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Just Get to the Way's

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It takes roughly five minutes for me to realize that I can’t break down right now. I want to. I want to do what Frankie told me. But I have to get out of here first.

I have to get out, but I have nowhere to go.

I think wildly, for anywhere. There’s one place that I can think of, besides school. The Way’s.

There’s just one minor flaw with that plan; I have absolutely no idea where they live. I search my brain, which is slowly but surely losing any power it had retained. I suddenly remember Mikey saying that they lived close to Frankie. I wrack my brain, for anything else, and come up with nothing.

I put on my shirt and head to the window, sighing as I look down at the unfamiliar street. I’m surprised how much pain the sigh causes. I put a hand gingerly on my chest, scanning the street for anything. And then, like a godsend, a car comes slowly down the street.

It’s Ray’s car.

I’m nearly crying with relief, as I throw the window open. Because at least I’m close. I can make it to their house.

But when I look down, I see I’m straddling a window that’s ten feet above the ground. And this time, there’s no other option, and no Frankie to catch me. I take a deep breath, and try as best I can to imitate the way Frank jumped off the bridge. I inhale , close my eyes, and let go. The air rushes past me for a second. My feet hit the ground, but pain spikes through them, and my legs buckle immediately. I sink down, into soft grass, but only for a moment, and then I’m pushing myself up again. I have one goal now. Get to the Way’s. Then I can pass out, cry, anything. Just get to the Way’s.

I start to run, though it feels like every single part of my body is near explosion. The car is already out of my sight, but I know which direction it went in. Breathing burns the back of my throat, making it feel raw, and putting the taste of blood in my mouth. If I had anything to throw up, I think I would have. I don’t though, so I just keep going. It feels too slow, but I can’t go any faster. I fall several times, picking myself up, though each time it takes a little longer. Going a mere hundred yards is excruciating.

I’ve gone nearly the length of five football fields, when I see Ray’s car, in front of a house only twenty feet away. Twenty feet. I can make it that far.

It takes a full minute to go those twenty feet, and a half of one to drag my broken body up the driveway, onto the porch. I knock twice, praying someone will
come soon, before I pass out. I put all of my weight onto the frame of the door, bracing myself against it completely. I feel my eyelids fluttering, and I struggle with them, just as the door swings back. I look into the eyes of a stunned Mikey, just before collapsing into a heap at his feet.

Mikey stared blankly as a weatherbeaten, disheveled Evangeline collapsed onto the ground in front of him. His mouth dropped open, and his glasses slid down his nose.

“Shit.” He breathed, all the air whoosing out of his mouth in a huge gust. He looked frantically over his shoulder. “GEE!” He called out, beginning to feel his chest get tighter.

Mikey heard multiple sets of footsteps behind him, as his brother, Ray, and Nicole all appeared at his side.

“What the fuck?” Ray said softly. All four of them momentarily stared, before Gerard broke the silence.

“What are we doing? Get her up!” Mikey could still only gape as Ray and Gerard lifted Evangeline up, as Nicole ran, shoving random items off of the couch so that they had somewhere to put her. Mikey stumbled in, as Ray and Gerard laid her gingerly onto the couch.

Nicole brushed Evangeline’s hair back from her face, listening to her uneven breathing. She pulled back, only to notice some of the bruises. Curious and frightened, she pulled Evangeline’s bloodstained shirt up gently, gasping when she saw the black and blue blotches covering most of her skin.

“Someone hit her. Someone beat her.” Nicole said, looking back at the surprised boys.

Mikey was still unable to speak.

Ray was staring, and Gerard and Nicole seemed to be the only ones in control.

“We need to let her be. Sleep, whatever she’s doing now.” Gerard said logically.

Ray suddenly snapped back into reality. “Yeah. Yeah. Then we can find out what happened to her.”

Evangeline’s POV

My eyelid’s fluttered open to yet another new surrounding. I forced myself up, though pain spiked through my back.

“Evangeline?” Someone’s voice says softly. I look to see Ray, Mikey, Nicole, and Gerard all sitting on the floor; I’m on a couch.

I ran a hand through my hair, trying to straighten myself out. I force myself to remember how I got here; how I had run from Frankie’s. How Frankie had run from me. Without my permission, tears spill from my eyes, and I can’t do anything to stop them.

Nicole looks at me sympathetically, getting up off the floor, and taking me into her arms. “What happened to you?” She whispers gently.

I try to get a hold on myself as I think desperately, trying to figure out how to answer her question. With chagrin, I realize I have one option. Truth.

I take a deep breath, trying to stop the shaking that’s taken over my entire body. “Hit….abuse…me…Frankie.” Is all that comes out. I see the outright confusion on all their faces.

“Frankie did this to you?” Ray says, in shell-shocked tone.

I shake my head back and forth, trying to convey the untruth of the misconception. I take a few more breaths. “My dad…abuses me. Frankie followed me…he stopped my dad…and he….he….” I can’t bring myself to finish the sentence.

“Where is Frankie now?” Gerard asks, still confused.

“I don’t…I don’t know…” I moan softly. “He ran away from me.”
Everyone is completely silent for a moment. No one knows what to say to that. They all stare, at me and each other.

Finally, Nicole breaks the silence. “When was the last time you ate anything Evangeline?”

“I don’t know.” I mumble, embarrassed. I’m not going to admit that what I have eaten I threw up, however long ago.

“Well, you need food. I can’t cook worth a shit though.” She looks around the room for support.

“I can’t.” Mikey says. “I make toast. And I burn it most of the time.”

Gerard throws up his hands. “My food doesn’t even qualify as food. Even for a dog. Or any living thing.”

All eyes go to Ray who shrugs. “ I can make Shrimp Scampi.”

They all look back to me.

“That’s cool.” I say, smiling as best I can manage.

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