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“Frankie, how could you do this to yourself?” I feel sick to my stomach, looking at the self inflicted wounds on his chest. After a moment, he takes his hand and forces mine away.

“Everyone has their shit, Evangeline.” He tells me. And it clicks. This is his way. Of coping. I remember how he told me just yesterday; everyone has to have a way to let it all out. This is his.

“Frankie, don’t do that. Ever.” I trace my fingers over the cuts gently, and he flinches.

“I’ll try, not to.” He says slowly.

“More than try Frankie. Don’t.”

“I’ll try.” He says again. I sigh, unhappy with his answer. But at least he didn’t lie.

We go upstairs, holding hands now. I smile at him, and wipe the remaining tears from my face. We’re rounding the corner, when someone falls to the floor. We look to see Mikey on the ground, adjusting his glasses nervously.

“Eavesdropping Mikey?” I ask. He blushes. “It’s fine.”

“I know.” He grins at us. “I heard.”

One hour later we’re all sitting in the front room again, and Bob is here now too, after serving a detention last night.

“So…Evangeline, are you gonna keep staying here?” Mikey asks me, sounding sort of hopeful.

“She’s gonna stay with me tonight.” Frankie says quickly, squeezing my hand.

“Oh…ok then.” Mikey says, looking mildly disappointed.

“I’ll stay here another night Mikey. Since I won’t be going home for a while.” I think of home and find myself shuddering. I get looks of concern from everyone except for Ray, who’s completely zoned out.

“You ok?” Nicole asks me. I nod.


There’s moment of silence, which is only to be broken by Bob. “There’s a concert tonight.” And just like that, the entire atmosphere flips upside down from casual to charged.

“Seriously? Who’s playing?” Gerard asks excitedly, though it’s obvious he’s saying what’s on everyone’s minds, including my own.

“Lots of people.” Bob says, smirking when we all groan.

“The names of the bands Bob!” Ray says.
Bob laughs and begins to tick names off on his fingers. “Um…The Domino Effect, Give the Boy a Gun…” Frankie grins and mutters “Yes!” softly in my ear. I look around the room to see similar expressions on the faces of everyone else. Bob continues, “New Wave Opera, Hateful Vengeance, The Waterboys…” Now I’m ginning too, because I’ve recognized most of the bands as some of my favorites, even if some are just little local ones.

Bob taps his fingers and bites his lip, and then his eyes suddenly light up. “I forgot one; Welcome to Reality.” This gets cheers out of all of us. Welcome to Reality was just kicking off; they only had a few songs, but they’d come to Jersey a few times. They were from some little town in Ohio, but they were awesome.

“What time does it start Bob?” Frankie asks, and the excitement is evident in his voice.

“Umm…what time is it?” Bob says lazily.


“Uh…I think it starts at two.”

“What?” Nicole shrieks.

“Jeez!” Bob says.

“That’s not much time!” Nicole says, jumping up from Gerard’s lap. She runs to me, grabbing my hand and pulls me with her.

“Where are we going?” I ask her, totally lost.

“We’ve gotta get ready. You wanna be pretty for Frankie, don’t you?” She smiles at me, lifting half of her mouth. “Not that you aren’t pretty-“

“I know.” I laugh, as I’m dragged into the bathroom. It takes only a few moments until Gerard and Mikey’s bathroom counter is completely covered in eyeliners and mascara. I stare at all of Nicole’s stuff with wide eyes.

“You’re prepared.” I say to her. She smiles and nods.


It takes us a while to get ready, and I can hear the boys getting impatient. It takes a lot of work though, especially for me. It’s hard to cover up my bruises, and by the time I’m done with that, my patience is wearing thin. Nicole watches as I try to figure out what to do with my hair. In the end, I just twirl it around my fingers and hope for the best. I’m spent with the getting ready process, but it’s completely worth it when I get to see Frankie’s face.

“Wow…” He says, looking sort of dumbstruck which is a very odd expression for him.

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” I say, smiling. He laughs and nods, pulling me into him gently.

“You look perfect either way.” I’m grinning into his shoulder, trying to remember to breathe.

“Are you gonna go get pretty too?” I ask him, joking. He laughs.

“Sure.” Frankie goes upstairs, following after Gerard, and Mikey and Ray who never changed this morning. I lean up against the door, biting my lip.

I’m so unused to this. I don’t really know how to be with people but I seem to be doing all right with them. And Frankie….he said he loves me. It’s easily enough to make my head spin. Maybe that’s why I’m sort of dizzy.

I frown when I feel my breathing get shallower. What’s going on? I put a hand to my chest and press down, trying to breathe deeper. I shut my eyes, breathing deeply through my nose, but struggling with it.

I don’t even hear Bob come up, but I open my eyes when I feel someone’s hand on my shoulder, and I see him standing there with a concerned expression.

“You ok Evangeline?” He asks me. “You look pretty pale.”

“I’m ok.” I say, making my voice sound normal. I’m good at faking it most of the time, and it’s enough for Bob. He takes his hand off, but watches me for a moment, before heading into the kitchen. I watch him pull out a bag of chips, and I see the bag explode when he opens it. The chips spray everywhere.

“Shit!” Bob yells, and after another second, everyone comes downstairs.

“You got your wish Ray! “ Mikey says. Ray looks confused.


“It’s raining food.” Mikey snickers childishly.

“Funny.” Ray says, picking a chip up off the floor and popping it into his mouth.

“Nice on Bobert!” Nicole laughs. Everyone does something to get all the chips into the pile, the most common method being kicking them. Bob blushes the whole time, and we all chuckle.

By the time that we finish cleaning, it’s ten to two. Like always, we all pile into Ray’s car, bouncing with energy the entire time. It only takes us fifteen minutes to get to the little bar where the show is going to be. We’re a little late; the first band can be heard from out here; the bar is shaking from the volume.

It’s completely packed inside; moving two feet is a challenge. I hold Frank’s hand tightly, not wanting to lose him in the crowd. He pulls me right up to the front, of course. Ray, Bob, and Mikey are a few feet behind us, and I see Nicole and Gerard in the far back; seeming sort of oblivious to anything but each other.

We’d been there for a while; more than an hour, close to two, when I looked over and saw a girl with dark hair forcing her way quickly through the crowd. She’s being followed by a tall boy with cherry red hair, that’s spiked straight up like he put his finger in an electrical socket. I watch as the girl moves faster, and the boy doubles his speed to catch up. He grabs her arm, and she pushes him back. He kisses her, and I can see the fear in her eyes. She takes her hand and smacks him across the face boldly. The boy is stunned for a moment, but then he looks angry. He grabs her arm and forces it behind her back, making his way towards the door.

“Frankie!” I say, and he turns to me, the smile fading from his face when he sees my expression.

“That boy, he’s gonna do something bad to that girl!” I point to them.

There’s sympathy in Frank’s eyes when he speaks. “Evangeline, this is Jersey. That happens all the time.”


“Trust me; there’s nothing we can do.” His eyes are both sensitive, but hard at the same time. He’s still sympathetic, but he’s been hardened by the constant exposure to this world.

I go back to dancing with Frankie, but something feels wrong. I feel like I’m missing something. I’m getting hot; far too hot. Sweat is dripping from the nape of my neck and sliding down my back. I wipe it away, but it comes back just as my hand moves.

“I’ll be right back!” I yell to Frankie over the music, and then I shove against the people, trying to get to the bathroom. It takes five minutes to travel the thirty-foot distance to the small restrooms. It’s sort of dirty inside, and there’s only two stalls. I go in one of them and begin to unbutton my pants.

That’s when I notice the bruises. On my stomach, traveling down, past the waistband of my jeans. Lower.

I clamp my teeth together to hold back the scream, as a nightmare becomes real.

He raped me.

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