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Chapter 15. (Part 2)

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The first show..

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Kinsie escaped to the bathroom, trying to ignore the boys' bickering. Looking in the mirror, she was taken aback by her appearance. Her eyeliner and mascara had gotten smudged, giving her raccoon eyes, and her hair was insane! Quickly, she began evening her eye makeup and smoothing down her hair, she couldn't believe Mikey saw her like this. Hold up. She thought, frustrated. Why do I give a shit what Mikey thinks about me? I can'" Messing up her hair a little bit, she turned and walked out of the bathroom. Of course, the guys were still arguing over whatever they were arguing about before.

"Morning kiddo." Ray said to her, sitting on the couch in the bus lounge. "Want some cereal?" Kinsie grinned.

"Well there's one sane male on this bus. Frankenberry?" Ray chuckled and nodded.

"You mean the only guy who has a girlfriend, and yes. From Gee's secret stash, don't tell." He handed her the box of cereal and laughed as her eyes lit up.

"Score!" She shouted, launching her fist in the air. "Your secret's safe with me."

Kinsie walked over to the small pantry they had, taking out a small plastic bowl. Next to the bowls was a plastic bag full of plastic spoons - they weren't big fans of doing the dishes. She pulled one out, grabbed a carton of milk and poured some in a bowl, then plopped down next to Ray. "So, what does the fact you have a girlfriend have to do with the boy's moodiness?" Kinsie inquired, her mouth full of the pink cereal.

Ray rolled his eyes disbelievingly. "You don't see it? You must be blind!"

"Whaat?!" Kinsie said, cocking her head to one side, looking like a confused puppy. Ray laughed at her expression.

"Kinsie, you my friend, are a VERY appealing young woman. Those boys," He pointed towards the bunk area, "Are single men with raging hormones. I'm surprised you haven't been raped. Especially with Frank here!"

Kinsie just threw shook her head and snorted. "Yeeeah, right. Nice try. The only realistic statement you made there was the possibility of Frank raping me."

Just then, Frank walked out of the bunk area. "Who wants me to rape them? Kinsie? SWEEET!" He ran over and plopped himself down between Ray and Kinsie. "Ooh Frankenberry. My favorite!" Just as Kinsie was about to take a bite, Frank grabbed the bowl.

"Frank Anthony Iero..fuck you." She pouted.

"Anytime, baby." He replied with a creepy smile. Ray stood up and looked back at Kinsie.

"My point has been proven."

-------------------------------ABOUT THREE HOURS LATER.--------------------------------

Nervously fiddling with her drumsticks, Kinsie looked out at the crowd forming around their stage. The sun was just going down, they had the last show of the night. Sensing her nervousness, Gerard walked over and put an arm around her.

"You'll be great. The crowd's gonna love you." He whispered in her ear. Kinsie just rested her head on his shoulder, chewing on her lip ring. He nudged her lightly. "As soon as you get out there, that crowd will be cheering for you. You'll be on top of the world, and no one can take you down. Trust me." She looked up at him and he smiled down at her reassuringly.

"Thanks, Gee." She smiled back. But her stomach churned. It was time to go on.

"Let's kick some ass!" He picked her up, swinging her over his shoulder and running out onto the stage. Kinsie didn't even have time to think.

"Hey all you motherfuckers!" Gerard shouted to the crowd. They cheered enthusiastically. "This is our new best friend and better be yours too, Kinsie Williams!" He carefully put her down, and she stared out to the crowd in awe. They jumped up and down, cheering for her. Nervously, she straightened out her old soccer uniform shirt and skinny jeans. Did they like her? "She'll be playing drums with us, all tour long!"

Giving an awkward smile and waving, she walked back to her drum set. On her way she looked over to Mikey, who gave her a thumbs up and grinned. Kinsie blushed and smiled back, then sat down, waiting for the cue to begin the opening song, "Give 'em Hell, Kid".

From start to finish, the gig was amazing. Kinsie had never felt so amazing in her life, and the guys had never been so proud of a show in their lives. After Gerard shouted a thank you to everyone, they ran off backstage, feeling high on life. Kinsie ran to each guy, giving them a huge hug and kiss on the cheek.

"Gerard!" She screeched excitedly. "You were so right! That was the most amazing feeling in the world! Thank you, so so much!"

Just as Gerard opened his mouth to say something, someone tapped Kinsie on the shoulder. She turned around and was face-to-face with Bert.

"Well, it's been a while.." A smile spread across his face.

There was no running now.

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