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Chapter #2-Hellooo Doll Face!

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The JOker meets Tara

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:Tara’s POV:
The Most Wanted Man in Gotham, The Joker, Sat on a wooden bench behind the bars of the cell right in front of me. He was looking at me, and I could almost feel his gaze burning my flesh. From where I stood his eyes looked like the black pits of hell. His make-up was still on but was smudged in some areas to reveal the pale skin underneath. He was smiling at me but the grin extended past his lips and continued up his cheeks in garish and gruesome scars. They looked like someone had tried to stitch them up and done a terrible job. After doing that quick assessment in my head I looked back to his eyes and cocked an eyebrow at him.
“What are you laughing at, clown boy?” I asked, a little sarcasm dripping from my words. I stopped a minute and thought then answered the question myself. “Oh your laughing at the joke you made, the one about me being Beautiful! Hahaha That is kinda funny.”
“Hmmm… you look like someone I’ve seen. I know you look familiar.” The Joker said looking thoughtful.
“Ya I Look like the man that put you away, and that’s ‘cause I’m his daughter. Tara Zephila Trazinoff, at your service.” I said with a mocking bow. Just then one of my alternate persons decided to show up. She calls herself Lyla. And we had a quick conversation in my head…
“This man is a genius. He’s gonna get out and when he does he’s gonna come after you for mouthing off to him!”
“Shut up Lyla! I’m not scared of him. If he’s a genius, what the hell is with the make-up? I mean really, come on!”
“All right! What ever you say but remember, when he kills you, he kills me and everyone else trapped in your twisted head.”
The Conversation in my head ended and I didn’t realize that Joker had been watching me the whole time.
“What was that all, Doll Face?”
“What was what about? I don’t know what your talking about.” I replied defensively.
“HAHAHAHA. Don’t try to fool me. I saw your lips moving. Your just as insane as me!” the Joker said.
“I’M NOT CRAZY!!” I screamed at him and ran out the door. I ran through the station and out the door. I pulled out my Ipod and put on ‘Can’t Happen Here’ by Atreyu and listened to the beginning. The sound of machine guns and screams filled my ears then the music started. I ran all the way home and opened the door. I kicked off my shoes, and ran through the living room. I glanced at the last family photo that was taken before my mother died. I had been 5 and that had brought out my mental issues. I ran upstairs to my room and slammed the door. I put my Ipod on the dock and cranked the volume, then flopped down on the bed and ran through what had happened at the station. ‘Your just as insane as me!’ his voice rang through my head. Then Lyla poped into my head…
“He called you beautiful.”
“He calls a lot of people a lot of things.”
“He also called you Doll Face.”
“Your point?”
“I’m just saying that he ain’t that bad lookin’ of a guy.”
“He’s a mass murdering sociopath!”
“Good Point.”
“Lyla, Go away…”
“Ok talk to you later.”
Lyla left my mind and I slowly fell asleep.
I awoke to the sound of my door being opened. I didn’t open my eyes though because I just thought it was my dad checking on me. I heard the door click softly shut and I rolled over onto my side to go back to sleep. Then I felt a wet rag shoved over my mouth and nose. I gasped in surprise, bad move. A terrible smell filled my lungs and then everything went black. The last thing I heard was a little sadistic giggle before I fell unconscious.

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