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Chapter 17.

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A stabbing pain shot through Kinsie's chest. She wanted to say something, but she had no idea how to start. All she wanted to do was break down, and tell Bert how much she hated him for making these last 5 years a complete Hell. Then, she'd break down again and beg him to come back, and make things the way they used to be. Because I'm weak, she decided. A sudden burst of fury rushed through her.

"Why the hell did you do this to me, Bert?!" She yelled, losing control of her emotions. Bert looked at her with pure sorrow. "Look at me! I was always happy when I was with you, and after you left, I had no one at all! You have absolutely no idea how alone I was, and how fucked up I was, and it was all because of you! You left me.."

Then she gave in, and fell into his arms sobbing. At first, Bert was surprised. Then, he calmed down a bit, and rubbed her back, whispering to her. "Kinz, I'm so sorry. Seriously, you have no idea." He began. "Shit, this is why I left you in the beginning. I knew that whatever I did -" He was cut off, by an obnoxious voice. Immediately, the two pulled away from each other, and Kinsie quickly wiped her eyes.

"Bert, honey!" A gorgeous girl appeared from behind the bus they were standing by, quickly sauntering over to Bert. Snaking her arm around his waist, she glared over to Kinsie. That girl was the one she saw on the news with Bert a few years ago, practically attached to him. "Who's this tramp?" She said, giving him a disapproving look.

Bert looked down, clearly trying to control his temper. "Kate, this is Kinsie, an old friend." Kinsie looked down, feeling uncomfortable.

"Whatever." Kate snapped. "Anyways, you should come back to the bus, hun, I'm feeling a little lonely.." She said seductively. Kinsie could've gagged. Bert seemed to hesitate, but Kinsie made the decision for him.

"Well I'll see you sometime, I guess?" Kinsie said, walking away quickly. "Nice meeting you, Kate." Quickly she walked off, knowing exactly what she wanted. An old friend, something she hadn't seen in quite some time. Since she met Mikey, Gerard, Frank, and Ray, to be exact..

The rest of the night went by in kind of a blur, ending with Kinsie's head in a toilet. Mikey stood behind her, holding her hair back as she moaned and got sick. He'd never seen this side of Kinsie, and had a strong feeling it had to do with Bert. He was dying to know what went on, but he wouldn't torture her even more than she'd obviously been. Somehow they both passed out on the bathroom floor of the tour bus.
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