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The Dress

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Liz finds her dress

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Liz sighed as she looked at the list on her computer. Two weeks had passed since she and Mikey got engaged, and the list of things to do before the wedding just seemed to keep getting bigger. She laid her head down on her desk and took a deep breath.
“Sleeping on the job are you?”
Liz looked up to see Emily standing in the doorway. “What are you doing here?”
Emily raised an eyebrow. “You’re getting off work early so we can go look at wedding dresses, remember?”
Liz’s eyes widened. “Right. Ug, I completely forgot about that. This wedding seems to have just gotten bigger than I anticipated. I mean, look at this list. So much has to be done in 3 months, I don’t know if I even want half of this stuff.”
She laid her head back against her chair. She and Mikey had both agreed that they wanted a small, intimate wedding with family and close friends. They didn’t want to get to crazy with details, but even general things like the flowers, food and invitations had so many details amongst themselves.
“Come on, today will be fun,” Emily said. “You can just forget about everything else and focus on finding a dress.”
Liz grabbed her purse from the bottom drawer and stood up. “You know Em, you could be looking for a dress too.”
Emily shook her head. “No, Gee and I aren’t getting married for another year at least. I don’t wanna get a dress and then just have it sitting around somewhere. I’ll wait until the wedding gets closer.”
Liz smiled at her and they made their way out of the store. “Let’s take your car. We can come back for mine after we’re done.”
Emily nodded and they both got into her car and made their way downtown to their first bridal store stop. Liz tried on several dresses, but nothing really caught her eye. After about three hours of looking at wedding dresses, Liz was ready to give up.
“Em, I don’t want to try on anymore dresses. I can just go with one of the ones I’ve already tried.’
Emily stopped the car at a red light and turned to look at Liz. “You can’t be serious.” Liz just nodded her head. Emily opened her mouth to say something, but a honk behind her made her realize the light had turned green. She moved forward, but quickly pulled over to the side of the road. “Liz, you may want a small wedding. You may not want to worry about every little detail. But your wedding dress is something that you can’t just settle on. This is the one thing that you have to love. And we are going to find you that dress. Do you understand?”
Liz laughed slightly. “Yes, yes I understand.” She turned to face the windshield and pointed with her hand. “Onward with the search.”
They hit a couple of more bridal stores, but still, couldn’t find anything.
“Ok,” Emily said. “One more store today. If we don’t find it, we’ll look again this weekend.”
Liz nodded and looked out the window. She was exhausted and didn’t want to try on one more dress. She’d look around this last shop to appease Emily. They pulled into the parking lot of David’s Bridal and got out. Why they didn’t come here in the first place was beyond her, but she didn’t question it. They walked in and Liz stopped dead in her tracks. There, right in front of her, was her dress. She walked over it to get a closer look at it. It was satin and sleeveless with a split front and bead lace and had a chapel train. Below the waist of the dress it split open and there was more beaded lace that filled in where the dressed split. The best part about the dress is that there was a red ribbon that went around the waist and continued through the train.
“Em,” she looked over to where Emily was looking at other dressed on a rack. “Em, I found it.”
Emily came rushing over and took in the dress. “Wow, it’s gorgeous. You have to try this on immediately. Umm..” she searched around until she saw a sales woman. “Excuse me. My friend would like to try on this dress.”
The woman smiled as she walked over. “Ah, a lovely choice. Let me show you to a room.”
Liz followed the woman to the dressing rooms and when she left, just looked at the dress. This is what she had been looking for, and she’d finally found it. She quickly got undressed and then carefully put the dress on. It laced up in the back so she walked out of the room. “Em, can you do the back up for me?”
“Sure,” she got up and laced the back up so that the dress was completely on Liz. It fit perfectly. “Liz, you look beautiful.”
Liz walked over to the mirrors and stood in front of them. She was in love with the dress. The way it made her look, the way it fit, everything.
The sales woman came back in and stopped when she saw Liz. “You look breath taking dear. You’re fiancée is one lucky man.”
Liz blushed slightly. “Thank you. This is the dress I want. And it’s a perfect fit so I won’t need any alterations on it.”
The sales woman nodded. “Alright, I’ll just be up at the register when you’re ready. You can leave the dress in the room when you change out of it and I’ll get it all ready to go.”
Liz smiled at her. “Thank you.” She took one last look at herself in the dress and smiled. In 3 months she would be walking down the aisle to Mikey in this dress. She couldn’t wait.

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