mine.”

Rogue chuckled. “Ah bet they would.”

She looked at him with a serious expression then. “But really Logan, you'd be great. Ah - ” she blushed, looking at him with embarrassment evident in her expression. “You're probably gonna laugh, but Ah sorta think of you as dad to me.” She said quietly, ducking her eyes to avoid his face.

“I ain't gonna laugh at ya kid. Glad ya feel that way 'cuz I've been thinkin' of you as a daughter. A daughter I didn' hafta change diapers for, which is even better.” He cleared his throat. “Sorry, I'm not that good at this kinda emotional stuff.”

Rogue turned and wrapped her arms around him in a tight hug. “That's alright. You said ev'rything you needed to.” She whispered.


Remy pulled the motorcycle into a spot between two cars along the main street of Salem Center. He'd glanced over the contents of the garage at the mansion and had run his eyes longingly over the Lowrider, but he didn't really feel like pissing Logan off, so the next thing that caught his eye was a shiny, well kept Harley V-Rod, which he'd quickly hotwired and drove off in, hoping the owner wouldn't notice it missing before he got back.

Remy hopped off the bike and strolled along the street, looking at the store fronts. Remy's first stop was at a game store where he immediately picked up three of the best decks of cards he could find.

Back on the street, he wandered along until he finally found a small electronics store selling cell phones. He brushed past several people and glanced around the store. An attractive young blond sat behind the counter, her chin on her hand with a bored look on her face.

He watched her perk up as he walked up to the counter, and she greeted him with a flirtatious smile. “Hi there. Anything I can help you with?”

Remy leaned his elbows on the counter directly across from her and gave her a large grin. “Matter o'fact, /chère/, dere is. I'd like t'get a phone.”

She smiled at him, and waved a hand behind her at the phones displayed behind the counter. “See anything you like?”

“Oui, I see a lot dat I like,” He said, smirking when she blushed.

“W-well, we've got this model, it's pretty low end – nice and cheap, but I personally think it works a lot better than some of these more fancy ones.” She said, waving her hand across the other phones.

“Well, my père raised me t'realize de lady is always right. So, how much is dat one?”

“With a networking plan it'll be around sixty bucks.”

He reached into a pocket and pulled out his SIM card. “Won' be needin' dat. Just want a cheap replacement. Old phone decided it wanted t'see if it could swim.”

The girl grinned. “I know how that is. I was in New York once and dropped mine down a sewer drain. Anyway, with just the phone and no networking you're looking at about twenty bucks.” She leaned closer to him. “Usually it's thirty, but for you I'll go twenty.”

Remy smiled. “/Bien/. I'll take it.”

Remy pulled a leather wallet from his pocket and peeled out three ten dollar bills, and placed them in her hand. “Keep de change, /chère/.” He grabbed the box containing the phone. “Thanks for y'help.”

“No problem. Come back anytime.” She called after him, before leaning back on the counter, staring dreamily after him.

As the door swung shut behind Remy, he heard one of the men he'd brushed past as he entered the store ask his companion with concern in his voice: “Hey, where's my wallet?”

Remy bit his the inside of his cheek to hide a smirk as he pulled out the leather wallet he'd used earlier, and removed the rest of the money and slipped it into his pocket before he surreptitiously tossed the wallet in a trashcan along the street.

'/Wonder what you'd think if you knew you were buying dinner tonight for a bunch of mutants/, mon ami,' Remy thought as he walked toward what looked to be the only food market in the small town.

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