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Chapter 16.

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Kinsie seemed to lose the ability to breathe when she looked into Bert's eyes. She just wanted to throw herself at him and hug him, tell him how much she missed him. But that didn't change the Hell he'd put her through. Bert looked her over, her expression unreadable.

"Err, Kinz? We" He said uneasily. Kinsie just nodded slowly, opening her mouth. But before she could make a sound she felt her phone go off. Quickly she pulled it out of her back pocket, it was from Mikey.

"want me to come with you?"

She looked over to Mikey, who had a concerned look on his face. "I think I'll be fine." She mouthed, shaking her head. Mikey didn't look too happy, but he nodded. Kinsie couldn't help but smile a little, he was a bit...cute? when he acted protective of her.

"Kinsie??" Bert said, sounding a bit impatient. "You coming?" He gestured, walking off backstage towards the buses. Again, she gave him a nod, following him. Stopping outside a bus, Bert looked at her and took a deep breath. "I want to..apologize. I should take the award for biggest asshole in the universe.."

"No, an award isn't something you deserve, to be quite honest." Kinsie finally spoke, tears welling up in her bright green eyes.

Though Bert hadn't seen her in almost 6 years, he still knew her better than he knew himself. The tone of voice she just had meant tears - and lots of them. That killed him. The fury and pain Kinsie felt was practically radiating off of her, and he felt a lecture approaching. But he'd actually listen this time.

AAAH, this is to be continued. Damn computer sharing.
I'll put up the next part of the chapter soon, sorry for the wait.
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