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Chapter 19.

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showers and awkward moments.

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Kinsie sat alone on the couch of My Chem's bus, playing around with her camera. She needed to have 15 pictures for the next issue of AP - and her boss was coming by to get them tomorrow. Searching through all her pictures, she found some from her view of the stage, some of other bands, a few of the guys playing video games, and...the next photo made Kinsie do a double-take.

It was of her and Mikey, asleep on the couch together. She had her head on his shoulder, and his glasses were hanging off of his face. A surprising feeling rushed through her, unlike any she'd felt for a while. Suddenly she grinned, and couldn't stop. The bus door swung open, startling her. Quickly, she flipped through the next few pictures and settled on one of Frank sitting on top of a sleeping Gerard.

All at one, the guys ran onto the bus cheering, holding towels and swimming trunks. As Kinsie stared at them, very confused, Frank yelled: "LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, IT IS SHOWERTIME!" Now, Kinsie joined in on the cheering.

"No way!" She screamed, high-fiving the four happy boys. "But wait.." She frowned. "I don't have my own suit, how the hell did I manage to forget that?

"No need to do worry, dear, we got you one all on our own." Frank replied, with an evil, twisted smile spreading across his face. This was not going to be good. In his hands he held a small, zebra print bikini. Kinsie definitely did not do bikinis, especially while sharing a public bathroom with a ton of guys.

"Just so you know, it was all Frank's idea.." Gerard said, stepping back from the group. But the mischievous look in his eyes, and the smirk he gave her said differently. Kinsie rolled her eyes.

"Hey, you can't take a shower on your own, and the bus shower is shit. So I suggest you get this suit on and come with us kiddo." Frank said, throwing the suit at her. Reluctantly, she grabbed it and walked to the back of the bus to change.

Looking in the mirror, she immediately felt self-conscious. No, she didn't really find anything wrong with her body, she just absolutely hated showing it off. Usually she just didn't swim, not wanting to wear a swimming suit. Now she had no choice, her personal hygiene depended on this.

"Man-whores." Kinsie angrily muttered as she walked out to the guys. Frank whistled at her, looking her up and down. She bit her lip and rolled her eyes, looking over to Mikey. He said nothing, but his eyes were wide and his face was bright red.

"Okay," Gerard said laughing. "it really wasn't my idea to do this, but wow, I'm really glad Frank did this!" Kinsie wanted to crawl in a cave. Thankfully, Ray cut in.

"Okay guys, her eyes are up there." He said, gesturing upwards. Quickly nodding, Kinsie gave him a thumbs up.

"Thankyou for being the only mature guy here!" She said, and they made their way to the rest area.

"Oh FUCK YES! Cleeeean!" Gerard shouted, running into the big shower area. He turned the water on, shocking them all. It felt amazing.

"Thank-you Jesus!" Kinsie said, squirting some shampoo in her hair and throwing it to Mikey. A week without a shower definitely makes you appreciate it more. As she was washing the shampoo out of her orange-tinted hair, she heard a familiar voice.

"Oh now that is hot." Bert said. Kinsie whirled around and gave him the finger. "Yes, please." He responded, running in under the water.

"Cleaning yourself off, McCracken?" She said with a smirk. "From what I can smell, you need one."

Smiling, he took off his shirt and threw it behind him. Grabbing the shampoo out of Ray's hands, he squirted some on his head, lathering it, attempting to look seductive. Kinsie couldn't help but burst out laughing as he washed it out, rolling his eyes back.

"Check me out, I'm Kinsie, lookin' all sexaayy!" He said in an obnoxious shriek. She shoved him and laughed, and he squirted shampoo all over her. "You know," he said with a cocky smile, "I haven't seen you in that small amount of clothing since the day I walked in on you changing sophmore year."

Kinsie laughed out loud, remembering the day. He climbed through her window while she was in nothing but a towel, to tell her he saw a bird attacking a squirrel in her front yard. When he saw her, he stared for a minute, then slipped and fell off her roof. Her mom had to drive him to the emergency room. The two looked at each other and smiled, feeling like friends again. Their happy moment didn't last long, though.

"Bert!? Are you done, hun? I need to talk to you, now." Kinsie rolled her eyes as she sauntered in. Kate looked her up and down, then rolled her eyes. "Look at this slut, showering with a bunch of guys." Kinsie bit her lip, trying not to say anything. Bert just stayed silent, and left with Kate.

For about 5 minutes, things felt normal again. She thought, frustrated.
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