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Chapter 18.

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Kinsie woke up in a strange bunk, with a feeling that was all too familiar. A killer headache, and not remembering one bit of one thing that happened the night before. Slowly, she opened the curtain of the bunk, coming face-to-face with Gerard.

"Oh shit!" Gerard yelled, scaring the both of them. Kinsie flung backwards, hitting her head on the wall next to the bunk. She wrapped her arms around her head, moaning in pain.

"Oh God, Kinz, I'm sorry." She heard Mikey say. "We just wanted to check on you, we didn't know you were awake."

The voices made her head pound more. Kinsie just nodded, still gripping her head. It was silent for about a minute, then Gerard spoke up.

"Asprin! I'll get you some..I've got lots of experience with hangovers, trust me kiddo." He patted her arm and ran off to the bathroom, leaving Kinsie and Mikey alone. Mikey silently sat down on the bunk next to her, and she just looked at the ground.

"What..happened last night?" She said slowly, an ache in the back of her head growing stronger every time she spoke. "I don't remember anything at all..did I do anything, you know, stupid?"

Mikey sighed. "No, not really. Well besides getting insanely drunk. Did Bert do something to you? You went and talked to him after the show, and then the next time I saw you, you were puking all over our bathroom, crying."

Then she remembered. She blew up at Bert. Kate came and took Bert away. All she wanted was a drink..and Mikey helped her. A mix of emotions rushed through her. First of all, she was totally ashamed for having Mikey see her like that. She was irresponsible and immature for reacting the way she did about Bert. But she couldn't express how happy she was to have Mikey there for her, no matter how stupid she was. Smiling sadly to herself, she scooted closer to him.

"Thanks for helping me..I must've been a complete mess. I'm horrible, I'm so sorry." Mikey put an arm around her.

"It's no problem, but I really don't want you to hurt yourself, and you need to talk to someone. I know exactly who, too." He said, standing up as Gerard came back holding two orange pills and a glass of water. Mikey left the two alone, and Gerard sat down in the place his brother sat seconds earlier.

Kinsie bit her lip, gladly accepting the asprin and water from Gerard. "Like I said before," he began. "I have a lot of experience with hangovers..and I think I need to have a talk with you."

He turned to face her, crossing his legs and taking a look at his hands, wondering where to start. Kinsie finished her glass of water, and did the same as Gerard. Opening his mouth, he sighed. "Okay. The Kinsie I saw last night, drunk and confused, was definitely not the Kinsie I know." Kinsie nervously ran a hand through her hair. "The Kinsie I know is way stronger than the girl I saw last night. You weren't even a fun reminded me of well, myself."

This was obviously hard for Gerard. She'd seen him before, as a fan of the band. At concerts she'd gone to she'd seen him drunk off his ass, tripping over his own feet. You could definitely tell he wasn't a happy, fun drunk either. He drank to make the pain stop, practically drinking himself to death.

Gerard reached out and held her hand, comfortingly. "I just don't want you to make the same mistakes I did. You're an amazing kid, with a really great future. The guys and I care about you a lot, and we don't want you to hurt yourself."

Kinsie gave him a soft smile.They really do care."Thankyou, Gee. know why I did what I did, don't you?" Gerard nodded in sorrow. "Well I have you guys, and it's what matters to me. I love you all, really." She leaned over and gave him a huge hug.

"Kinz, just talk to one of us if something or someone is bothering you. Don't fuck yourself up, alright?" Kinsie nodded. "Now you better get up..your boss called like, an hour ago. Plus we have a show in like, 3 hours."

She groaned. "Nooooo!" Gerard laughed.

"Come on, kiddo." He got up, picking Kinsie up and swinging her over his shoulder. "Time to greet your friends with a biiiig smile." She laughed.

"..and a splitting headache, can't forget that." She added.
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