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Chapter 20.

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text messages.

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"Kinsie, Kinsie! Will you sign my shirt?!" An excited girl who looked to be in her early teens shouted, among a crowd of anxious My Chemical Romance fans standing in their merch booth. Graciously smiling, Kinsie took the shirt from the girl and signed it. It actually felt pretty cool to do this.

"You know, you're the first person to ever ask me that!" Kinsie said with a laugh as the young girl snapped a quick picture with her. Soon after that, the signing got a bit old. It took a little over an hour to get through everyone, and it felt about 150 degrees in that tent.

"Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate all the love from these people," she said, walking out of the booth with Mikey and Frank. "But holy shit it's hard to handle all of that!" Frank laughed out loud.

"Oh just wait, kiddo." He said. "You haven't even had any haters, I'm surprised."

Kinzie laughed and ran a hand through her now messy hair. "Oh wow. I can't wait for those." But, Mikey was quick to defend her.

"I bet you won't have any, what's not to like?" He smiled at her, adjusting his glasses. "Those girls basically worship you, they have a girl in the band to look up to now."

Kinsie chewed on her lip ring and fought back a giddy smile. How sweet is he?!..What the fuck. I sound like I'm twelve. She thought, scolding herself. "Thanks, Mikey."

Frank eyed the two up and down, watching them smile at each other. "Ohh, I see how it is, Mikes." Mikey looked over to Frank with a confused expression. "Complimenting her until you can get into her pants, it's cute." Frank winked at him.

Mikey shoved Frank and they laughed. Kinsie rolled her eyes. "You're such..guys." She laughed with them, but was quickly interrupted by her vibrating phone. Sliding it open, she read the sender - it was from a number she didn't recognize. The message read:

kinz, its bert..i need you.

Taken aback, she quickly shut the phone and stuck it into the back pocket of her ripped skinny jeans. It couldn't have been Bert, it was probably some lame joke someone was pulling. But what if it wasn't? What could possibly be bothering him that he'd need herfor?

"Hey, is this Bert's number?" She asked the two guys, handing over the cellular device to Mikey.

"Yeah," they said in unison. Kinsie ran a hand through her hair - it was a habit - and took off her blue Ray-Bans. Hooking them onto her old Oasis shirt, she took her phone back out and typed:

where are you?

The guys looked at her, a mixture of confusion and worry on their faces. She was about to say something, but Bert was quick to answer.

behind your bus, please come

dundunDUUUUN! cliffhanger.

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